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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Argh. I just had another "5 People You Meet in FX Hell" kind of experience on my way home from work. It just so happened that I chose NOT to plug in my iPod for a change. I was blissfully enjoying the silence when this lesbian's celfone beside me cranked up that "Don't give up on us baby..." song. Ugh. *rolls eyes* Really now. Do I really have to listen to that sappy crap of a song?!?! I thought it was his/her ringtone and he/she just didn't want to take the call. But unfortunately, it was not. The whole freakin' song played! Gaaaah. I was sighing and tsk'ing heavily but he/she was too... umm, how do I say this... uncultured? etiquette challenged?... to care about my obvious irritation.

I kinda angrily opened my bag to retrieve my sanity-saving iPod and kinda SHOWED her how to use the damn freaking earphones while mumbling "friggin' earphones!" under my breath. I was contemplating whether or not to let my anger explode an tell her:

a) Excuse me, do you mind?!?
b) Don't you have earphones?!?
c) Don't all mp3-enabled celfones come with its freaking earphones?!?
d) Do you want me to lend you MY earphones?!?

I swear, I had to muster all my energy for anger management. I managed to stay like a silent volcano waiting to explode. I imagined swatting him/her with a gazillion earphones.

Annoyance. Hayyyy.

Oh and I still heard strains of "Got to Believe in Magic" invading my Texas, Coheed & Cambria et al.

Triple ugh.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I literally squealed with delight when I found out that Victor Basa is in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. (My nephew who was downstairs said he heard me getting kilig in my room upstairs as the big reveal for Victor was done, hehe). I liked his boyish look eversince he was modelling. His cute chinky eyes and curled corners of his lips did it for me. And since he is a model, he dresses so well and has that prerequisite hot abs. I think I saw him first in Cosmo's September edition (that annual "men" issue). And then of course he made it as a VJ in the revamped MTV Philippines. And then I was surprised to see him appear in some telenovelas in ABS CBN this year.

I had an inkling it was him when I saw the skateboarding thing that was part of his montage. And those cute sleepy/chinky eyes are definitely his. I frantically texted my officemate "Victor Basa is in PBB! Woohoo!" in my excitement.

I was never a super fan of PBB and I only started to really watch it last season when my "cousin-in-law" Gee-Ann was in it. But now, I will most definitely make it a point to watch PBB for the eye-candy that is Victor Basa. Hotness! Yum! *Sigh*

P.S. And he is in Wikipedia already! Gooooo Victor! :-)

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