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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


TOBY, The Thunder from Down Under. If you've seen Toby Rand's shirtless performance tonight, you'd know what "EVS" means. At first, Toby seemed to have borrowed Ryan's hooded jacket costume but later on, he took off his jacket and showed off his hot bod to the audience. Well the world has seen him butt-naked runnin' around the mansion pool and all so not much of a *gasp* there. But I let out a *gasp* nonetheless ;-) I don't really like his voice coz he tends to get shrilly and annoying when he does high-pitch singing. He did well with Layla tonight, considering that it was the song that spelled the downfall of Jordis Unga in last season's Rock Star INXS. He cheated by lowering the note of that supposed high-note part of the song. His skin drums move thang with last week's Solsbury Hills was good though.

He spoke my favorite/memorable quotes for this week's episode:

"She's becoming Jill." Toby says with utter horror in his eyes as he & Lukas hear Dilana's lame attempt at falsetto which actually sounded like a tortured/howling dog. Or maybe a squeaky toy. (Lukas said, "I thought it was a howling dog. And I'm NOT even kidding.")

Seconds after he just performed, Supernova asked how Toby was doing . He was standing there onstage still shirtless, in all his beefcake glory, the ladies ogling at him. "Well now that the song's over, a little uncomfortable, actually!" (while sheepishly covering his torso)

RYAN "The Dark Horse" STAR. He keeps getting better each week. His original song "Back of the Car" sounded really good. He was so cute on the reality episode when he said he has never hit a girl in his entire life and he wasn't about to break that record with macho Storm challenging him to a boxing match for the right to sing an original song. Ryan's turning out to be a hottie at times, with all that intensity in his eyes and his voice. I just hope he does something about those dark circles and eyebags. Or maybe he can do his "Paint It Black" eye makeup again. But without the wig-hood thing please.

STORM LARGE, still pretty ballsy for a girl. She did an awesome version of Aerosmith's "Cryin". A damn hard song to sing but she managed to pull it off. I had no problem with her "I Will Survive" version last week. It had hints of Cake's rock version so it was pretty okay to me. I don't know why the guys hated it so much. Among the female rockers, I'm rooting for Storm.

LUKAS ROSSI, oh my gahd he actually sang! Well, at least in the first few lines of The Killers' song which I haven't heard of until tonight. I thought Lukas was gonna make Jason Newsted jump up and down with glee for "opening his throat" and "using his gift properly" but he reverted back to his gravelly/growly voice the rest of the song. As always, he is a great performer, but nothing really super duper spectacular so far. Bittersweet Symphony and Creep are still my fave among his numbers. (What's up with Patrice & Magni performing "Lukas songs" last week at the Bottom 3?!?! Patrice sucked with Celebrity Skin while Magni did a great performance of Creep. ) Anyway, tonight, Lukas did this unique shades-shakin' move I have never seen before. Totally innovative move! (Ryan Star's guitar thrashing was anti-climactic since Tommy Lee just mentioned the move minutes before his performance.)

He also kicked ass during the media interviews. This radio woman was being such an ass to every rocker interview she did and she pissed off Lukas. She was such an ass so Lukas was also an ass to her. As Jason said, if the media treats you with disrespect, you can treat them with disrespect back. A racoon eye for an eye.

Lemur King. Goth Smurf. Punk Troll. Whatever haters may call him. Lukas is still my man among the guy rockers.

MAGNI "The Iceman" magnifico! Always a consistent performer. During the earlier episodes, he didn't really wow me. But when he did an awesome unplugged version of When Dolphins Cry, he made me believe in his talent. His version of Creep is actually better than Lukas'. It's just that Lukas has never sang like that before, that's why he got more impact from doing that song. I got misty-eyed when Magni missed his baby's first steps and when he sang an intensely heartfelt rendition of Clocks by Coldplay with the last line "Home, home, where I wanted to go..." During this week's practice, he had the flu so he wasn't singing well at all but he amazingly crushed it with tonight's performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit. He growled and delivered the angst of the song.

