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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I did something stupid. I dialed all five freaking numbers. Two rang. One number called back. I answered the call after some freaked out hesitation BUT I did not say hello. Some guy was on the other line... I'm not sure if it was him, he said hello twice but I did not answer back. I ended the call quickly.

Hah. Pathetic.
Blame it on listening to Ne-yo's Go On Girl about 12x today.

"For a minute there, I lost myself." ~ Karma Police, Radiohead

::. I WISH I COULD SAY... .::

He was my night time, thought I was his star
Guess I was wrong, but see I'm strong
Won't take long for me to move on

Please don't worry 'bout me, I'm fine
Trust me when I say that I'll be okay
Go on, man

The mistake I made is clear
That's the reason you're not here
Not a single salty tear
Not a feeling in my chest
Baby I'm feeling no stress

* adopted fr Ne-yo's Go On Girl

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I loved the food the first time I've been to Dampa Macapagal so I suggested that we eat there for my mom's birthday (Her birthday was last Jan 7). It's great that my sis is back from New York now so our family was complete when we celebrated yesterday =)

Mom was mainly the one who shopped for seafood in the wet market since I really had no palengke shopping aptitude hehe :p We had our seafood cooked at G Squared (same place where Jako brought me, Charo & Abbie the first time). We had an oh-so-yummy feast of buttered garlic shrimp, tempura, salt & pepper crab, steamed alupihang dagat and some eggplant, tomatoes & onions. Mom enjoyed eating since she didn't have to cook the food herself ;-) More photos here.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


The last time I spent time with Rose & She (my college friends) was our big trip in CDO-Camiguin last year. And so I'm glad we were able to get together again for a Friday night dinner :-)

I picked the resto in Glorietta -- Italianni's. The Italianni's branch in Glorietta was quite cramped and I like the roomy Greenbelt branch better but hey, the food's great so we even had ourselves listed on the waitlist before we got our table.

As usual, my only request was for us to order my favorite in the menu -- the chicken sicilian salad. There. I MEMORIZED the name of the salad this time! Everytime I'm in Italianni's I would always just say that we order the salad with chicken, mangoes and grapes... never got around to remembering the name until now.

Twas so wonderful to touch base with them again as I haven't been much in communication with them especially She. Coz at least, with Rose, I "see" her over at Multiply! However, She remains to be free from the slavery of online social networks -- no Friendster, no Multiply, no MySpace, no Facebook!

We talked and talked so much... I think we were there in Italianni's from hmmm, around 7:30 til 10:30pm. It's comforting to know that I am not alone with my hopes and fears. I discovered that we still had similar views, dreams, goals, fears in life. Another wonderful discovery is that they are also keen on doing charity work (Sheryl has been looking at kids with cancer. I've been wanting to have something to do with kids -- like orphans -- but haven't been able to go around actually doing it.) We were talking about having a sense of purpose at this age (especially with us turning 30 soon!) and so I brought up my wanting to do some sort of charity work. Also picked up some interests from them like travelling as much as possible and going back to school even just to study some short-term marketing module. I'm excited to travel with them again =)

After talking to them, I now have this renewed will to save up some moooore so I will be able to do more of the things we aspire (aside from paying our insurance!)

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Just lost Jack TV on our cable after ETC/2nd Ave/Crime-Suspense went on free tv. Got new channels like Maxxx, Fox Crime, AXN Beyond, Velvet... but I can't find Jack TV anymore :'(

I reprogrammed/re-tuned my tv already but I really haven't seen Jack TV anywhere.

Huhuhu. I want my South Park back. I miss those bastard kids.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I was so ecstatic with cracking my copy of Photoshop CS3 after several attempts of circumventing the trial period. Inspired by the burst of colors in the new Multiply template I found, I suddenly remembered Andy Warhol's pop art. And so, with the wonderful help of Google, I found web tips on how to do the Warhol effect. The 4-tile one was actually my first try using a tedious technique. The 9-tile one was my second attempt, employing a different technique and copying the color scheme off the Che Guevara pop art.

Yup. I am bored with the new year and I've got a lot of time in my hands. Oh, and I can't sleep. (But I'll be sleeping right after posting this...)