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Saturday, July 30, 2005


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ang iniiiit sa loob ng xaymaca. i swear.

The last time I've been to Xaymaca was last May for my sister's bday celeb. Last night, I came back to Xaymaca since it was Brownman Revival's soft launch for their album. Right now, their debut single Maling Akala (remake of E'heads hit) is making waves in MYX's countdown. Last night, their album "Steady Lang" was launched to the Xaymaca denizens.

The energy of everyone was high... it was supeeer hot and smoky inside... hehe, what else is new in Xaymaca? ;-)

I didn't want to lose the effects of the lights inside the reggae bar so I didn't use the flash of my digicam. The result were beautiful artsy blurry pics :)



dino [this one's my fave blurry/time lapse/motion effect thingie]

the horny boys: ambet, jayson and jojo


Our pictures...

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me, my sister and lizzie

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no, i don't smoke! 'just hamming it up for the cam ;) that's my sister's yosi...

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me and my sis

Syempre, I had my album inlay signed. Huwaw. Since the band is composed of 9 guys + their band manager, it took quite some time for me to complete the signatures ;)

*click pic for larger view*
by row: signature of jotay the band manager; januarie - percussions; alphy - guitars; jao - bass; ambet - trumpet; jojo - saxophone; jayson - trombone; dennis - drums; kenneth - keyboards;
dino - vocals


* Today is Tere's bday!!! Happy Birthday dear! :)

Last Thursday night, Tere had her birthday dinner @ Big Buddha, Greenbelt. Teena, Hogi, Pau, Jhett and Red (i didn't know that red was still here pala! haha, so the first thing i said to him was "wow, you're still here pala?!") were there. Twas nice being with these Akakada bunch of friends after such a long time! I haven't been going to any of the 'fellas gigs and save for that Starbucks coffee'ing with Teena and Hogi months ago, I haven't seen them for a loooong time. My birthday gift for Tere even came with my Xmas gift for her -- that's how loooong we haven't seen each other :P

We were laughing all throughout dinner with all those crazy/funny stories we told each other. There is never a dull moment when Jhett (the jologs trivia champion!) is around. As Tere said, if ever she'd get stuck in an island with someone, she'd wish it was Jhett (that is, if Keanu Reeves was unavailable). I didn't know that Red was squeamish when it comes to gory/bloody/icky stories... he was covering his ears and humming while Tere was describing some vivid medical stuff. LOL. I was patting him while saying "happy thoughts, happy thoughts!" and Jhett adds: "think of fluffy bunnies... with pitchforks!".

After dinner, Tere, Teena, Hogi and I had coffee and talked some more at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We were there til around 10pm!

*** I'll post pictures as soon as I get the night's pics from Tere and Jhett's digicam***

Sunday, July 24, 2005


'Got tagged by Tere:) ...

Seven things that scare you:
1. flying ipis!!!
2. death of a loved one
3. never ever finding The One
4. ghosts, elementals and all that paranormal stuff
5. hyper kids (with dirty shoes) who might step on my suede shoes/white beaded flats
6. losing my job
7. my PC crashing and me not having backed up my mp3s and videos

Seven things you like the most:
1. music
2. digital photography/adobe photoshop artsy fartsy stuff
3. blogging
4. mushy movies that make me cry
5. my dearest friends
6. my family
7. going to gigs and having my pics taken with the artists/having them sign my CDs/posters

Seven important things in your room:
1. bed
2. CD collection
3. my beloved PC
4. stereo
5. kikay accessories
6. kikay shoes & bags
7. my sequined/beaded tops

