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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Man, I'm pissed. I was red as a cooked crab last Monday. Now I'm like a peeled orange. And I am freakin' itchy and scratchy! Argghh. Note to self: Thou shall refrain from being stubborn and lazy and just slather sunblock! Period.

Well it is my own lazy fault! I refused to wear sunblock when we went swimming and banana boat-riding at Plantation Bay, Cebu. Now I'm a walking Itchy & Scratchy show. Fudge. This will take about two weeks to totally peel off. Dang, dang, dang.

The night before my early morning flight to Cebu, I was at the Akafellas gig cum EB at Dish. I finally met Tere, June, Rommel, Sarah, Anne and saw familiar faces like Lucia, Teena, Mika, Sybil and Hogi. And coolness of coolness, I even met Rueben's dad and older sister. Reuben's dad (Tito Kiko) is such a cool dude. Very groovy and so in touch with the young ones like us. I noticed he was using the Kodak EasyShare DX 4330 so I chatted him up about it. He's pretty interesting to talk to. Such a doting father to Reubs. Aliw. So anyway, I got home at approx. 2am ('shared a cab with my friend Rose and AKAkadas Rommel & Hogi). I asked to be dropped off first despite the fact that I lived the farthest for I had to leave for the airport at 5am that Saturday. So there -- slept at 2am, woke up at 4am. Yeyness. Two freakin hours of sleep. I did not enjoy the plane ride to Cebu coz I slept the whole time. I was half-asleep amidst the Digital Photography sessions and was spaced out til dinner time.

So anyway, down at the NAIA, while I was loungin at the pre-flight benches waiting for my companions (around 6am), I saw those kids from Star Struck. It turned out they had a Cebu tour so we had the same flight. So there I was... I walked up to that Rainier (?) dude who had such a nice sunshiny smile and said, "Umm, you guys are from Star In A Million, right?" And this tanned smiling dude corrects me nicely, "Uhh, ma'am, Star Struck po." *Toinks self* "Oh, sorry! Yeah, Star Struck!" And I asked if I could take their picture. I remembered our maid who liked this Rainier dude so much that's why I took their picture -- so I can show it to her when I get home. I did not dare pose with them-- aghhh, that'd be way too jologs for my taste!

Well, it was my first visit to Plantation Bay and it proved to be a cool stay. The amenities were great. We had a banana boat ride wherein we refused to be toppled over... so like most of the ride was just ladidah and was spiced up with a coupla screaming and saltwater-tasting. After that, I had this 2-hrs long spa treatment called "Planter's Escape". My sunburned shoulders and face were slathered and wrapped with cucumber. And then a long Shiatsu finger pressure massage. Ooh la la.

Here are some snapshots:

I went around the resort and took some pictures. I showed them to our instructor and I got a pretty damn good feedback during the critique time. *woohoo* I wish I could have more time for photography... I am sooo starting to get hooked on this!

Here are my mahhhhvelous photos which I will put up on my own digital gallery one of these dayz:

Now excuse me while I scratch my sunburnt arm and hum the Itchy & Scratchy show theme song in my head...

Saturday, January 17, 2004


Woohoo. Went to DISH and watched the AKAfellas again (this time with my college friends... last week was with high school friends...). I swear, all my newbie friends are pretty much impressed by their performance. Very good, very good! My quasi-fanaticism is justified! Haha. I remember my Rockwell Ryan dayz... I went to every gig they had while he and Dain were here in the country. 'Such fun watching the talented musicians I luuuuuuurve.

So I came prepared last night armed with 128MB worth of MMCs and two Li-Ion batts coz I intended to take more of vids rather than pics. It's a LOT more fun to watch em again and again and again on Quicktime (*yey*). The vids I took last week kinda sucked coz the sound system was bad and I was right smack at the blasting speakers. Now the ones I took last night were way better, except for some occasional hand of an oblivious diner and a waitress passing by who's, uhh, oh well, doing her job (fine, fine!) violating a few seconds of my video screen.

Okaaay. So I really have to buy more PC memory. There's only 2 gigs left of my hard disk.*ackkkk* 'Gotta back-up and burn stuff so I can free up some space. My mpegs and movs are eating up my space. Note to self: Buy like 40 GIGS of new memory. Save up, save up! Ahhh. The DVD drive's another story... But I digress...

So ok... thanks to Rose & Rick who patiently waited for me til I finished with my hugs (and picture-taking!) with Robi & Reubs and til I finished chatting up the AKAkadas. I was like down to 2 pictures worth of remaining space on my digital cam at the end of the gig... so who better to spend them with?.... BUT OF COURSE! So I asked Teena to take my pics with Reubs & Robi. *yey*

Hmmm... So this is how I look like when I am ACTUALLY happy! When I saw my pics, I was like, ewww yuck! Wipe that stupid grin off your face honey! *teehee* So these are actually what's known as grinning from ear to ear. *wahahah*

Image model Reuben talaga oh...*sigh*

*Awww...* Robi the huggy-wuggy fuzzy snuggly teddy bear that he is!

You got me lifted, shifted, higher than a ceiling
And ooh wee it's the ultimate feeling
You got me lifted feeling so gifted
Sugar how ya get so fly?
Sugar sugar how ya get so fly?
Sugar sugar how ya get so fly?

~ Sugar, Sugar by Baby Bash featuring Frankie J

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Ahhh. At long last, our househelp finally found time to clean my room! Good gawd, after ten years (okay, exaggeratin' here. maybe like 3 mos.?)!!! I'm asthmatic so I have a convenient excuse as to why I can't bust my ass off cleaning my own room. I used to vacuum it myself but with so many DVDs to watch, so many time to waste online, so much snuggly sleep to catch, well, I'm just too lazy to sweat it out.

