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Monday, August 25, 2008

::. WHERE WAS I LAST 08-08-08? .::

I spent the once in a lifetime 888 date with my friends Abbie, Charo, Tin and Jako at the sunny side of the Philippine Islands... in Boracay! Thanks to Cebu Pacific's low rates (and Abbie's purchasing power!), we managed to book a roundtrip ticket to Caticlan for a little bit under Php2K. Thanks to Tin's connections, we managed to enjoy a nice room for a steal at Serendipity which is conveniently located beside the D'Mall. Thanks to the coosome-twosome Jako and Charo's Holga for the nice lomo shots and the ever-reliable tripod of Jako that enabled us to jump to our heart's content (22 freakin' frames of chaotic jumping against the Bora sunset) and switch around four different digicams for the same group shot and angle hehe :p

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words... or maybe I'm just too lazy lately to blog and spew out nice profound flowery words hehe :p Just check out this slideshow ;-)