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Monday, September 26, 2005


I really didn't plan on changing my blog's template until I heard Barbie Almalbis perform last Sunday at 99.5 RT's Sunday Sessions. I have never particularly liked her song "All I Need" when Barbie's Cradle released it as a single around 2 years ago (?). So anyway, I was listening to her do an acoustic set in RT and somebody requested her to sing that song. And then there's this part of the song that just stuck out and hit me: "inside of my heart is an army of angels". I thought, "Wow. Such a nice thought right there". It has been an inspiring thought for me eversince the song hit me. I wanted it to be like my new mantra or something. The song gives me such a positive vibe/energy and I've been singing it in my head eversince.

Looking back at my old templates...

the first one was used around late 2003
while the recent one that most of you are familiar with
have been used since around june 2004, i think.

I wanted to come up with an extremely customized blog template so I scanned for great-looking ones at I picked out the particular features/styles that I liked from each blog and planned to do a composite of it. I have zero knowledge on css codes but since I have basic knowledge of html, I made "kapa" and figured out which css codes showed which feature/style. I then copy-pasted and modified them to my liking. And... voila! After working on the codes all Saturday and Sunday (while sniffing through a bad cold), I am proud to upload this custom-made new template :)


~* NOW PLAYING: All I Need by Barbie's Cradle *~

~* Words by: Barbie Almalbis *~

Inside of my heart is an army of angels
Just coz i let you go
Oh volunteers they are here to love and help me
only coz i've said no

to the killer eyes that invite me to do things
i would have to lie about
and its better now, we are safe
you know i love you more from far away
now that all i need is God.

hey little girl
do you still have things that haunt you
are all the words i say unclear
you know i was there just a while ago so miserable
until i told the truth and prayed

and the killer eyes that invite me
to do things i would have to lie about (just lost their sparkle)
and its better now, we are safe
you know i love you more from far away
now that all I need is God.

inside of my heart is glorious army waiting for war...

the killer eyes that invite me to do things
i would have to lie about (lost their sparkle)
and its better now, we are safe
you know i love you more from far away
now that all I need is...

Inside of my heart is an army of angels
Inside of my heart is an army of angels
Inside of my heart is an army of angels
Inside of my heart is an army of angels...

I need you so much I am dust without you
I'd lose all the universe just to have you
I need you so much I am dust without you
I'd lose all the universe just to have you...

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Had a blast last Friday night! As scheduled, I met up with Teena for her post-birthday dinner at Big Buddha Greenbelt. [Happy B-day Teena!:) *hugz*] Hogi, Tere, Pau and his cousin Jen were also there. After dinner, we went to Segafredo. As usual pictures, pictures:

Image Hosted by
clockwise: (1st Row) birthday gal teena & me * pau, jen & hogi
(2nd Row) tere & jen * hogi, me & teena

I didn't stay long at Segafredo coz I had to meet up with Tin for an instant/unscheduled night-out. 'Turns out that Honda was sponsoring Monster Radio RX 93.1's Yuppie Night which was happening at Capone's. Apol (Tin's friend who works at Honda) invited Tin and I had myself invited (haha!) coz I knew that Barbie Almalbis was playing for RX that night. Tin and I went to Capone's with two of her friends and later on we were joined by Apol and Valerie. At first, we were surprised that some pizza, chicken lollipops and more beer kept going our way eh we didn't order them naman... 'turned out it was free food & drinks from RX since we were at Honda's table. *yey!*

Anyway, 'saw RX DJs there: Tom Alvarez, Sonya, Chico & Del... Was surprised to see Champ Lui-Pio (vocals - Hale) there. After Barbie's gig, they chatted for a while. Champ and Barbie were both wearing a yellow top. So anyway... they were standing there near our table and as I was looking at them, it suddenly dawned on me na they look good together! Swear! Parang kinilig pa nga ako thinking about it eh. Haha! They both have such angelic faces and positive auras so *ooh* they're so bagay! Later that night, we also spotted Mark Escueta (drummer - Rivermaya. Uyyy... Tin... Yihee!) there.

Image Hosted by
barbie almalbis still reminds me of pixie fairies

Image Hosted by
*awww* they're both wearing yellow. naaks!