Seven random facts about you:
1. I have a 3rd ear piercing on my left ear.
2. I used to be the vocalist of an all-girl rock band which my friends and I formed waaaay back in high school.
3. I'm a self-confessed drama queen.
4. I buy pirated DVDs. I no longer buy pirated CDs. I used to get the pirated one when I don't really like the artist that much or I just like one song from it or something like that. Now, if I just like one song, I just download the mp3. If I like the artist, I buy their album. I feel esp. compelled to buy the album if it's an OPM band.
5. I am quick-tempered. I curse when I'm pissed.
6. I appreciate a wide range of music. I used to listen to Enya and the Gregorian Masters of Chant. I've had various stages/phases in my choice of music: heavy metal stage... hiphop/R&B stage... a boyband stage... a chillout/trance stage... an acoustic stage... an a cappella stage... a reggae stage... now i'm in the pinoy rock band phase;)
7. I still haven't found what I'm looking for. So I stopped looking for now.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. skydive
2. go to Palawan
3. scuba dive
4. go to Boracay again (the last time was back in the 90s)
5. bungee jump
6. have a hot air balloon ride
7. go to Puerto Galera

Seven things you can do:
1. Do artsy fartsy stuff using the brushes in Adobe Photoshop
2. Clone/Dodge away zits, eyebags, sweat stains and other unnecessary stuff in digital photos
3. Take digital videos with one hand and drink San Mig Strong Ice with the other hand during band gigs
4. Do Olive's "Oh, Popeye!" voice
5. Plan the OC-way for product launches and marketing events
6. Sing, sing, sing! But not in a diva kind of way. More like the Alanis Morrisette and Stone Temple Pilots kind of way.
7. Color-coordinate my accessories, clothes, shoes and bags

Seven things you can't do:
1. play the guitar or drums
2. hold off my pee for a long time. I am such a CR queen, I swear. But I don't have bladder problems accdg. to my past medical check-ups.
3. do choreographed dance steps. as in the missy elliot kind of dance steps ha.
4. learn Macromedia Flash
5. forget about certain someones. yeah, with an "s".
6. cook super complicated stuff like kare-kare or something like that.
7. get my mouse off the internet

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. eyes, shoulders, lips, butt
2. good-natured personality
3. crazy sense of humor
4. honesty
5. the lambing factor
6. swoon-worthy singing voice
7. intelligence/being street-smart

Seven things you say the most:
1. *Awww*
2. Oh f#%^.
3. Ah $h*t!
4. As in...
5. Like...
6. Super [insert adjective here]
7. chuva

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
1. Brandon Boyd
2. Scott Speedman
3. John Cusack
4. Gael Garcia Bernal
5. Yael
6. Champ
7. Sheldon

Seven people you want to see to take this quiz:
1. Abbie
2. Mitzi
3. Charo
4. Tin
5. Ivy
6. Fay
7. Ivah


jolly champ.
lol. champ shared this picture of his in hale's egroups :) so cute!

a native dog with an amazing balance.
saw this as our family was driving home from tagaytay. i was extremely amused that i asked my mom to take a snapshot of it with my celfone. the dog would fidget and move its feet once in a while to keep its balance. hanep. even if the tricyle driver hit the break one time, the dog never lost its balance. and take note, the tricycle was driving fast ha.


Went to Hard Rock last July 22 (FRI) to watch Sponge Cola and Sugarfree. Twas such a rockin' combination so I didn't want to miss the gig. I managed to drag one of my college friends Rose to join me. While we were eating dinner, I got a call from Abbie. Funny coz we were just talking about her... Rose wanted to borrow my He's Just Not That Into You book but I said it has been with Abbie for the longest time. 'Turned out that Abbie saw that Sponge Cola and Sugarfree were playing at Hard Rock so she had a hunch that I was there. She joined us for dinner but left shortly after Rick (another college friend of mine) arrived.

Sponge Cola performed first. They just came from the Meg anniversary party at Rockwell so they only got to start playing around 9:45pm. Yael apologized for being a bit late. They opened with Partisan. They played Lunes, Neon, Gemini, Jillian, Crazy for You, KLSP. At some point (I'm not sure if it was during Lunes???) the guitar of Yael got disconnected or something so there was no sound coming from it. Rayms (band manager) quickly tried to fix the tech prob. Since Jillian was Chris's song, he and Yael switched places --Chris on vocals and guitar, Yael on drums. Before the song's last stanza, Chris broke into the first stanza of Foo Fighters' Best of Me and then switched back to Jillian. If I remember it right, their last song was Jeepney wherein Yael put down his guitar and concentrated on just doing the vocals.

