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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Demmit. I can't believe I have not enjoyed the holiday season just because I've been sick. The weekend before Christmas, I already had colds, fever & cough but we had to go to Toy Kingdom to buy my nephew his Christmas present. Half of the time that my family was shopping at SM, I was sitting down in whatever chair I found. We watched The Golden Compass and I think I spread some germs in the Glorietta theater hehe. Anyway, it was the kind of illness I always had... flu and then a bit of asthma which was always diagnosed in the past by my doctor as upper respiratory tract infection. Popped some antibiotics and cough syrup, drank salabat and drank Pei Pa Kua (did I spell it right?).

Come 24th, we celebrated my late grandma's birthday/Christmas get-together with my relatives. I was there but I just ate, hardly made conversation (coz my voice was squeaky) and slept most of the time while sitting on the sofa. Still managed to take some photos of the big family event and even managed to get tons of photos of Chloe our shih tzu while wearing her Santa frocks.

I stayed in bed most of the time, watched a lot of Ellen, Conan & Jay Leno, watched some movies on dvd Knocked Up, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and on cable: Fever Pitch, The Chronicles of Narnia (I could have sworn, I thought Mr. Tumnus the faun was played by Shia LaBeouf... only to find out on imdb that it was James McAvoy).

I'm totally bummed out that I missed my friend Tin's birthday bash which was just here in the village where I lived! :( I was actually feeling quite fine during the day time and already made plans of going together with Charo. I took a nap around 5pm coz I had this little headache. Still had headache when I woke up to take a bath. Thought I'd be fine when I ate dinner but apparently not! Everything I ate, I threw up. Twice. Gaaah. I was feeling whoozy as I managed to text the girls a last-minute bail out. I felt drugged as I slept with an empty stomach. Woke up around midnight. Funny, my first concern was that I had to brush my teeth coz I went to bed without brushing my teeth. And then I realized I was totally hungry. I went down to the dining room to find my cold half-finished plate of dinner still on the table. Our househelp was still up, watching tv and she still hasn't gone around to cleaning up the dinner table. And so I ate my cold lumpia dinner :-) And brushed my teeth :-) I was wondering if the girls were still at Tin's... sigh... I missed another of Tin's birthday parties :-( I remember not being able to attend last year's party... forgot why... was I sick too? Oh well. Oh and I didn't get to say bon voyage to Mitzi who's now probably back in LA :(

I'm now hoping I don't get sick with the usual asthma with all the air pollution expected of New Year's eve...


moonchild said...

awww. and here i was, planning to greet you a happy holidays.

*pats back* get well po. happy holidays. ^^v

Abbie said...

Get Well! :) Hope you're feeling ok now.

You missed a lot! We talked about you, of course! Just kidding!

We actually talked about Charo & Jako! (no kidding!) really missed a lot!


tin said...

yes, you were also sick last year. hehe. paputoks and usoks are coming na! is your gas mask ready? hehe. Happy New Year!!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

thanks belle! happy new year to you & your family =) hope to see you around here & at multiply ;-)

abbie - demmit. i missed the scoop of the year!

tin - haha, yeah, we were cursing the neighbors who made paputok and turned on all our exhaust fans in the house!