After that, we went to Aposento which was just a stone's throw away from Capone's. Valerie's boyfriend's acoustic alternative band was playing there. Was pleasantly suprised to find that the drinks at Aposento was quite cheaper than the usual. Imagine that, I had Artic Strawberry vodka for just PhP 80! Wow!

So basically, I just spent a total of PhP 100 for all that! [80 bucks at Aposento and 20 bucks share for the toll fee] Nice! So timely for my *tipid mode* month ;-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

~* JD WON!!! JD WON!!! *~

JD Fortune is the brand spankin' new vocalist of INXS!
*woohoo* *applause*

"... I would do this 100 times over to prove to them that I am worth it.

Remember to always believe in yourself my friends. If anyone calls you a dreamer remind them that the building they work in came from a dreamer, the car they're driving came from a dreamer. The computer they love, the cell phone they use, movies and music they escape in - all came from dreamers.
I believe in you.
Your dreamer 448"*
*excerpt from JD's blog

I *crush* JD ;-) Goooo JD! Yer tha man!

INXS 2005

*all photos are from

~* F. U. *~


After the art of letting go, it's now time for the art of war.

I wonder how much cuss words I have to say until I finally calm down.


inside of my heart is an army of angels
just because I let you go

hey little girl
do you still have things
that haunt you?

you know i was there
just a while ago so miserable
until i told the truth and prayed

inside of my heart
is a glorious army waiting for war...

~ All I Need (Barbie Almalbis)

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Soooo. Finally it comes down to 3 lads. Marty, JD and MiG. I am sooo freakin' excited to watch the finale on Wed!!! (Incidentally, Greg Behrendt mentioned that he watches ROCKSTAR INXS too! He asked us who were our bet. He said he heard that "MiG is a homeboy huh.")

AHA! I *really* have a sneaking suspicion that Dave Navarro has a crush on (or at least "is flirty with") Suzie. You'd just notice it in the way he talks & looks at her... And now that kiss (he also kissed her as she was singing in last Wed's episode)! *gasp* Oh no, Carmen Elektra, have you been watching your husband lately?

Among the three, I love Marty's screamo-mellow voice the most. I like his attitude all throughout the episodes. I never saw him act like an ass. He was a little touchy though in that songwriting collaboration episode. He is very vocal too about the direction he envisions for INXS' future music. I loved his original song Trees the first time I heard him sing it. (I like both the electric and acoustic version). I like it better than JD's Pretty Vegas. I end up liking all the alternative songs he performs on the show. I am always frantically downloading his stuff over at Bearshare ;)

Okay, okay, admit it, you gals: JD is indeed yummy to look at! That's his edge over the other two. I find that he is the most passionate in terms of his music and his being a prospective vocalist of INXS. He may have acted like a jerk a coupla times in the past but I think he's just misunderstood and is just a victim of crafty editing the same way that Colin was in Amazing Race. Did you see that softie side of JD when his sister and mom visited him at the mansion *aww*? You'd be surprised too when you read his post on his MSN blog. He sounds like a nice person, actually. I like that part in his original song Pretty Vegas wherein he speaks thru a megaphone. I think among the three, he most closely approximates the looks, charm/appeal of INXS' deceased vocalist.

One big *woohoo* to our homeboy MiG! He is amazing when he hits those high notes and he is best with the slow rock/pop ballad numbers. My faves are his Baby I Love Your Way and Live & Let Die performances. And isn't he such a *nice nice* guy?! He almost always gives out his song selection whenever somebody else also wants it. He seems to be such a kind-hearted guy. His theater background shows in some of his performances and I don't know if that's a good thing for him though. He doesn't exactly fit the "rugged rockstar dude" description.

*all photos are from


I was utterly excited when I heard the news last week that Greg Behrendt would be going to Manila that I decided to skip the Hale gig @ Hard Rock which I was supposed to go to together with Rose (my college friend). I figured that Hale will have more gigs in the future that I can go to anyway, while Greg coming to Manila is basically just once in a blue moon. I have been sooo loving his book eversince I stumbled upon it at Powerbooks around January of this year. I changed plans with Rose and she agreed to go with me even if she has not yet read Greg's book. Soon after, the news spread among the gals in the office so we all decided to go watch him at Greenbelt.

