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Thursday, March 23, 2006


A series of unfortunate events has just happened to my friends -- one had a death in the family and the other one's home got burned down by a fire. I have been depressed lately and having heard these sad news jolted me and made me feel silly about my drama queen self. The thoughts and concerns that have rendered me restless, sleepless and terribly depressed since Monday were so trivial compared to the major upheavals that my dear friends have just experienced. Mine were self-absorbed emo stuff while theirs were things that I'm sure everyone prays to not happen to them. I prayed for my friends & their families and thanked God for sparing me from things like that.


I could not sleep the other day. I aimlessly surfed the net. Got even sadder about seeing the Friendster profiles of some people I have/had an eye for. One apparently has been with his girlfriend for six years or so, the other was celebrating an anniversary, the other one was still in a long distance relationship. And the other one's profile -- MARRIED. The seven letters glaring at me... one of those harsh realities. I sometimes forget that he just got married last year. I'm thinking "Awww. He's gonna be a wonderful dad soon." I am happy for him but when I'm in one of my wistful moments, I just feel so... sad. But I am over him already. There's been closure and stuff like that but, you know, there's always that corner of your heart which certain persons who came in your life will always own forever. Nothing can change that. Your souls made an indelible mark in each other's life at a certain point in time. So inevitably, you will always be a part of each other's history. You're free -- free with a history.

So anyway, I was depressed in that way by the time I got to work yesterday. But alas, God has a sense of humor. He tried to cheer me up. How was I to know that missing breakfast at home would mean that I would be bumping into, umm, someone at the cafeteria when I was gonna buy coffee in a lame attempt to cheer myself up? That helped a bit in pulling me up from the dumps. It's just a stupid nothing-will-ever-happen kind of crush but, oh well, God has humored me that morning. And as I've always suspected, fate always teases me with things I cannot have.

And to cheer me up even more, I finally got my new celfone that same day:) I've been waiting for it since January. It had been taking so long that I even quit anticipating its delivery. And now, I am worrying about transferring my phone book details, mp3s, pictures and saved messages to my new phone. Oh, and I can't wait to download themes!

So yey. I thank God for His little sweet attempts of cheering me up :)


It disturbs me though -- how this certain person and I unexpectedly bump into each other in the strangest times. Is it fate? Is it coincidence? Does sh*t really simply happen? It happened to me again this afternoon. You know how freaky it was? I scheduled my derma appointment today waaay back in late February. This morning, my mom asked me to drop by the Medicard office in Makati Med after my appointment with my derma who was in Medical Plaza (just across Makati Med.) So okay, I had a 1:30pm appointment with my derma. My sched was pushed back considerably coz it was only around after 2pm when I finally had my turn. I think I got to Makati Med around 3pm. Usually, getting a letter of authorization from Medicard took just a jiffy. In my disappointment, I was asked to sit down and wait a bit. I heard them call my name and as I stood up to go inside, I glanced at the hallway. I happened to see a silhouette of a guy walking towards my direction... he was against the light so I really couldn't see his face from that distance but in a split-second, I thought: "F%*#!!! Is that who I think he is?" Anyway, I didn't really wait for the person to get nearer and I just went inside the Medicard office to get the docs. As I was about to go out the door, I saw him pass by quickly. Didn't really see his face. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I ever so slowly peeked out my head from the doorway to check him out. And sh*t of sh*ts, 'turns out he also thought he saw me so he was turning around to take a second look at me that very moment. Kablam. He was indeed who I thought he was. I was stunned. It wasn't exactly perfect timing coz, as I said, I just came from my derma -- freshly-pricked, chemical & diamond-peeled. So basically, he saw me in all my dalmatian-face glory. Great. Just great. Can the ground just open and eat me up? There goes my sweet "revenge" of looking good after all that sh*t we've been through.

He was all smiles. We said our quick hellos. Asked each other what we were doing in Makati Med. After the surprise encounter, I went to the restroom to compose myself. Took my time till I went back to my regular breathing. Then I went out and proceeded to the elevator. And you know how those damn hospital elevators take forever. I was still in a bit of a shock, leaning against the wall while waiting for the friggin' elevator. And then I heard this voice commenting how the elevator must be taking so long. F#%*. It ain't over til it's over. Fate hasn't had its fun yet. So I had no choice but to put up my nonchalant stance. As if we didn't have, umm, bad history. He was smiling like he always is (dammit, he's still cute. he makes white barongs look good...), chatting me up as if we're back to what we used to be. I had to remind myself that I have already given him my forgiveness last January and I am supposed to act okay towards him again. It's a small world coz he happens to work in the bank at Medical Plaza! AND, he knows my derma who happens to be one of their clients! Wow. Hmm. So on my next derma session, me & my beloved derma will have a veeerrry interesting chika to talk about amidst all those painful pricks in the name of vanity.

