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Friday, April 21, 2006


There was this episode of Oprah wherein Jon Bon Jovi mentioned something about certain songs he wrote which are now bookmarks of his life (and even of other people's lives out there). I can relate to that. I love music so I guess I am one of those persons who have these certain songs which remind them of certain moments in their lives. Like, when I hear a particular song, I am reminded of certain events/situations I was in. I also associate certain songs to certain persons (mostly my objects of affection). Sometimes I hate my associating songs to specific persons coz hearing the song triggers the drama queen in me. It throws me off and suddenly this deluge of emotions come creeping in and vivid flashbacks fill my mind. Now that's freakin' unwelcome when you're trying to get over or thought you have already gotten over someone. Such a bummer. Anyway, I felt like listing some of those song bookmarks of my life. I'll try to go as far back as my memory will allow me...

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham) - our class danced to this back in Grade 1 or 2, I think, for the intramurals. With matching shoot that ball dance step. Hiyuck!

Supersonic (?) - HAH! I danced to this tune back in Grade 4. I remember wearing my dad's bike gloves (you know those leather gloves without the fingertips). Charo, kasama ba kita in that dance number for the Christmas Party?!?

Blame It On The Rain (Milli Vanilli) - Grade 6. Christmas party rin ata. Uso pa yung Roger Rabbit and Running Man dance steps that time! Yuuuuck! :p

Hold on (Wilson Philips) - I think also in Grade 6. Three of us sang this song. I think it was for the feast of then-Venerable Bakhita (she's a "blessed" na diba? Or is she a "saint" na ba?)

Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler) - I sang this at Canossa's Social Hall stage in some event -- Sisters Day ata. With matching trembly voice due to stage fright which I think worked for me coz my voice sounded better that way! hehe.

If We Hold On Together (Diana Ross?) - our Grade 6 Graduation song!

No More Rhyme (Debbie Gibson)/Vision of Love (Mariah Carey) - I sang these songs for our practical test in Music class back in Grade 5 and 1st year high school respectively.

25 Minutes (Michael Learns to Rock)/Can't Cry Hard Enough (Williams Brothers) - these were the popular songs during the time I had chicken pox back in 2nd yr. high school.

Will I Survive/Line to Heaven (Introvoys) - these were my songs to my long-time crush

Perfect (True Faith) - my crush who was a vocalist in a band back in high school sang this. Pero badtrip coz I know the song was dedicated to his then-girfriend which was not me. I was just pining away for him in the corner. I remember watching their band's performance from the 2nd floor of the high school building.

Magasin (Eraserheads) - this lower batch guy was singing this to tease me and his classmate who had a crush on me. I think I was in 3rd year and the guy's in 2nd year.

Creep (Stone Temple Pilots) - this was the song my band performed during the SAP launching back in 3rd year (?) sa grassy part ng school grounds. The very first song we performed in public! Kulang na lang rocking chair ni Scott Weiland ;)

Wag Kang Baboy (Tribal Fish) - this is the only song I remember singing during the Battle of the Bands. There was another Tribal Fish song that we sang but I don't remember the title anymore. Anyway, I vividly remember having the mic not functioning well during our first song so I had to freakin' shout in singing and then Ajie dropping her drum sticks during her 1-2-3 cue! We didn't win that contest though.

Tell The World (Trina Belamide) - the World Youth Day '95 song! Abbie, I remember our camping out days with Aktib, Jako, Sinta, Ianne and Bambi! Remember that time we sneaked our way into the hotel restroom so we could freshen up? And Aktib feeling feverish? "Kayo" pa nun dba? hehe

214 (Rivermaya) - Am I flip? World Youth days... Si Jako ata nagpauso nito eh. This song will always remind me of, well, Flip.

Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) - "So do you laugh or does it cry?". I remember I wrote that line in my love letter to ____. He asked me to give him a record of that song.

Without Me (Clair Marlo) - "I had an inspiration to call you on the phone... I'm the one who left you and you're the one who's fine without me..." ; reminds me of my on/off times with ____. We just couldn't jibe. When he wants me, I don't want him and when I want him, he doesn't want me. Hayyy.

Simply Jesse (Rex Smith) - reminds me of my college schoolmate/chat mate sa L229 (La Sallians, did I remember the room number right?) whom I kinda liked until he started courting me. Chatting was just an emerging technology back then.