Last Sept. 15 was Greg's stand-up comedy gig dubbed "Uncool". I swear, he's just sooo funny! If I could put YM smileys here, you would probably see the *ROTFL* smiley. We were laughing the entire 45 min. or so. My favorite is the goldfish story :D He talked about an insane girlfriend (aka the goldfish story), a gal he didn't know at all who broke up with him over the phone, drunk-dialing, playing Pictionary with his wife & friends (pray tell, how do you draw "few"?), his Oprah guesting and a whole lot of other funny subjects.

That night, I was surprised to find out that Rose enjoyed Greg's performance so much that it convinced her enough to buy his book when she passed by Powerbooks.

So the next day, Sept. 16, Rose & I went together for his book signing. They had a short program before the signing. It opened with the clip from Sex and The City with Berger's now-famous line. (Trivia: Greg said he had much input in the characters of Berger and Aidan). The program was hosted by Bianca Gonzales. There was a bit of Q&A after Greg talked about the book. A coupla people from Studio 23 like Judah Paolo, Mariel (that annoying MTV Phils. VJ and host of Big Brother), Franco Mabanta and probably some more press/media people were in the VIP audience area. Myrza Sison of Summit Media was there the other night (the stand-up comedy thing).

Image hosted by

It took us about an hour in line before Rose & I got our books signed. Some of us were a bit peeved at the organizers coz they did not follow the sequence based on our numbered book signing passes. What was most agonizing aside from standing up and falling in line for a long time was that there's this big gal with a really *funky* pungent smell about her. Rose even asked me to inch away because it was really so nauseating! I mean, gee, I am probably lucky to be surrounded most of the time by sweet/fresh-smelling officemates, friends and family members that it was an absolute assault to my senses to smell that girl's body odor! Rose & I were even worried that Greg might faint and not get to sign our books coz the smelly gal was just before us in the line. Haha :P. Anyway, Greg didn't faint coz he probably held his breath so *yey*, we had our books signed :)

Image hosted by
rose & i with greg: my you-go-girl cheerer/hero/inspiration

I didn't want Greg to just sign in the usual front page or book jacket. Instead, I asked him to sign on my favorite chapter in the book. I told him that I could most relate with that chapter and he chuckled and said: "Oh I get you!".

Image hosted by
D.W.T.P. - if you read the book, you'd know what that meant ;)

~* THE NET *~

I promised Bianx that I'd post this one... She made the screen capture for me :)

She was checking out the other day in the office for this particular quote from Wicker Park which she liked but she couldn't find it in the "memorable quotes" section of the site. And so I suggested that she google it. She was amused that my blog turned up #5 in the search results coz usually people pay good money to be on top search results. Well, I didn't pay Google a single cent! She was so mesmerized [I asked her: "Oh, so how shall I describe you in my post? Overjoyed? Ecstatic?" She said "mesmerized!". So mesmerized it is ;) ] that she made a screen cap of it and emailed it to me with a "#5 way to go!!!" subject line.

Speaking of net sightings, my mom sent me an email regaring my aunt winning this recipe feature in Yey! Way to go Tita Jenny! :)


Image hosted by
the AKAfellas (L to R): ikey, jhett, reubs, karl, robi, myke, pau & roger

I think the last time I watched the Akafellas perform was last year pa. To give you a clearer picture, the last time I watched the 'fellas perform, Ikey was bald... now he has regular-length hair. I'm still not used to seeing him with hair. Hehe.

Met up with Teena last Tuesday (Sept. 13) to go to the 'fellas gig which was really convenient for me this time coz it was just in Tavern @ Greenbelt (usually, their gigs are always somewhere in QC/Pasig area). Twas just around 20mins. away from my office so I was happy to catch this gig.

Tere joined us later. We all sat together with Pau's cousin from Canada (I'm so bad with names... I forgot what her name was, sorry!), Emily (Roger's S.O.) and Ikey's S.O. (again, I'm bad with remembering names I tell ya!). On the next table sat Robi's family. His kid brother River was sooo cute in that funny picture that Tere took. River was sleeping soundly and they put a beer bottle in his hand. Hehe. (River missed pretty much the entire performance of the 'fellas coz he fell asleep after about 10 minutes of the 'fellas' first set.)