So there. Fate is *yet again* teasing me with things (or rather, people) I cannot have (people who cannot stay). *sigh* Sometimes I wonder if this is as good as it gets.

Why God, why? Why the heck do I keep bumping into him at the most unexpected times in the weirdest places?


Is this the beginning of our last dance?
Once around the floor can we do it again?


We could've been more
Can we ever have those feelings again?
We should've been more
Maybe in time we'll realize that maybe
that fate reveals the remedies...

Monday, March 20, 2006


The night belongs to us
We’re caught in a world of our own
We cling to the hope it would change for us
Is it in vain? Is it too late?
Why did it have to be you than I.
I heard the news today.
Is this the beginning of our last dance?
Once around the floor, can we do it again?
I feel the thrill from words we say,
I love you.
so much tighter
This could be our last together
Heaven sheds tears for the wounded hearts
Our forever has been torn apart
Our vast religions won’t help us answer
what was pre-destined for us to have since long ago.
It’s hopeless
The world it turns with us
Hold me in closer, don’t let go of me
Now we close our eyes and let go to the night
The night we feel alive.
~ G. Alipe

Sunday, March 19, 2006


"We're giving it up and just a little more
This heartfelt leap I surrender
With arms raised tonight..."
{{ first of summer }}

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Tin and I went to San Mig pub in ATC last night to catch an Urbandub gig. The gig was one of those "sulit" ones coz Up dharma Down was in the band line-up for the night. Plus, Paramita and Bitter Pill also played. The bands started playing around 10:30pm and were done by 2AM.

First up was Bitter Pill. Their music is something like Pedicab's. The guitarist is the same kulit dude from Sandwich. I remember hearing him one time over NU107, with Quark Henares... saying "fluxkhaki" all over the place. Til now, I have no idea wtf "fluxkhaki" means... They have a female bassist. [Side note: hmm, what's with females playing bass guitar in rock bands? think: Smashing Pumpkins, Sandwich/Imago, Urbandub...] Anyway, they were pretty entertaining--looking quasi-wasted and having a good time playing their music. (hey, you can spot the the Bitter Pill vocalist on Urbandub's "First of Summer" video--he appeared as the dj in the dance club. He's kinda cute.)

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Paramita also played. Noticeable crowd feedback when they sang "Hiling". I've respect for Ria coz it is quite a feat playing the drums and singing at the same time.

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It was my first time to watch Up dharma Down and wow, I must say, they are good! I love their sound -- perfect for chilling out. It sends you tripping out or something like that.

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mtv get spotted: miro of stonefree out on a date ;-)

Lastly, the most anticipated act of the night-- Cebu's best rock bet: Urbandub. I just loooove going to Urbandub gigs... I love the energy and euphoria created by the interaction between U'dub and the dubistas. Their gigs always kick major ass! Astig, lupet, grabeh! There. All the rock superlatives I can think of ;p My favorite moments are when everyone sings in unison with Gabby, fists up in the air during the loudest/most intense part of their songs, and seeing John Brown's high jumps while playing guitar.

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the quick john brown jumped over the lazy dog...

After the show, I went to the stage along with a handful of other fans while the guys were packing up their stuff. Had my Embrace cd inlay signed. Couldn't find Gabby so Tin and I went out to the side of the pub to look for him. Had a little chat with a friendly John Brown [guitars] (you rock! you rock!). Funny how he was conscious about his unkempt hair and even apologized about it. Jan-Jan [drums] was a bit quiet but gladly obliged with the photo op. Niles [vocals] of Angulo was nice enough to take our pic with Jan-Jan. Thanks Niles :) Had a short chat with Niles coz, apparently, he read that post of mine about Niko [Angulo's cute drummer] looking like Adam Sandler ;P And he was amused that I recognized him being in the band. hehe. {I saw them play twice already... both in U'dub gigs}. Lalay [bass] was no longer in sight so we didn't have a pic w/ her. Finally found Gabby [vocals] done with the other fans so we managed to squeeze in a photo op before leaving San Mig.