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sponge cola

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gosh and chris

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chris, yael and armo

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yael (vocals/guitar)

Image hosted by
armo (guitar)

Image hosted by
chris (drums/vocals)

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rayms (band manager) and gosh (bass)

After their performance, I went to the side of the stage to have my Palabas CD signed and have some pics taken. Chris kinda laughed when I handed him a CD jewel case with the Palabas CD and the Dramachine inlay. During gigs kasi, I don't want to bring the original jewel case of the album for fear that it might get broken or scratched. Had to explain that too to Yael when he was amused at the Palabas/Dramachine combination. As usual, I requested Rayms to be my ermm photographer since I left Rose and Rick at our table as Sugarfree started with their set. *** Super thanks Rayms!!! *** I was about to leave the SC boys but then I saw this bunch of SC posters on their table. So I asked Yael: "How do I get one?" and he went "Umm... like this... (smiling while giving me one)". Hehe. Awww. Cute. *** Super thanks Yael!!! *** While Yael was signing, I asked why they don't play Una live. It's one of their best Tagalog tracks in the album in my opinion -- i looove the vocal arrangement (esp. on the chorus -- the mix between Yael and Chris singing) and the musical arrangement (the sound of the classical guitar and samisen!). Plus, its lyrics was also well-written by Gosh. Yael said it was hard to play it live :p. Anyway, while I was talking to Yael, I also congratulated him for Gemini hitting #1 in 99.5RT after it was just released last July 15.

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take 1: umm, gosh couldn't be seen so rayms took another shot

Image hosted by
take 2: armo is really sleepy na. lol.

Image hosted by
yael with his well-practiced pose as usual;)

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my signed palabas cd

Image hosted by
my SC poster courtesy of yael. armo left na so he wasn't able to sign it.

Sugarfree played after SC. It was my first time to watch them live, and can I just say, they're such a delight to watch! :) I missed a coupla songs coz I was still at the side of the stage with SC. They sang Burnout, Tulog Na, Prom, Kwarto, Telepono, Mariposa and Hari ng Sablay among others. Ebe Dancel was funny sometimes. Sugarfree broke into the intro of KLSP to kid Yael and the guys who hung out a bit during the first few songs of Sugarfree. During the last part of Prom (Parang atin ang gabi...), Ebe sorta missed a note so he did it again... sayang naman daw coz pumalakpak pa naman daw kami :p. And there was this funny part when he was greeting birthday celebrants from the audience: So there was this group of teens just behind our table who had a birthday celebrant named Jamie...

Teens: "Jamie!"
Ebe: "Jayvee?"
Teens: "Jamie!"
Ebe: "Jaydee?"
Teens: "Jamie!... M... Jamie!" (I was even helping them shout the name and doing an M sign ala-McDo over my head)
Jal does the McDo sign to Ebe too...

And Ebe exclaims: "Ah! J.M.?!"

ahaha :P

Finally, after quite a bit, somebody handed Ebe greetings to read and he read a bday greeting to that Jamie girl. And that's the time he finally got it! ehehe :p

After their performance, I managed to catch Mitch as he was about to leave. I asked him to sign my Dramachine CD inlay. And then I turned to the table where Jal and Ebe sat for their dinner. I asked them first if it was okay for them to sign and pose for a photo-op since I saw that Ebe had started to take a few bites from his dinner. Jal said it was okay, so there... :)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
jal (bass)

Image hosted by
mitch (drums)

Image hosted by
ebe (vocals/guitar)

Image hosted by
with ebe and jal...

Image hosted by
extra brownie points for mitch, ebe and jal for their personalized autographs :)
Since Mitch was the first to sign, he asked my name first... Ebe and Jal followed suit.


I loooove this Sugarfree song. This was the song that made me *seriously* consider buying their album. I saw the video first (in time for Pinoy Blonde promotion since it's in the movie's OST) on MTV before actually hearing it on radio. Well I liked their breakout single Mariposa back in 2003/2004 but this current single is what made me love Sugarfree's music more. I surfed the net to find out more about them and it was this article that made me buy BOTH their albums: Sa Wakas and Dramachine in one trip at Tower Records. After listening to both albums, I thought to myself: "Now why didn't I buy these Sugarfree CDs sooner? It is sooo me. Drama at its best." I looove Ebe Dancel's songwriting. Every thought that has come across every lovelorn individual is echoed in Ebe's lyrics.