I was like walking amongst dustballs and the parquet was starting to look like a sandy beach... I just ignored 'em to death, picked up and threw a coupla dustballs along the way. I didn't wanna command her to clean up my room coz I know with her slowpokeness (*eek* is there such a word? oh well, who cares...) she just has enough time for the daily doodads like washing dishes, cooking, laundry, ironing and stuff.

Oooh. Now my parquet is shiny! Kewlness.

Okay this is starting to be boring...

SHAPE-SHIFT: Highlight of the Day: *woopie* I got a "LIFE WITHOUT ME" DVD today! I was surprised to see that somebody thought of pirating that artfilm of Scott Speedman. Well I guess thanks to the unexpected success of Underworld, Scott Speedman stuff is finally comin' out on el cheapo DVDs. Heck, even that old Dark Blue movie of his is sooo out there at Makati Cinema Square!

I wish that there'd be a demand for Gael Garcia Bernal stuff so that the DVD pirates will start putting out all those other artfilms and stuff that he came out in. Dang, dang, dang! I still can't get hold of that oh-so-ever-elusive El Crimen del Padre Amaro DVD... it's still out of stock.... and I swear, I can just smirk at the ignorance of some salesladies who don't have a clue when I ask if they have Padre Amaro. They give me a momentary blank stare and just say they don't have it simply because they just don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Ahhh, regrets, regrets!!! I should've bought it when I saw it months ago! I wanna have my own copy of the DVD even though I've seen it already. That artfilm made me cry. It was so well-made, such a thought-provoking plot -- I think it got Best Foreign Film from the Academy. But of course, I think it's also majorly because he's hot. *teehee*

I just wanna get hold of as much Gael stuff as I can. I started to appreciate artfilms because of him. Plus, I only have the patience to read the subtitles and go through 2 to 3 hours of artsy fartsy direction and cinematography if he's on screen 90% of the time. I swear, he is such an intense actor. And did I already mention that he is hot, hot, hot?! One day, I hope he'll get an Oscar like that Pianist dude did. I wonder if he's still with Natalie Portman... lucky lucky gal.

*'just thought of Gael in Y Tu Mama Tambien* Oooh. Splendid. Yuuummeeeh.*wink*wink*


Okay. After I've cursed village photos to pieces, I have migrated my blog images and moved it to ripway. I just hope ripway doesn't pull a selfish stunt like what village photos did. *#%@!

That forlorn "heartbreak" artwork in my Sept 20 '03 blog can be seen by the worldwide webbies again and my lil tribute to Rockwell Ryan (which he sooo appreciated his MB! *woohoo* I luv him for that! Yey!) last Oct. 18 '03 is on display again.

Whew. Ok. 'Back to listening to Chico, Del & Brad. Oh, and back to, uhmm, work. But of course. Ackkk.

Saturday, January 10, 2004


Hmmm. Watched the AKAfellas last night @ Dish. My friends and officemates think I'm crazy. *teehee* So what? Who cares? Big deal! I luvvvv the AKAfellas so don't think I'm crazy when you ask what's my G and I say I'm watching them AGAIN. I am a freakin groupie and I ain't got no shame about it! *woohoo*

They make me happy. They really do. I mean, I am not as messed up as I was before. If I were to acknowledge them for anything, I'd say they made a difference in my life by bringing back the sunshine in it. Yeah. Their gigs are such a joy to watch (",). I get entertained, I laugh, and I forget I have these stupid love problems I keep ranting about in this blog. It's so nice, right? They have no idea how they (and their music) touch the lives of so many people in so many different ways.

Well yeah I have crushes among them, but hey, it's just a lil crush ya know. Like a lil something to smile about. That's all. And to think I am *ackkk* older than them. *teehee*

Awww. They're my sugar rush. Yey! I have enough to last til the next gig.

And gee, I always miss Robi talaga. As in! He's just sooo uber-lambing! I was waiting for him outside Dish coz I really wanted to greet him. Kahiya lang earlier, inside I saw him but he was sitting with his beautiful GF... it's gonna be rude naman if I intrude in their personal space... so I just waited and hung around outside. And so finally I saw him walking out and I was like: "Robiiiiiiii!!!!" with matching wide smile and open arms. And he went like: "heyyyyyyy!!!" with matching smile and open arms din. So like I beso'ed him as alwayz and kala ko beso lang our greeting eh he said "hug, hug!". Edi hug naman ako dba. *nyahaha* It's like we sooo missed each other and haven't seen each other for a long time that's why a hug was in order. So cute. *teehee* As I said before, he reminds me of a snuggly-wuggly, warm, fuzzy, huggable teddy bear. It's sooo him. Super lambing forever talaga. Wala lang. There. Sugar rush #1.

Sugar rush #2: I thought I'd never get to greet Reubs coz I didn't see him outside. It turned out he was hanging around inside Dish na pala after the show. So from the rest room, I passed by him and I greeted him with a beso-cum-hug. Haha. He was busy sitting with the chicks. Haha, it's sooo him! He was cute like a little kid when he excitedly said "Didja see my new hair?" while pointing out his anime-inspired mohawk whatchamacallit hair style... all gelled up and gathered to a spike in the middle. He reminds me of the dragonballz. *teehee* Man, he's like startin' to be kinda buff now. I see a better abs and biceps in the making. *wooohoo* Yey!

Sugar rush#3: DJ Myke's funny antics on stage! The cockroach thing. And the kuto thing. Winner as always.*grins* He is just a natural comic, I swear! DJ Myke + Robi=LOL all the time.

See, now these are why I always wanna see them... They keep me off being depressed. Man, I'd hate to be the sad bitchy drama queen all the time. *teehee*

Wo-oo-ooh, nanananana, can't you see I'm happy now. (",)