Fave quote of the night: "Guys, can you stop referring to me as new?" ~ Jhett*

* Jhett replaced Red last year around Sept., I think. Red is currently pursuing his dream to become a director and is studying in NY now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

~* NOW PLAYING: A New Tattoo by Urbandub *~

Song of the moment... I loved this song the first time I heard it thru its video in MTV months back. I sooo love the synthesized (?) guitar riffs in the intro and chorus. Wow, I didn't realize this was about loving someone from afar/chope song until i googled for the lyrics...

Waaah. I wish I could catch an Urbandub gig soon. *crosses fingers for the Ad Congress trip to Cebu... hope to catch a gig during that time!*

Ooh. They are coming out with their 3rd album soon...


Great moments they pass by
If you’re careless
Desperately trying to speak the words
I’ve been wanting to say for a long time.
Tongue tied, every time I try to talk to you
In time, I’ll find the right line.

Caught a glimpse of you
I tremble every time you walk by
Hopelessly trying to find a way
To be near you, to get near you.
In my mind, plays thoughts of you all the time
I’ll find the right line…

I’ll bleed for you
Like a new tattoo in my heart
You’ll stay permanent…

Am I too late now?
Will I find a way to get to you somehow?
She’s breaking me down again
She’s breaking me down.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Hmfft. My officemate was surfing Friendster this morning and stumbled upon this profile of Alvin Alfonso (think: PLDT DSL, Colgate, Master Facial Wash, Ponds and Bench b/low ads). One of his pictures caught my officemate's eye. Coz hellloooo, it was my pic with Alvin from last year's Hush Puppies thingie in ATC wherein we watched the 'fellas perform. So WTF is MY picture doing there?! Hermm. I checked out the profile and discovered that another one of the pics was those shots I took of him while he was modelling the Hush Puppies stuff. Both pictures bore my usual stamp of my webbie address. (I always stamp my celebrity pictures which I post on the net with my angelfire website {nowadays with my blogspot URL}).

Sooo... this is the second time that somebody out there indiscriminately right-clicked on my blog photos. Gaaah. The first incident was this faker who made a fake profile of Franco Mabanta (who used to be Akafellas' manager and umm, you may remember him as "Jasper" from the Coke(?) commercials) using my picture with him (and Tere) during the 'fellas' Greenbelt Onstage concert. The poor Adobe Photoshop-challenged faker could not erase my entire website address on the pic such that the word "" was still stamped on Franco's forehead. I was able to easily verify that fake profile coz I happened to know people who actually knew Franco personally. We reported the damn profile a coupla times to that "Friendster abuse" link.

But this time... Oooh this one's interesting! I cannot really gauge if it's some convincing impostor or if it's the real deal. The grammar is decent, the pictures look personal, some of the testimonials seemed to be from people who really knew him and oh gee there's even a blog!

Ewaness. If it's a faker, I will be royally pissed. I hate it when people steal my photos. And it is infuriating that my photos become part of something that is deceiving unsuspecting fans out there. Whatever happened to asking for permission to use somebody's virtual/net property?!

But if it's really Alvin, HE OWES ME A DAY-LONG DATE AND A KISS. hah! :P

will the real alvin alfonso please stand up?

Monday, September 05, 2005


I have been intensely curious about the Close-Up Flavalicious Choco Loco (thanks to the daily persuasive must-try-this talk of Chico & Delamar) for a coupla weeks now and finally, I got to try it yesterday. My dad who knew I was soooo curious to taste it bought me one after his trip to the grocery the other day. That was a day or two after I got excited when our maid told me that my dad bought a Close-Up Choco Loco, only to find out later that he has given it to my nephew:( I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to try it so he remembered to buy me a small tube during his next visit to the grocery :)

It's insanely yummy for a toothpaste! It tastes exactly like that Fashion21 chocolate-flavored lip gloss that I tried before. It's the best toothpaste to use when you've just eaten something with an aftertaste like onions, garlic, fish, vinegar, etc.