My fave tracks in Sugarfree's albums:

SA WAKAS: Burnout, Unang Araw, Mariposa, Telepono

DRAMACHINE: Prom, Kandila, Kwarto, Reprise
[[try playing Kandila, Kwarto and Reprise in one go and you'll get an honest-to-goodness catharsis. P.S. Highly recommended for drama queens ;) ]]

Maglilinis ako ng aking kwarto
Na punong puno ng galit at damit
Mga bagay na hindi ko na kailangan
Nakaraang hindi na pwedeng pagpaliban
Mga liham ng linihim kong pag-ibig
At litrato ng kahapong maligalig
Dahan dahan kong inipon
Ngunit ngayon kailangan nang itapon

Di ko na kayang mabuhay sa kahapon
Kaya mula ngayon, mula ngayon...

May jacket mong nabubulok sa sulok
Inaalikabok na sa lungkot
May panyong ilang ulit nang niluhaan
Isang patak sa bawat beses na
Tayo'y nasaktan

Alaala ng lumuluhang kahapon
Dahan dahan ko na ring kinakahon
Natagpuan ko na ang tunay na ligaya
Lumabas ako ng kwarto't naron sya

Magpapaalam na sa yo ang aking kwarto...

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Went to the Rock to School concert at Le Pavillon with Charo, Jako and Fay. Fay, thanks for the tickets! :)

Got there quite late with Jako and Charo. There were too many people inside Le Pavillon by the time we got there so we just stayed outside where the wide screens were. We met up with Fay there. Yey! I've FINALLY met Fay! She's a friend of Charo. Fay and I are both Morning Rushers and I stumbled upon her blog one time when she posted it on the Rusher's egroups. Such a small world coz it turned out that she was a friend of Charo. We've been blogmates since last year but it was just yesterday that I finally met her in person. (We were kidding na parang blind date kami *LOL*)

charo, jako, fay & me

'Missed SpongeCola's performance coz they were the first band to perform. Sayang, somebody in the SC egroups said that Yael was almost in tears when he was singing Neon?! Aww. We managed to catch Session Road (I still couldnt get over that Superdrag rip-off controversy re: Leaving You! I just stumbled upon that news last week. Couldn't get hold of that Garmonbozia song though...) and Kitchie Nadal (Abbie, I remembered you when I saw Kitchie... *LOL*). Didn't get to catch Bamboo though coz we left na and headed back to Makati.

Charo, Jako and I stopped by Starbucks first before going home. I finally tasted that well-loved Starbucks coffee jelly. Twas good :)

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Tulay ng salitang di matawid
Panghihinayang sa di mapahiwatig
Kung lilisan ka na,
Sinong papalit sa iyo?
Sayang, sayang, sayang

Pag-isipan muna, baka mapag-usapan
Sabi mo nga "Dumarating lang 'to minsan"
Ngayon umaayaw ka na...

Kung lilipas ka na
Sinong papalit sa iyo?
Sayang, sayang, sayang

Hanggang bukas na lang,
Hanggang bukas na lang... ang langit.

Wag lang itapon limang taong samahan
Gagawin ang lahat, mapabalik ka lang.

Yey!:) I got na my signed inlay of their Hibiscus album! I'm so happy!:) Thanks to Fay for having it signed by the guys and to Charo for bringing it back & forth between me and Fay :)

uyyy, cute ni miro here ah ;)


Guys, let's support STONEFREE! :) Let's help put their current single Sayang on the radio charts and their video in the countdown of MYX :)

99.5 RT
type RT [your request] send to 2299

type NU MIDNIGHT SAYANG send to 2299

RX 93.1
RX SONG SAYANG send to 2299

KLITE [your request] send to 2299

MAGIC 89.9
[your request] send to 29761899

type RADIO GREETLSFM [your request] send to 350
(smart) / 2311 (globe)

type MYX VOTE SAYANG send to 2366

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Went to ATC this afternoon for SpongeCola's performance in NU107's Pocket Concert. 'Turned out they were playing with Soapdish and Orange & Lemons.

