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Sunday, April 22, 2007


those were rose-colored times on rides with your eyes closed.
those were rose-colored times on rides with your eyes open wide.
~ lisa loeb

i sooo loved the pink dusky sky!

I brought Charo, Tin and Abbie with me to our company outing at Enchanted Kingdom (Sta. Rosa, Laguna). Charo, Tin and I were at the amusement park around 4ish pm and Abbie followed around 7:30pm. We stayed til closing time 10pm. Basically, here's what we did:

  1. Got our Wizard Money from my officemates. (P500/pax! woohoo!)

  2. Snacked on hotdogs.

  3. Got tickets for the 4D Discovery Theater (Pirates). It was just around 5ish pm but the ticket they were selling were already for the 8:20pm showing.

  4. Pondered on whether Abbie (since she's still recovering from losing a gall bladder) should take the "real" seat when we see Pirates. The ticket attendant suggested that Abbie could seat herself on a monobloc chair. And then somebody will stand beside her and manually spray water on her using a spritzer. (Ok, the latter was my suggestion. lol.)

  5. Tin, Charo and I proceed to the Dodgem. Wooohoo. I know na how to drive a bump car! It was my first time to navigate one by myself. Driving lessons c/o Tin and Charo hehe.

  6. Rode the Roller Skater. It's like a mini-primer for the Space Shuttle. Tin took photos while we were on the kiddie roller coaster.

  7. Got on the farthest side of Anchor's Away. I can't believe I let myself get talked into riding at the farthest side! Aaaaack. I screamed like a girl. I felt my insides lurch. While I was screaming and all terrified, Charo and Tin carried on with the photo ops! I couldn't even raise my hands up in the air! I was holding onto the bar (and leaning towards Charo) for dear life!

  8. Gathered our senses in the *very boring* Rialto featuring "Peril on Akryls". *Yawn*

  9. Braced ourselves for the Space Shuttle. Let me tell you that it does not help to have vivid recollections of the scenes from Final Destination 3 in your mind while queuing for the Space Shuttle. I was so paranoid that my seat's bar would come off in the middle of the ride and I had visions of myself dangling upside down as we go through the loop. Not good. I closed my eyes and screamed the entire duration of the ride. I think I hurt my neck and my back over there! Gaaah. I swear I will never ever ride that thing again. I'm getting too old! :p

  10. Took a much-needed break and ate Domino's pizza while waiting for Abbie to arrive. I was still a bit woozy so I didn't quite enjoy my pizza.

  11. Okray'ed the showband while eating pizza.

  12. Met up with Abbie at the entrance and let her buy some food.

  13. Proceeded to watch Pirates at the 4D Discovery Theater. I loved this one! It was fun with all that wind and water spray effect. Got kinda OC though about the 3D glasses coz I was thinking of how many people already used it. Ewww. I was thinking "oh no, I might get pimples!"

  14. Rode the Jungle Log Jam and got mildly wet. Yuck, murky water! haha!

  15. Witnessed the tail end of the fireworks display as we alighted from the log jam. Got a nice view atop the log jam bridge. I wasn't too happy with my fireworks snapshots though. They sucked.

  16. Claimed our Jungle Log Jam photos at the booth. Tin blocked Charo's perfect log jam mega-watt smile with her hands up in the air hehe. Meanwhile, Abbie and I looked like happy/terrified (take your pick...) dentist patients.

  17. Lined up for an uber-long time at the Rio Grande Rapids. The kawawa little boy with his parents got totally drenched on the first wave just a few minutes after our "take off". My back got a total shower on that big waterfall while Tin, Abbie and Charo's bottoms got wet by those huge splashes of waves.

  18. Got our photo at the Rio Grande counter.

  19. Still had lotsa Wizard Money left. Since the park was about to close and our money could not buy us a flesh-and-bone wizard for each of us, we spent our money at the Rialto gift shop. I got a purple pillow with the wizard's hat patchwork and we got Gabby (Abbie's niece) a violet wizard bag as pasalubong.

  20. Had a final picture-taking in front of the Grand Carousel and at the park's facade.

  21. Headed home with the gals. Mom made us a nice yummy post-bday/post-EK dinner of pasta, chicken and lumpiang shanghai. Jako followed at our house.

  22. Watched -- or more like "listened" -- to the free extremely blurry signal of 24/7 Pinoy Big Brother on cable. The Slovenian "exchange housemate" just arrived. Crushed on Mickey's voice ;-)

  23. Called it a day (umm, night?) at 1am.

more photos on my multiply:


charo said...

hi aileen! tnx sobra sa treat! we really had fun!=)

Abbie eXcites said...

Thanks you so much Birthday Girl! :) Next time Splash Island naman! O kaya libre ko kayo sa plant tour dito sa Goodyear. Goodyear Money can buy us "menu of the day" from our canteen. Haha!

Siaz said...

Nice pics! Natawa naman ako sa pagka-OC ni Aileen sa 3D glasses.. hehe.. Bago yun Pirates 4D noh? Was Captain Jack Sparrow there?

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

CHARO/ABBIE/TIN: i totally had fun with you gals!

MITZI: yup, the Pirates ride is relatively new. wala nga lang johnny depp-ish kind of pirate:( the 4D movie starred leslie nielsen.

tin said...

maraming salamat!!!