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Thursday, July 12, 2007


To pay it forward to the blogosphere and forums which helped us intricately plan this CDO-Camiguin vacation, I am posting with complete travel details like time duration, supplier name and cost of various stuff. I hope this'll help future travellers seeking adventure in CDO/Camiguin :-)

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JULY 1, 2007
3:45 AM - We hired the services of Allan (our Camiguin tour guide) again to bring us to Benoni Wharf to catch the 4:30AM ferry. Van rental from Paras resort to Benoni Wharf was Php 450.

4:20 AM - We boarded the MV Doña Pepita (Php 107/pax) which sailed promptly at 4:30AM. The moon was still up so I braved the cool pre-dawn air to take some long time exposure shots. Quite messy shots though coz it was wavy. Also caught the crack of dawn orange-dark blue skies as we neared CDO Balingoan Wharf.

5:20 AM - Back in Cagayan De Oro's Balingoan Wharf. From there, we rode a commuter aircon van for Php 80/pax upon the recommendation of a porter who accompanied us all the way to the van terminal a few walks away from the dock.

7:00 AM - I think we arrived at Agora market 7ish AM. The van dropped us off right in front of Vjandep Bakery who sells the famous Camiguin Pastel -- a soft bun with creamy custard/yema-ish filling inside. A box of 6 was around Php 56 while a box of 12 sold for Php 100+.

8:00 AM - We rode a tuktuk to Jollibee in Gaisano City, ate a Jolly breakfast and waited for the mall to open at 9:00 AM. Once it opened, we deposited our mala-Amazing Race baggage on the baggage counter. We tried to look for Pines ham inside the Gaisano supermarket but it seemed nobody knew the brand.

After taking some directions from Ces' friend who knew CDO well, we navigated our way to the Pines ham main store via tuktuk (Php 5/pax). When we got there, it was closed! Dang! And apparently, it was actually PINE with an apostrophe S. Surprisingly, when we went back to Gaisano supermarket and asked for PINE ham, the saleslady easily pointed us to where a lone Pine's ham was. What a difference an "S" makes!!! Since we all wanted to buy ham, she pointed us to Robinsons supermarket at Limketkai Mall where there were more Pine's ham for everyone. We rode another tuktuk to get to Limketkai Mall.

In Robinsons Supermarket, there was a whole isle dedicated to native delicacies from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I don't think they put big markups on the goods coz I checked out the Vjandep pastel there and they sold it for just about +/-Php10 more than the Vjandep store in Agora market.

We bought take-out lunch in KFC where we amazingly been able to get our order right even if the store clerks/cashier spoke to us in Bisaya. I know it's just conversing out of context but She and I were just so amazed that I managed to give a right response and understood what the store manager have asked me in Bisaya. Coolness!

12:00 NN - We left Limketkai and got a cab to the airport. They have Toyota Altis units for taxi! The cab driver refused to charge us by the meter, reasoning that he will not be able to get passengers from the airport so we'd have to cover his roundtrip fare. We hired the cab for Php 250.

12:30 PM - Arrived at the small Cagayan de Oro airport which was under renovation so some aircon units weren't working. Security and baggage checkers were very fussy. Toiletries and any kind of liquid had to be strictly checked in. We had to remove our sandals as we passed through the x-ray. Ate our KFC lunch while waiting for our Cebu Pacific boarding. There were clean restrooms in the boarding area. Terminal fee is Php 30.

1:48 PM - boarded the Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila.

3:15 PM - landed in Manila. Reluctantly home sweet home. We had so much fun white water rafting in CDO and enjoyed beautiful Camiguin so much... We wished it wasn't time to go home (and go back to work!) yet.

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Abbie eXcites said...

Vjandep is one of the best!!! :) And I could never ever forget Limketkai kasi I've never seen so many Muslims in my life when I was there! :)