Tha Crossroads(Bone Thugs N' Harmony) - my college friend and I were big fans of Bone Thugs back then. We memorized the lyrics and knew how to rap the song. Ahh those hiphop/R&B days of mine.

Dreaming Of You (Selena)/Someday We'll Know (New Radicals) - I sent some lyrics of this song to my college crush anonymously via the beeper. (Yes, I was stalker-ish back in college! hehe)

Promise Me (Beverly Knight) - "And I wish that it was still last night...". Weirdly, the CD player got stuck and played this line over and over during the morning after I told my college crush that I liked him during this certain overnight outing w/ my blockmate/friends at Kim Siong Tagaytay. My crush and I were sitting on the swing. Hehe.

You Make Me Wanna (Usher) - my college friend and I were fans of Usher. Usher was just a new artist back then. We learned how to dance the chorus like Usher does in his video.

Tubthumping (Chumbawamba?) - I remember my college crush and some of my friends trying to dance the "I get knocked out, but I get back again..." part. So cute.

Breakdown (Mariah Carey)/I'd Die Without You (PM Dawn) - my theme songs for my college crush; My friend was copying the lyrics of the PM Dawn song off the internet for me. My friend got tired of writing and it was my college crush who continued writing the lyrics. I still have that piece of paper. Awww.

Sukiyaki (4PM) - I was singing this in the car and my college crush joined me in singing some parts of the song.

Passenger Seat/Out of My League (Stephen Speaks) - reminds me of ____. Back in 2003.

Wish You Were Here (Incubus) - we texted this to each other back in 2003.

True (Spandau Ballet) - he sang this on the videoke during our high school reunion. "So true. Funny how it seems always in time but never in line for dreams..."

Big Yellow Taxi (Counting Crows) - this was in the soundtrack of Two Weeks Notice, one of the movies we watched together.

Biglaan (6CyleMind) - another song for ___. Biglang nawala eh. Deym.

If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys) - I designated this as my 26th birthday song last 2004.

The Day You Went Away (Wendy Matthews)/Kiss the Rain (Billie Myers)/Foolish-Unfoolish (Ashanti)/Do What You Have to Do and some more songs from Mirrorball (Sarah Mchlachlan)/I Love You Anyway (Travis)/La Cienga Just Smiled and Harder Now That It's Over (Ryan Adams)/ Blue Parade (Sarah Slean) - the songs I listened to when I was wallowing over this guy back in 2003 til 2004.

You Won't See Me Crying (Passage) - OTB days in 2004. Duet pa kami. Shiyeeeet. F'ing bad memories now. Bad trip 'to. This is the number 1 song which reminds me of ____.

If the Feeling is Gone (Kyla) - I sang this during our OTB days dedicated to ____. Months later, the song also applied for _____.

Let Me Be the One (Jimmy Bondoc)/What If (Babyface)/She Will Be Loved (Maroon5) - I associate these songs to this one person. Those are probably his songs for me (but 'What If' is my song for him). "What if we were wrong about each other? What if you were really made for me? What if we were supposed to be together? Would that not mean anything?..."

Invisible War (Julia Fordham) - my song for _____. "Seems were waging an invisible war... Everyday I seem to lose you more... Talk about a fine line between lovers and friends. We've never been lovers now we're not even friends."

Reveal the Remedy and Endless, A Silent Whisper (Urbandub) - my songs for ____. "We could've been more. Can we ever have these feelings again? Maybe in time we'll realize that maybe that fate reveals the remedies..." "Is this the beginning of our last dance? Once around the floor can we do it again?"

Sana Sinabi/Tensionado (Soapdish)/Sorry (Maria Mena)/ Right Next to Me (Whistle)/What About Love (Lemar)/Nobela (Join the Club)/I Miss You (Blink 182) - songs I listen to when I'm wallowing about _____.

Hiling (Paramita)/Oo (UpDharmaDown) - my songs for ____.

Indeed, this is the soundtrack of my life.


ivahlicious said...

ano ba yun, puro fill in the blanks... hehehe... but those songs remind me of a lot of things too... pareho ba tayo ng generation? hahaha, just kidding! :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hehe, uy 2-3 years lang gap natin ha! :P