DILANA, I no longer like her. These past few weeks, she started to be really cocky and actually more overly-confident-that-it's-such-a-turnoff than Lukas. She badmouthed Lukas and Toby during the media interviews. Well, for one, I dunno if any other rocker badmouthed anyone else, but anyway, editing really showed Dilana's bad side. I also hated how she OA-sold herself to Supernova when they were in Vegas. She was like "I'm gonna be your vocalist/I'm the one". Her greater-than-everyone-else proclamation in Vegas totally showed no class at all. I wanted to smack her with the bowling ball in the VIP suite at Hard Rock. The fact that she gets the bragging rights for being the very first rocker to sing with all three Supernova guys last week totally sucks. I am really starting to hate her by the minute. Her performances have lost it's appeal to me. She wore this horrendously large pink fake lashes which reminded me of a peacock and Dave of Bambi the deer.

Toby managed to trick her into running naked around the pool to get to sing Every Breath You Take. Toby didn't even want the song! He said he just wanted to screw over Dilana. Anyway, Dilana totally has ZERO sex appeal. I mean, Storm has sex appeal... Zayra has sex appeal... Jill had wh*re appeal... Well Dilana -- she probably has as much sex appeal as a toilet bowl. Anyway, Dilana has just subjected the unfortunate viewers to endless nightmares. The vision of her bare butt is so traumatizing that it will probably buy viewers years of shrink couch sessions. And helllooo Dilana, you can tell the entire world that you have a "hot body" over and over again but no one will ever ever believe it despite seeing your naked pool video all over youtube.

PATRICE PIKE, take a hike! I would have much rather had Zayra stay and Patrice voted off last week. Coz at least Zayra was helluva entertaining to watch. Patrice is just so repulsive. I have never liked any of her performances. It disturbs me how she looks like a cross between Alanis Morissette and Annie Lennox and she has this irritating wide smile while she sings. And I can't take another week of seeing her armpits. I swear. There's something wrong with the way she looks when she raises her arms and all I see is infinite armpits. I wish she get's voted off tomorrow. She doesn't belong there.


P.S. By the way, Gilby Clarke's little black dog Chopper was sooo cute! That poor dog's ears must have fallen off with all that amped up rock music.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Coz Ivah tagged me,

1. Grab the nearest book.

Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps by Allan & Barbara Pease

2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.

5th sentence: "The bottomline: if the driver is a Singaporean woman, get out of the way!"

4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

The best parkers are German men with 88% doing it successfully on the first attempt. Parking tests at driving schools show that women generally do better at reverse parking than men during driver training, but statistics show women perform worse in real life situations. This is because women are better than men at learning a task and successfully repeating it, provided the environment and conditions under which they do it don't change.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag three four people.

Ok, I'm tagging Abbie, Charo, Mitzi and Tin...

Or whoever else would like to try this =)


I've gotten tired of texting with smileys. I think I got robbed of my feelings. I am devoid of any emotion. Emotionless. I don't care anymore. I probably got so tired of waiting that I didn't even know that I already quit a long time ago.

When you've experienced profound pain for a very long time, each and every time this person walks back into your life, at some point, you just get so sick of it that you are already numb to the pain. There comes a point that you don't feel anything at all. You don't get stupidly giddy over the crumbs the person throws your way.

Yup. I don't give a flying f*ck what the person says to me. I do not even actually believe in what that person says anymore. I guess that's what you call losing faith in someone. When someone breaks your heart more than twice, you should give yourself the dignity and scold yourself as to why the f*ck you keep falling for that person's sh*t. That's not love. That's friggin' emotional abuse. Do you seriously want this person to hold your heart in their hands? Hell no. I'm sure all those years of immense pain has taught you to be smarter and be more careful of who you give the power to hurt you.

Anyway, I think I am in one of my better moods now. I have just bought obscenely expensive shoes. And my feet are happy. Yes, I know, it's insane. But tell me, isn't it easier to toil for months to earn money to pay for royally expensive shoes than be vulnerable and let someone break your heart into pieces over and f*cking over again? I vote yes to being a happy shoe lady over a miserable bitch at someone's beck and call. It is easier to work for money than to pick up the pieces of your broken heart. Yup. You can call it compensating, but shut up. I don't need to hear it from you. I know that already.

I will shop if only to buy artificial bliss. At least my obscenely expensive shoes will always be there for me. They will never walk away from me. They will never leave me. They will always sit beside me in my lavender shoe cabinet and will always be glad to accompany me wherever I please. And those soft cushy soles will save me from getting painful bunions in the future. At least that's one pain I'll be spared from.