The gig hasn't started yet when I got there around 4pm. The park was crawling with... hmm ... kids. The demographics there was probably 12-17 yrs. old, punk/scary-looking boys and girls. *geez I feel so oooold* I sat under the trees while waiting and then I eyed Chris (drums) coming out of the artists' tent. I wanted to have my album inlay signed so I decided to head for the backstage area.

At the artists' tent, I saw that they were eating Jollibee spaghetti (at least for Gosh, I think). A handful of fans were also there yelling things like "Yael, smile naman" "Yael, picture please". Yael, yael, yael. Hehe. Chris signed the drumsticks of some fan and after that I asked him to sign my CD inlay. Blame it on my OC-ness but hayyy, he umm signed beside Gosh's pic. Labooo, hehe. Oh well. Gosh (bass) was still eating (while standing!) so I didn't want to disturb him. I could hardly see Armo (guitars) who was also eating as he was seated on the side. Since Yael (vocals) was done eating and was just sorta standing there, I asked him to sign my CD inlay. He fussed over my inlay and made a comment about it being usually lighter (or darker? hmm, I don't remember anymore) than mine. I gave him an I-have-no-idea-why half-smile/half-shrug. He started to sign and then stopped to ask my name. It was a bit loud with the blaring NU plug and all so I had to spell it out for him. (Wow, that's great :) He's a thoughtful autograph-signer. More than anything, I really appreciate if the artist cares enough to ask my name and write it down on whatever he's signing for me). Armo signed after him. Blame it on my OC-ness *again*... he arghhh, used the thick-tipped pentel pen he was (already) holding to sign it. Umm I handed nga Yael this fine-tipped marker for the signatures. Ayan tuloy, the signatures don't look the same. Oh well. Haha, maybe next time I should give specific instructions in signing to whoever artist I'm getting a signature from :P OC, OC, OC! hehe ;-)

Image hosted by
Signatures from L to R: Armo, Gosh, Yael and Chris

I managed to position myself on the platform of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf so I had a pretty decent view. My digicam was 30X zoom anyway so I had no problem standing a bit far from the stage. Funny, I saw this (probably) 13yrs old girl and she was with her mom. Her mom stepped about 4 feet away from her, looking visibly irritated and complaining that her ears hurt. Umm, yeah mom, as if the 4ft would make a diff. Haha. Poor mom. She must have heard numbing ringing sounds in her ears after having her eardrums blasted by the loud music from Soapdish.

SpongeCola performed after Soapdish. They sang Partisan, Lunes, Neon *awww*, Gemini, Jillian, Crazy for You, KLSP and Jeepney. I really love how Yael's voice turns from mellow to scream-o. There were punk guys slamming on the moshpit on the left side of the stage. (I know... duh dba? Moshing in a MALL venue?! weird!). Yael had to constantly remind them not to hurt each other and help someone up in case somebody falls on the ground and stuff like that. At some point, it drizzled shortly so I had to friggin' hold an umbrella on one hand and take digital videos on my other hand. I think I did that for the whole of their Crazy for You number. Congratulations to me. That was no mean feat. (My footage turned out to be so shaky it would drive one crazy :P) Hmm, I thought they said in their mailing list that they didn't want to perform that song anymore. Hmm. Anyway, Yael's kooky actions (think: nursery "action" songs) was fun to watch. I was excited to see them play Jillian coz I wanted to see how Chris performed his song (he wrote it for his gf Jillian *aww*). Twas refreshing to see Chris standing in front with a guitar while Yael was at the back doing the drums. I still prefer the quiet drumless version of Jillian in their album though. Yael's furious poundings on the shrilly cymbals and snare had sorta drowned Chris' voice. I mean, Neon was a bit of a quiet song but Chris managed to do the drums for that without drowning Yael's voice. Chris did softer hits on the drums. Nevertheless, that Jillian number was interesting.

