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Saturday, July 05, 2008

::. WANTED Kicks Ass! .::

I'm not much into testosteroney action flicks and top of mind, I think the only favorite man-flick that's on my list is Fight Club.

My sister and I watched WANTED last night. We missed like 10minutes of the movie's beginning so we decided to stay on and check out what we've missed. The movie's so good though that we decided to finish it the second time around.

Angelina Jolie kicks major ass and I *heart* James McAvoy. I hope he does more action flicks... he reminds me of Ed Norton... you know, the man-boy appeal, kiddie looking and doesn't look like a big action star at all. This is only the 2nd movie of James McAvoy that I've seen. The first one being Narnia wherein I mistook him for Shia LaBeouf whom I also have a crush on eversince I first watched him in Transformers. I think I'm gonna hunt now for a copy of Atonement to see James McAvoy's award-winning performance...

Anyway, the movie is pretty bloody and violent. I cringed both the first and the second time when I heard the sickening thud of Wesley Gibson's body as he hit the concrete train tunnel. His comic lines makes him adorable in this movie. My favorite kick-ass scene is when Wesley Gibson shoots this dude from his limo's sun roof. Super astig action scenes... love love this movie. Don't watch it on pirated DVD, watch it on the big screen for maximum impact =)

And coz I like spotting nice songs in movie soundtracks, here's one that I loved from the movie: