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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Went to Saguijo last night with my sister to watch the last leg of Urbandub's Embrace bar tour...

my sis & me

angulo: ahh. there's that adam sandler-ish drummer again...
he keeps smiling while pounding on the drums.
he's the only drummer i've seen so far who smiles while playing the drums...

the ambassadors: greenday-ish kind of punk from cebu.
you've got to hear their punk version of "it might be you"...

urbandub: a whole lot of dubistas packed tiny saguijo. it's hard to get some decent pics when you're in the midst of a jumping/headbanging/slamming sea of people. plus, there's no stage in saguijo -- and, well, gabby & lalay aren't exactly towering heights (we're just about the same height... ). check out the red-dyed back portion of gabby's hair...

Sunday, January 08, 2006


the separation is killing me
you say i should've thought that
before i did what i have done
so easier to put the blame on you
i should've looked inside of me
but it's all in vain as i try to explain
she looks away...

we could have been more
can we ever have these feelings again?
we should've been more
maybe in time we'll realize that maybe
that fate reveals the remedies
making it feel like it will be like the first time.

still the vision on my mind
coz now i realize
it's so damn hard to give you up
no way out of this hole

can we ever have us back again?
let's not start and put the blame part away
can you honestly say
you can see me with another one?
another one, another chance with you
i want more, i want more, I want more.

regretting it now
can fate reveal to me?
the questions to why?
reveal the remedy.

could've been more
should've been more
maybe in time we'll realize that maybe
that fate reveals the remedies
making it feel like it will be like the first time
just like the first time.

~ {G. Alipe, J. Dinopol, J. Mendoza, R. Lim}


FELICITY (to Ben):
"I'm an emotional person, I feel things and I need to be able to get upset and talk about what i'm feeling... That's who i am and i can't change it. I don't want to.

And the thing is... you knew that. You knew it and you still pursued me because you want something with me. You're just not strong enough to have it...which in a way makes u a coward."

{Felicity Sophomore Year: "The List"}

Saturday, January 07, 2006


As usual, our team attended the MMFF awards night yesterday at Aliw Theater. I brought along Rose (my college friend) too since we had extra invites. Too lazy to make kwento so I'm just gonna say quick thoughts here:

Had to walk the friggin' red carpet. Had to spend some time there coz right in
front of us were Bong Revilla & the rest of his family. Sat like in row
4 or something so we had a pretty good view of the presenters' podium.
Pres. Arroyo attended the event for the first time. Mumbled "Do we really
have to stand?"
when her arrival was being announced (My lap was full
with my bulky digicam, evening bag and camera case so it was such a hassle to
stand up).
The ceremony started around 8:30pm and ended around 1am. Had to
wait for the friggin' winners list because I had to layout our
congratulatory print ad which comes out on Monday. While waiting, Rose & I
feasted on different cakes in the dessert buffet at the dinner party after
the show. Finally got the winners list and was able to leave Aliw
Theater by 2AM. Got home around 3AM. Had to go to work 10AM
this morning coz today was the deadline of submission of the print ad

Here are the pictures to tell the rest of the story:

the gold invite that the ushers didn't even bother to check.
i swear, you could've just brought a gold envelope and you'd easily get in

the hosts (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE): paolo bediones, pops fernandez and ai-ai de las alas. ai-ai's spiels were very funny and her crazy costumes were amusing. the little mermaid complete with actual bubbles atop her head takes the cake.

Image Hosted by
i was surprised to see the akafellas (sans robi) there.
i'm so out of touch with the MB that i didn't know that they were scheduled to perform there!

the handsome & beautiful presenters (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE) {by row}: some gal & dennis trillo (cutie!), mark herras, this girl from mulawin the movie, and that has-been-and-now-trying-again biboy dude; some guy i've never seen before, john pratts & james blanco (hottie!); alessandra de rossi & cogie domingo (cutie!); marvin agustin, angel locsin & that son of bong revilla who got rosanna roces' daughter pregnant; ruffa mae quinto & ara mina boobs galore

Image Hosted by
bianx's 5 minutes (or more) of fame with mark anthony fernandez & assunta de rossi when she was presenting "best cinematography" which we sponsored. unfortunately, HD-shot exodus won. dang. so when bianx went back to her seat, i asked: "were you able to at least get mark's number?"