Image hosted by
Geez, mas nicer pa ata hair ni Armo than mine eh...

Image hosted by
Chris' shining moment *yey* (Jillian performance)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

~* PICTURES... *~

Hah. What an imaginative title. Great. Anyway, I'm too lazy to think of a creative and apt title for this post. Aside from the fact that I'm gonna test this new Blogger image thingie feature, I just HAD TO post here what I saw kanina when I rode the FX from my office to Glorietta.

When I rode the Landmark/SM-bound FX, I found myself seated beside this gal holding such a breathtaking bouquet of roses. I sooo loved 'em coz they were in pink and purplish/old rose shades. And they were wrapped in lavender floral paper. I was like "awww. *sigh* such nice roses!". Twas my first time to see that purplish/old rose shade and I was wondering if that was their real color or if it was just painted over white roses. Hmmm. Do real roses come in THAT shade? Anyway, I couldn't help myself adoring the bouquet so I sneakily took a snapshot of it with my Nokia while pretending that I was texting...

After about 5 minutes of beholding the pretty sight, I suddenly felt like the roses were mocking me. Haha. I know, it sounds praning of me. But yeah, the happy bouquet was like there staring at me, mocking my insane solitary existence. Dammit. Geez, thanks for making me feel depressed, you pretty purple and pink roses you!

I wasn't feeling all that great when I went inside Glorietta. I was just gonna go to Do-It-Yourself to buy these carbon filter thingies that you stick on the faucet. But heck, I was side-tracked by the accessories, clothes and shoes all over Red Lane. I couldn't find where the hell the entrance to DIY was ('turns out it was just beside Timezone) so I went window-shopping in Red Lane instead. Bought my nephew these cute cheery Spongebob Squarepants slippers that I saw in one of the stalls.

Later while I was on the way to the Activity Center to buy my internet card from the usual fone card booth, I was *again* side-tracked by the array of stalls bordering the Activity Center. Bought myself this lavender faux snakeskin celfone strap. (Purple colors make me happy!) . Geez, I passed by Nike... all their for-women line (bags, shirts, tank tops, towel...) were in purple!!! I sooo wanted that P1K+ purple bag but I managed to resist the urge. I wanted this indigo shirt too but I resisted the urge to splurge coz it was freakin' P1K+ too.

I passed by this Bag-o-holic stall and I saw this cutesy corduroy bag in chocolate brown and pink (the lining was made of tiny pink flower prints). I totally loved it but found the size too small. All my kikay and girlscout stuff that I carry everyday won't fit in it so they offered a custom-made bag to me. I wanted the same look and colors but bigger size. Hopefully, I'll get my choco-pink bag after two weeks :)

So there. In the end, I managed to find where the heck the Do-It-Yourself store was (after asking the mall's customer service) but they didn't have the kind of screw-in carbon filters that I wanted.

So that was my impulse-buying stint today.


Saw this picture when I was bluetoothing my fone pics to my PC. This was taken about a month ago. I was having breakfast one Sunday morning and our maid told me to check out our pitbull Kikay. Look at what she got herself into:

Geez, our pitbull has circus potential...

I finished my breakfast and everything and she was still there. Poor thing. She could climb atop the cage but she couldn't get off it. She was too chicken to jump. Our maid even put some monobloc step ladder and stool beside the cage so she can step on them and go down safely. She tried to reach for them but she was too afraid to strategically reposition her paws. At a certain point she was fidgeting and one of her paws went through the cage. She lost her balance and went *splat* on my mom's orchids beside her. Uhh, so that's how she was able to get off the top of the cage.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I mentioned this topic in my quickie post but let me delve into this subject again...