Hmm. Willy Wonka is in the house.


Greg my personal hero/inspiration/you-go-girl-cheerer is coming to town! My officemate toldthe news to me this morning and on my way home this evening, I saw this huge tarpaulin banner in front of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf/Music One in Greenbelt. He'll be in Greenbelt for a stand-up comedy thing on the 15th and a book signing on the 16th (if i remember the dates right... something like that...)

So paging ABBIE: must. have. my. book. hahaha! are you buying me a new one in time for next week's book signing? ;-)


Sh*t. Hmm. Parang I'm near na to being broke?! Badtrip. All-time low my checkbook balance. Putris.

  • It's so freakin' expensive to go to the derma to have a diamond peel. Must stop being vain.
  • I think I've been buying 2-3 CDs every month. Must stop my impulsive CD-buying spree. I must stop dropping by Tower Records or Music One.
  • Have I been going to too many gigs? I'm not sure. Must minimize gig attendance.

    I WANNA BUY...
  • the new sleek pocket-sized Kodak EasyShare V530 . I waaaant the *absolute pink* one. I'm selling my Kodak LS420... Buy it na, biliiiis... so I can buy this new one ;)

  • the following CDs...

Barbie's "Singles"


Pearl Jam's "Rearview
and "Ten"

Nirvana's "Nirvana"

Stone Temple Pilot's "Thank


TRIVIA FOR THE WEEK: Wow, I just learned from Tin that Urbandub is Cebu-based pala? Wow. They sound so, hmm, Manila-ish. They are sooo good. I love their unique sound. They're my new fave of the moment. I hope I can watch one of their gigs soon. Hmm. I hope I get to catch them when I go to Cebu this Nov. for Ad Congress... I have been loving A New Tattoo eversince I saw the vid in MTV moooonths back... I never heard it being played on the radio. Weird. Or maybe I just don't listen to NU107 that much...


I am sooo loving my Jagged Little Pill Acoustic CD. I sooo love "Forgiven" ("What I learned I rejected but I believe again..."). And aliw... "Your House" is still a hidden track. Hmm. Did anyone notice that Alanis changed the lyrics to "Ironic" ("it's like meeting the man of my dreams, and meeting his beautiful HUSBAND.") Oooh. There's a story there!


LAST SONG SYNDROME! James Blunt's "You're Beautiful".

It's been on loop in my office PC's Winamp. *sigh* Feeling down and unpretty? Listen to this song and imagine that James Blunt is singing it to you (a bit pathetic, haha, I knooow... but bear with me on this one, will ya?!):

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Fucking high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

What is up with people saying "Wala lang. "?! Putek. Pa-cute ba yun?
Fiiiine. Sige na nga. *rolls eyes* Cute na nga.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Went to Teena's place last night for her pre-birthday celebration and Red's despedida (he flew back to NY today). Once again, I had a taste of Teena's yummy sangloffs (sp?). Oh and this new Sprite Ice we had was great. Love it! It's great too for mixing with Artic Strawberry vodka;) We dunked bananas and marshmallows on Tere's choco fondue :) Lots of food on the table and funny crazy conversations made the night so happy. What with the shrilly voice of Vilma Santos singing in the background (CD courtesy of Robi!). It made Tere wish that she brought her Ramona Revilla CD. Haha. The fellas' funny recounting of their experience at the Government (this gay bar thingie somewhere in Makati. Something like Bed in Malate daw...), the homophobic stories, the f & p syndrome ("wanna puck?" or "wanna pornicate?" LMFAO when Jhett gave this spiel!). Never a dull moment indeed when I am around these bunch of friends :)

The crazy people of the night were: Jhett, Robi, Red, Reubs (left early coz he had a date, hehe) , Karl, Pau, Teena, Mika, Tere, Glenda, Sarah, June (just dropped by) and me.

Image hosted by
the girls (pics @ the bottom): teena, mika, tere, glenda, sarah & june

Image hosted by
top photos: red (and jhett) for sprite ice; jhett: "try nyo kantahin yung beam toothpaste jingle nang serious..."; robi doing the best gay pose he could muster

Image hosted by
the party (doing a spoof of the "yearbook open-mouth smile" on the top photo. lol.)

