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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Man, I'm pissed. I was red as a cooked crab last Monday. Now I'm like a peeled orange. And I am freakin' itchy and scratchy! Argghh. Note to self: Thou shall refrain from being stubborn and lazy and just slather sunblock! Period.

Well it is my own lazy fault! I refused to wear sunblock when we went swimming and banana boat-riding at Plantation Bay, Cebu. Now I'm a walking Itchy & Scratchy show. Fudge. This will take about two weeks to totally peel off. Dang, dang, dang.

The night before my early morning flight to Cebu, I was at the Akafellas gig cum EB at Dish. I finally met Tere, June, Rommel, Sarah, Anne and saw familiar faces like Lucia, Teena, Mika, Sybil and Hogi. And coolness of coolness, I even met Rueben's dad and older sister. Reuben's dad (Tito Kiko) is such a cool dude. Very groovy and so in touch with the young ones like us. I noticed he was using the Kodak EasyShare DX 4330 so I chatted him up about it. He's pretty interesting to talk to. Such a doting father to Reubs. Aliw. So anyway, I got home at approx. 2am ('shared a cab with my friend Rose and AKAkadas Rommel & Hogi). I asked to be dropped off first despite the fact that I lived the farthest for I had to leave for the airport at 5am that Saturday. So there -- slept at 2am, woke up at 4am. Yeyness. Two freakin hours of sleep. I did not enjoy the plane ride to Cebu coz I slept the whole time. I was half-asleep amidst the Digital Photography sessions and was spaced out til dinner time.

So anyway, down at the NAIA, while I was loungin at the pre-flight benches waiting for my companions (around 6am), I saw those kids from Star Struck. It turned out they had a Cebu tour so we had the same flight. So there I was... I walked up to that Rainier (?) dude who had such a nice sunshiny smile and said, "Umm, you guys are from Star In A Million, right?" And this tanned smiling dude corrects me nicely, "Uhh, ma'am, Star Struck po." *Toinks self* "Oh, sorry! Yeah, Star Struck!" And I asked if I could take their picture. I remembered our maid who liked this Rainier dude so much that's why I took their picture -- so I can show it to her when I get home. I did not dare pose with them-- aghhh, that'd be way too jologs for my taste!

Well, it was my first visit to Plantation Bay and it proved to be a cool stay. The amenities were great. We had a banana boat ride wherein we refused to be toppled over... so like most of the ride was just ladidah and was spiced up with a coupla screaming and saltwater-tasting. After that, I had this 2-hrs long spa treatment called "Planter's Escape". My sunburned shoulders and face were slathered and wrapped with cucumber. And then a long Shiatsu finger pressure massage. Ooh la la.

Here are some snapshots:

I went around the resort and took some pictures. I showed them to our instructor and I got a pretty damn good feedback during the critique time. *woohoo* I wish I could have more time for photography... I am sooo starting to get hooked on this!

Here are my mahhhhvelous photos which I will put up on my own digital gallery one of these dayz:

Now excuse me while I scratch my sunburnt arm and hum the Itchy & Scratchy show theme song in my head...