Maybe this is an emancipation. Maybe not. I don't know. But now I'm free. Free with a history.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


We were pretty excited to take out Chloe, our beloved family shih tzu, on her very first trip outside the house. Come Saturday morning, we brought her to the baywalk beside Mall of Asia. Some people bring their dogs there. I've seen people walking their shih tzus, chow-chows, pitbulls and boxers. We were there around 6:30AM. It was actually drizzling when we got there so we had to wait a while inside the car until it stopped raining. The morning turned out to be very windy and so it reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day :-) Anyway, we were able to stay long since the sun wasn't exactly shining that morning. Chloe happily ran about... following my mom, dad, nephew and househelp... chasing children and joggers clad in bright-colored shoes. I maxed out my 128MB SD card and drained my battery as I snapped away with my digicam. Chloe pretty much charmed every stranger except for this one jogger guy who wasn't too happy when Chloe clung onto his attractive red sneakers. Oh well, I guess not everyone's a "dog person"!

my dad & my nephew dean @ the breakwater

chloe all "happy, happy, joy, joy"

i demanded that i should also have a picture w/ chloe! Here's me and my mom with her.

chloe's such a joy to photograph!

this one's my fave among her photos with strangers.
the baby was delighted to meet our dear chloe :)

chloe and her fans

yup. mahangin sa labas ;p

by 8:30a.m. chloe was so thirsty after all that running!

took this right before my digicam conked out.
chloe was all prim & proper while we waited outside chowking blue wave for our breakfast.


Was at Manila Bay last Saturday morning. The overcast skies and wavy bay (plus my nephew and some strangers) served as great subjects for my photographs. I've always wanted to shoot black & white photos and the mood in Manila Bay that morning was perfect for such treatment. So here goes my first ever B&W shots (and some colored ones)...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


'Just watched a bad copy of The Break-Up on DVD. Anyway, it was marketed as a romantic comedy but dear me, I cried during the last few scenes... like when Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) went home crying after Gary (Vince Vaughn) stood her up in the Old 97's concert... when Gary's bartender friend was making "sermon" to him... when Gary made dinner for Brooke then Brooke arrives home with that cute guy from Charmed (Paige's police guy/husband in the TV series) and the closing scene wherein they bumped into each other on the streets.

image from

As usual, I am a sucker for mushy script.

This was what Gary's bartender friend tells him after the scene wherein Brooke cries coz he stood her up in the concert:

"Everybody thinks that you're their friend. But the fact of the matter is,
there's not one person that I know that you trust enough to let close to you so
that they could hurt you. And her problem is that you, you really like her. I
mean she is the one girl you really liked and no matter what she did or how hard
she tried, you were never gonna let your guard down. That poor girl never stood
a chance. "

And of course, the big "I'm sorry" speech of Gary when he tried to surprise Brooke by preparing dinner for her:

GARY: Brooke, this whole thing has been really tough on me and I've tried to act
like it hasn't been that tough on me... But the first Sunday after me and you
broke up, it all kinda really hit me and I think it partially hit me coz Sunday
was sort of always the day that we would do stuff together. But I didn't have
any idea you still cared so much and you know, when I saw you crying the other
night, that was honestly the worst moment of my life...

... Look, I know that I've caused you a lot of pain. And the funny thing is all I really wanna do is make you happy. I just want to make you smile. I've had a lot of time to
think about some of the things that went on. And I know that I don't always do
the right thing or always say the right thing but I'm willing to try to do things differently. I'd be happy to go to the dance class... I would, honestly. I would like to go do that. Or go travel. I would even be willing to go to the ballet but I would much rather do the dance class or take a trip somewhere... but I realize that's not the point. I realized that the point isn't that at all because it's not really about doing things that you love to do always but it is about doing things with the person that you love. And... I love you.

{Brooke is lost for words}

GARY: Give me a second here... I missed you so much. I promise you Brooke, I will do whatever it is that I have to do to never hurt you again. I love you. I'm sorry... That's it. That's all I want to say so you can go ahead now with anything you're feeling to say.

BROOKE: I don't know what to say...

GARY: Say whatever you feel inside...

BROOKE: I don't feel the same way... I don't... I just... I don't know. Oh god... I just... I think, I don't know or I don't think I have anything left... to give. I'm sorry.

GARY: I was hoping for... It doesn't matter.


*sniff, sniff*

It's too late baby now, It's too late... though we really did try to make it...