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Anyway.... wow. That was one helluva gig. I'm in awe of the U'dub guys. They rock! They rock!It was my 4th time to see the guys but last night was my first time to do typical fan stuff w/ them like having my cd inlay signed and having my pic taken with them. They are surprisingly approachable. And with a lot of cd-signing experience, I must say they have earned brownie points in my book for personalizing their autographs. For me, it really means that they value their supporters if they at least care to ask the fan's name and write it down on whatever they're signing. Good job, guys! Cebu will be proud of their home boys ;-)

Saturday, March 11, 2006


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Backtracking a bit... my family went to Enchanted Kingdom last March 5 (Sunday) to use the free day passes we got from watching Exodus (the MMFF movie last Dec). The day turned out to be cloudy, shady and a bit drizzly so in a way, it was quite a treat to go around the park (as opposed to being drenched in sweat while falling in line amidst the scorching hot weather). The downside though for me, since the sky was not azure, was that it didn't serve as a great photo backdrop. I am fond of photographing structures and what-have-you's against a clear blue sky or puffy cumulus clouds/dainty feathery cirrus clouds so I was a bit disappointed regarding that part of my EK experience. Nevertheless, I had fun taking pictures since it was my first time to use my spankin' new kick-ass dual lens cam. I love the barrel effect when I'm using the ultra-wide lens. Twas expecially nice to see that barrel effect on the photos I took of the Grand Carousel (my super favorite subject!!!). And another thing... I was a bit disappointed though about Anchors Away being closed for maintenance :( I wanted to relive that experience of having my insides feel like tossed/flipped pizza dough!

Anyway, photos speak louder than words so...

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WHEEL OF FATE: Our first ride for the day. I totally love that pic I took of mom & dad:) Thanks to my sis for taking our picture from her perspective ;) Man, it was windy up there! I would have loved it better though if we rode it at night time... the view from the top would have looked more breathtaking by then.

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THE GRAND CAROUSEL: The centerpiece of the park. I love riding the carousel ( I rode it twice!). As our househelp said, one does feel very very pretty when riding the carousel. It must be the lights ;)

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SPACE SHUTTLE: Eversince I was a kid, I was scared of riding park rides that would obviously make me nauseous. Even the 'Big Bang sa Alabang' kind of roller coaster & ferris wheel normally rendered me queasy. But I thought, hey, I MUST know how those freaking double loops actually feel and experience that ride at least once in my life. So I urged my sister to take the ride with me (Our very fragile-looking househelp also joined us). My sis also hasn't ever tried that ride so we finally queued -- all the while psyching ourselves up that we could do it and that it was no biggie. Well... I only have two words for that 50-sec. ride: 'f*cking awesome!!!' I was screaming my head off the entire time ;D

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BOULDERVILLE: My nephew wanted to play in Boulderville and he was quite in the mood to pose everywhere I asked him to. And umm, well, I couldn't resist the pink Flinstonish train cart ;)

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RIOGRANDE RAPIDS: Wet, wet, wet. Some of us had to buy some clothes in the shop... good thing I brought an extra shirt. Our pants were so freakin' wet that we even decided to ride the Flying Fiesta in our lame attempt to dry our clothes.

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A final snapshot to cap off the EK experience :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Our team went to Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort (Cebu) last March 2 & 3 for our annual planning session.


Took the 7:30AM flight to Cebu. Arrived at Shangri-La Mactan around 9:30AM.
Had our team's planning session at the hotel's business center from 10:00AM til 6:00PM. Had a very filling lunch at Tides around 12:30PM. Went to Palermo Restaurant at Plantation Bay around 8:30PM for a good Italian dinner.

picture-taking after our lunch break. we're all in green! :)

at shangri-la's lobby while waiting for our ride to Plantation Bay


Woke up before 6AM to prepare for the beach. Went to the beach with Bianx & Vic around 6:30AM. Bianx and I fed the schools of little fishes at the beach with bread from the hotel's coffee shop. We saw small black triangle-shaped fishes, long silver fishes with a single black-violet horizontal stripe, black & white striped fishes (which looked like cichlids). After that, we had a picture-taking galore at the beach and the rest of the resort's grounds which we explored. And then, we went swimming at the infinity pool overlooking the beach.

early-morning fish-feeding at shangri-la's beach

there were tiny crabs on the beach water side of that big rock!

more pictures at the beach...

channeling the jasmine trias in us...

taking a dip at the infinity pool

a collage of the beautiful resort

Went to Ayala Center around 11AM to buy accessories at the mall bazaar. Ate lunch at Oh George. Went to Sawadee Spa around 1:30pm. Had a 1-hr. aromatic salt scrub and a 1.5-hr healing stone massage. The stone massage is a must-try! Sooooo relaxing! I like the feeling of the hot stones placed on strategic parts of the body. And then sometimes the masseuse would use the hot stone for a firm massage. I actually dozed off for a few minutes while having the massage. We left Sawadee around 4PM and went back to Shangri-La Mactan to get our luggage that we left with the concierge. Left for the airport around 5:30PM. Caught the 7:30PM flight back to Manila. Twas our first time to ride a domestic flight with video screens showing our plane's actual movements--from its taxi'ing at the runway and the take-off, and then our slow descent and landing. There was probably a camera at the cockpit area. Hmmm, reality TV?