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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Gee-ann is a cousin of my cousin so we're especially rooting for her. I'm also rooting for Mickey :)

Oh, and I despise Wendy. Having a father who didn't love her & left her family is no excuse for all the royally biatchy things she did. She says she's just "nagpapakatotoo" that's why she's showing her bad side. I beg to disagree -- "pagpapakatotoo" does not equal to letting loose your maldita behavior like you're the world's top evil spawn. She probably hasn't heard that there's such a thing as self-control, anger management, basic ethics and social etiquette. That just shows her lack of breeding. Oh, and it also highlights Bruce's non-existent balls.

I'm re-posting here an email forwarded to us by Gee Ann's family...

Originally Posted by hydrangea

Guys, got this from multiply. This came from Ivere Abrahan:


I am writing to seek help for Gee-ann Abrahan who is presently a housemate inside Pinoy Big Brother's house.

Gee-Ann is a 3rd year Mass Communication student at the Assumption College in Makati. Her parents are separated and she lives in Quezon City.

Gee-ann is noted as the "sologs" (sosyal na jologs) housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. Declaring her fondness for TV soap operas and local films, she entertained us with her Dying Inside, Bizarre Love Triangle,and Andrew Ford Medina performances and amused us with her hilarious "forevermore" and "mahigpit pa ang kapit ng gamu-gamo" lines. Gee-ann deconstructed our notion of the typical sosy girls or kolehiyalas. She transcended stereotypes and rose above imposed values. She headed out a new awareness that a person can, in fact, savor the best of both worlds.

An outstanding student from Kinder to Grade 6 at Miriam College, one of the highest-ranking examinees in the Assumption College High School Entrance Exam, and a Dean's Lister in College, she has brought the same level of excellence inside PBB house by winning the 9x9 Sudoku Puzzle Task (Gee-ann is a self-confessed 16x16 Sudoku wizard), the League Task Lambitin, and the Tug of War Task. She also composed some of the songs in the Puppet Show Task, dazzled us with her cheerleading prowess and largely contributed bright ideas in the group's brainstorming. Plus, she successfully accomplished her personal tasks -- Blindfold for A Day Task and Laundry Task.

Together with Mickey, Bodie, and Beatrice, Jasmine, Dionne and even Kian attest that Gee-ann is one of the housemates who has established a meaningful connection with them, a bond that is beyond mere harmonious co-existence but a friendship which entails genuine concern for another housemate and innate generosity to other people.

"I was born weak pero hindi ako aalis ng bahay na 'to na hindi lumalaban!"

As PBB2 unfolded, Gee-ann also underwent a total character transformation before us. Initially, she hit us with her "Pamela Monologues." In the course of events, she gave up Pamela, not just to spare her from being automatically nominated, but she realized that it was an opportune chance to set off her maturity and emotional growth. And it did.

We were all first-hand onlookers to how she progressively acquired household skills, social competence and an ethical stand. Her surprising confrontation with Dionne, her heartfelt dialogue with Kian, and currently, her attempts to withstand Wendy's cruel remarks are verification that Gee-ann is, after all, so much more than mere charisma.

Gee-ann, therefore, possesses redeeming qualities which added value to the show. She instigated a change in our sensibilities by revealing the other side of today's reality.

If Gee-ann becomes the Big Winner of PBB2, she will challenge and reconstruct our socio-psychological mind-set. We will be able to break free from a "survival of the fittest" attitude in which survival is obtained by outdoing, harassing, and critically judging another person. Through Gee-ann's triumph, many will realize that there are far more important things than conforming to socially constructed standards -- that a resentful heart and a wicked motive is far more harmful than a childlike habitual gesture to cope with life's disappointments. PBB will be able to revolutionize our now twisted ideology and degraded moral values -- that a person's burning desire to alleviate HER condition can never justify HER WRONG ACTIONS.

Gee-ann is a reminder that we have evolved into a society which recognizes interdependence. At times, we need a little humility to tolerate our imperfection, to put us in touch with other people, and to allow them to show their care for us. She made us aware that despite our irreconcilable differences and conflicts of interests, each person must be treated with respect and dignity.