Image Hosted by
lyle sacris (cinematographer for exodus) looks really creepy.
i vaguely remember him from winning best music video or something (under the credit of furball) in nu107 rock award/mtv awards some years ago...

the entertainment numbers (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE): christian bautista, bianca king, iya villana, yasmin kurdi & her huge thighs; nyoy volante & barbie almalbis who performed with pido; zsa zsa padilla & her elegant aquamarine gown

the winners (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE): marvin agustin - best actor for "kutob"; bong revilla's "exodus" - 2nd best picture & winner of various tech. awards; zsa zsa padilla - best actress for "ako legal wife"; stars of the night: richard gutierrez (yes, kahit saang angle, he does have a handsome face) and iya villana (her gown looked fabulous on her)

Thursday, January 05, 2006


... before I go back to work. Wow. I've had, by far, the longest vacation leave ever! I was on leave since Dec. 27 :) Yes, turn green with envy. *lol*. But dang, I have to report back to work on Fri. in time for the Metro Manila Film Fest awards night. I have to finish the entire thing and wait for some guy from MBC to give me the official list of winners. Which means I can probably get to leave the venue by 1AM at the most. That is, if it doesn't start on time. If it does, then I'm guessing I'll be done by midnight. And then, the next day (which is a Saturday! hrmmpffft.) I have to go to work in the morning to input the winners list on this congratulatory print ad we're coming out with by Monday. Arggghh. Hello, Work!

I bet I'll be spaced out at some point in the office when I no longer remember my passwords to the applications and stuff. That happens to me when I'm off work for a long time.

Ok, so aside from killing this perpetually annoying lone mosquito in my room just minutes ago, I was able to do more, umm, less shameless things like do a whole lot of DVD-thons over my break. I finally watched Constantine and Cheaper By The Dozen (which made me cry, by the way! weird. it was supposed to be comedy...); I watched 4 out of 6 discs of the Freshman Year of Felicity [the others can neither play on my DVD-ROM nor our Pioneer DVD player. huhu :( ]. I finished Disc 1 of Felicity's Sophomore Year (which I finally got back from Abbie! yey!) with all the audio commentaries AND without the commentaries. I plan to watch some more Felicity later today after waking up... I am in such a Scott Speedman-y mood now. I can't wait til Underworld: Evolution comes out in theaters!

I've been exercising sporadically on the Ab-Lounge too. I've got a looooong way to go before I finally get acceptable non-bulging abs. I swear, it's just one big lump now-- it's so depressing!

I've also ripped 12 CDs for my dad and burned it into an mp3 CD for his car.

I've made some people happy over at team mig's message board by sharing my pictures of Mig Ayesa. They're a bunch of really friendly people over there. As nice as Mig :) I just stumbled upon it coz somebody left a comment on my post with a link, plus, my webstat was showing the site as one of the sources of my hits.

I've stumbled upon Francis Brew's live journal in the process of being in the team mig message board. He has such hilarious posts! I like his wicked sense of humor. I think I'm gonna lurk in his blog more often. (Funny, I only got to find out that Francis Brew was THE guitarist of The Dawn, like, late last year. Tin mentioned it to me I think when we were watching them at 19East. See, you gain some knowledge while out "gig"ing! That was like, trivia of the year for me :P)

I have also turned in the first drafts of our office newsletter's cover page and centerfold picture news over the holidays. I have been procrastinating on doing the revision on the picture news so my sorry ass would have to do it later today when I wake up.

So tomorrow I would most probably be busy Photoshop'ing and/or continuing with my Felicity marathon. Whichever I'll be in the mood for.

Good night, 3:33AM world. I'll be sleeping happily soon coz I know I already killed the damn mosquito in my room :)