Friday, September 02, 2005

~* HALE @ 19EAST *~

Image hosted by


Yesterday was the first real Hale gig that I've been to. The first time I watched them was in their album signing at Tower Records Glorietta which was not much of a real gig but more of an interaction with the band.

I'm tamad to make detailed kwento coz I'm still in *zombie mode*. I got home around 2:30am after the gig and then woke up at 6am to go to work. And so I've had only about 3.5 hours of sleep as of now. So forgive my lack of enthusiasm to go into details with this post.

Anyway, we *had to* watch Monkeyspank, 13 Needles and Join the Club who all performed before Hale. Aliw nevertheless. College bands kind of thing. From UP, Ateneo, UST Conservatory of Music... stuff like that. I was most aliw with the stage presence of Join the Club. I think they were friends with Roll back in UST or something coz he was chatting with them at the parking lot after the gig. Monkeyspank was a nu-metalish kind of band so the vocals were growly/scream-o. Haha. I was thinking if Abbie could bear with the noise -- coz at least, Tin, Charo and I are appreciative of rock music... but Abbie never dug any kind of music bordering on the noisy side;-) 13 Needles: I remember them doing a rock version of *gasp* Quit Playing Games with my Heart by BSB! Quite entertaining as much as hearing Blink 182 do a Britney with a rock version of Hit Me Baby (One More Time).

So anyway, there. Hale played around past 12midnight already -- after the quasi-album launch of Join the Club. lol. ;P Dang! We were tricked into that one! hehe.

Hale played around 10 songs, their originals plus a cover of Coldplay's Yellow. I was pretty much digicamming the whole time. Nagtataka na siguro si Champ why forever na lang nakataas yung digicam ko. (I was taking vids). I could see kasi na napapatingin na sya to me since yun nga, I was holding up my digicam almost all throughout their set. My arm kinda hurts. huhuhu. Okay, coƱotic taglish na post ko. *lol* I don't wanna think anymore. *zombie mode*

Umm. I have three excuses why I'm not posting all the Hale pics I took:

    1. I'm too much of a zombie now to collate it in Photoshop.
    2. I'm selfish. Hehe. I'm not too happy with right-clicker-strangers.
      Especially those who don't ask permission/make an acknowledgement when they use the pictures I took.
    3. With the frequent traffic due to Hale search engine results, it will consume a lot of the allocated daily bandwidth of the various image hosts I use. I hate seeing tiny red "x" marks where my pics used to be.

And can I just say... it was hard to get a pic of Omnie coz Champ was directly in front of the drum set from the angle where we sat :( I only manage to see parts of Omnie in the videos. And Sheldon was hard to photograph too coz he was standing on the dim side of the stage. I don't like using my flash coz I don't wanna ruin the lighting effects of the stage so most of my Sheldon pics were quite dark and blurry.

Image hosted by
me and the girls (abbie, charo, tin)...

Image hosted by
me and hale. (umm, sans omnie. hmm. didn't see him anymore after the gig...)
*Need I label this and name them? hehe. Kilala na sila ng buong Pilipinas !;-)


A: "hehe,para silang mga model ng Pony..."
B: "Uhh. Oo nga, sponsored sila ng Pony eh!"

A: "ano ba yan! sad song na naman. wala ba silang mga happy songs?"
B: "Uhh. MELODRAMA kasi yung music nila."

*wink, wink* :P

~* NOW PLAYING: Kung Wala Ka by Hale *~

They only have two Filipino-penned tracks on their album and this song is the one I like more. I sooo love the way Champ sang this. So poignant.

Words by: Roll Martinez & Champ Lui-Pio

Natapos na ang lahat
Nandito pa rin ako
Hetong nakatulala
Sa mundo

Hindi mo maiisip
Hindi mo makikita
Ang mga pangarap ko
Para sa iyo

Hindi ko maisip
Kung wala ka
sa buhay ko

Nariyan ka pa ba
Hindi ko na matanaw
Kung merong madadaanang

Sundan mo ang paghimig na lulan
Na aking pinagtanto
Sundan mo ang paghimig ko