This is an appeal to your kindness to help us keep Gee-ann inside PBB house. Let us put our resources together and do everything to ensure her win in this competition. Let us encourage our friends and relatives to vote for Gee-ann and to campaign for her in our offices and among our circle of friends

Let's do this together and prove that PBB is not a farce. We will take a stand and we will do something.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


After a bit of a nagging from my mom, I enrolled in A1 Driving School for a 5-hr A/T course. No, I don't have a new car and neither is my dad buying one for me -- it's just so I can drive in case of any kind of emergency.

The first step was to get myself a student permit. I took a VL from work to do just that. Getting the student permit in Las PiƱas LTO was so dragging. I was there 1pm and was only called for ID photo and signature at 3pm. As with all other government-issued docs/IDs, my student permit photo totally sucks. I just hope I'd have a better pic when I get my non-prof driver's license. I paid A1 more than double the price of the actual student permit just so they'd have the burden of waiting for the permit til probably 5pm. I will most likely pay another obscenely overpriced fee for getting my non-prof license hassle-free.

Had my first 2 hours of driving lesson yesterday. It was fairly easy to get the car moving from point A to point B but at no more than 20mph speed, haha. Probably the funniest thing that happened was that my car stopped on top of a road hump. As per my driving instructor's evaluation, I still need improvement on left & right turning, turning to the correct lane at an intersection and observing safe distances. My problem is that I can't estimate whether I'd hit the curb or a car when I turn. I'm scared that I might have miscalculated my turn. I can't see my car's front bumper so I'm having some trouble approximating space. Argh. Oh and my neck hurts from all that craning. I should probably sit on a pillow to give me some height when sitting hehe.

My next 3 hours of driving lesson will be next week. I am already dreading the parking, backing and maneuvering that I will do.


Ok, so the past month of May brought big Hollywood movies our way. Spiderman 3 was great but too testosteroney for me with all those action sequences. I love Snow Patrol's Signal Fire in the Spidey soundtrack. Shrek the Third was okay but I loved Shrek 2 more. Puss in Boots lost its charm. One comment though: why the hell did they use Damien Rice's 9 Crimes in one of the scenes? I felt that was sooo off! Damien Rice's music is too heavy and depressing for an animated flick. It's better apt for a Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End was a spectacular visual feast as always. I just got confused though with some of the subplots. And their piratey accents didn't help me catch up with the story either. I was a bit "lost" with the story so I Wiki'd it. Found out from Wikipedia that there's still a scene after the end credit. Darn. We left as soon as the credits rolled so I missed the post-credit scene just as I missed the one in Pirates 2 :(


For the TV show season enders, I saw from E!News that Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) died in LOST. And Burke (Isaiah Washington) left Christina (Sandra Oh) at the altar on Grey's Anatomy. It's sooo frustrating that AXN will only begin LOST's Season 3 starting this Thursday. And Studio 23 has been advertising LOST Season 3 as "coming soon" since 2 months ago. Isn't that sooo NOT "soon" at all?! Well at least Studio 23 is now airing season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. No word from Star World though if GA 3 is coming soon.

Nowadays, I've been loving How I Met Your Mother and Heroes. HIMYM has been showing on ETC for quite a while now and I'm catching up on the first few episodes since it has just started to air in Star World. I *crush* Ted. His character is such a romantic :-) And I love Barney's lines! Neil Patrick Harris (post-gay announcement) proves to be a good comedian after all. Heroes has been airing on RPN9 but I missed the first half of Season 1 so I'm catching up via the Crime/Suspense channel which just started airing the pilot episode last week. My fave hero is Hiro (Masi Oka) coz he has such comic scenes and I *crush* Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia). Oh and did you see James Kyson Lee (Ando, Hiro's Japanese friend) judge the 2007 Miss Universe alongside Dave Navarro last week? Cool!

I know there's a gazillion copies of pirated DVDs of the latest season of these tv shows but I don't want to buy one coz I'm running out of DVD storage space!