  1. Let us not take it against the band if one, some or all of their band members are blessed with sigh-inducing, drool-worthy looks.
  2. The primary focus should be their music. And when I say music, I mean the vocals, the guitar riffs, the drum beats, the song writing and the musical arrangement. Their music is what they should be duly credited for.
  3. The band is not just the vocalist. The band is comprised of the vocalist, the bass guitarist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, percussionist... The vocalist is not a solo artist. They are a BAND. So let us mind our manners when we send "praise mail" to their egroups. Don't just always say that the vocalist is great, the vocalist is cute, the vocalist is nice... Why don't we also express our appreciation for the rest of the band members' talent and personal dealings with us. The same rule applies in live gigs: let us consciously try not to just mob the cute band member. It pains me to see other band members just quietly standing close by--completely unappreciated and ignored just because they aren't exactly girl-magnets. At least say hi to them or shake their hand. Acknowledge their existence, for without them, the band would not be THE BAND who gives us great music.
  4. Okay, it's understandable that some of us may have initially been interested with the band's music because somebody in the band looks hot. But hey, let it not be the sole purpose of our existence in their gigs. Do not feign interest in their music and don't horribly force/convince yourself to like their songs. I'm sure you'd really know by yourself instantly if you are really into their music or if you're just shallowly there for the eye candy.
  5. So then if we are truly appreciating their music AND at the same time we are also secretly (or obviously) crushing on someone in the band, then it's all good--we're hitting two birds with one stone!;) 'No shame in that.
  6. Let us not limit ourselves with the criterion that somebody in the band should be good-looking first for you take notice and like their music. I adore a handful of bands that do not exactly have boybandishly-cute members. They have such poetic/profound/honest/intelligent/inspiring words and unique/creative/poignant/moving/hypnotic/brilliantly-arranged melodies. It is such a massive injustice to ignore the pure talent that they exhibit.

So there. Homegrown alterna-rock acts are dominating the airwaves. Once again, the pinoy rock band scene is alive. The record companies are now more willing to market and release these band's musical works of art. Some of these bands are indies who self-produced their albums and just do business with the record labels in terms of distribution. They have invested blood, sweat and tears for their album to become a reality. Let us support them by buying their original CDs. It's just around Php250-300 anyway ;) And hey, you can always have them sign your CD one of these days for they are Filipinos--they are here in our country, they are accessible... They are bound to swing your way in one of their gigs. It is possible to approach them for a signature and a photo-op. They're not some unreachable foreign band who's in another continent, who--in such rare expensive case that they have a concert here--have tons of body guards and for security reasons have no intimate contact with their fans. We have homegrown talents who deserve as much adulation as foreign bands. The Pinoy band scene has never been as great as this. Let's love our own! :)

Friday, July 01, 2005


Ok, I've been meaning to post a lot of stuff but everytime I'm online my egroups-browsing activity eats up my time. I am in 4 freakin' egroups of these pinoy rock/alternative bands that I'm currently into. And it's so tedious to go through all of the crazy posts... so by the time I'm done, I'm already sleepy. Anyway, I have a 15-minute window of blogging opportunity before I go offline coz I have to catch that 10pm special in National Geographic re: Unlocking the Da Vinci Code...

  • National politics: Just imagine if FPJ was our president. Horror of horrors. In my myopic politically-apathetic point of view, I say choose the lesser evil. I think GMA is that.
  • I just saw in the news that the teachers in this QC public school holds their faculty room in a comfort room. That is just so sad and degrading naman, grabe. I think these teachers have such a noble, often underappreciated jobs. We should pray for them.
  • I heard that this certain deejay said that this certain band's success was in account of their vocalist being so good looking. What an a-hole. That's so narrow-minded of him. That relatively new band has succeeded because they have well-written songs and beautifully-arranged music. The vocalist's being an eye candy is just a welcome add-on.
  • Somebody from this certain band's egroups has announced her pulling out of the group because after coming out with one music video (which she did not like), there was no follow up/new single AND video. What a lame-ass fan. The vocalist had to point out that the band members are all studying and are seniors now so they have to prioritize their studies first. See, these guys realize the importance of education. It's not all art and music for them. Such wise, responsible school guys. And hello, the band just announced that they are about to launch a new video this month. Apparently, she was not reading the threads. Plus, out of her ignorance, she thinks that the band had only released "just one single" (the one with the video). But in fact, the band, to date has had 3 original songs aired on radio (plus this one cover song that they want to dissociate from, but, nevertheless, made them even more popular). Again: what a lame-ass fan.

OK, it's 10pm. Gotta split.