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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Last Friday and Saturday, my team had our planning session at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay. It's a large 3-story house converted into a bed-and-breakfast kind of thing. It's also managed by the same guys in Discovery Suites Ortigas. They have themed rooms there. My boss Jane stayed in a Japanese-inspired room while Vic, Bianx and I shared the Thai-inspired room. The resident manager and the rest of the hotel staff provided great customer service. And the cute friendly Italian (?) chef prepared very sumptuous meals for us during our entire stay. Basically, I ate all these from Friday morning til Saturday noon: chicken macadamia finger sandwhiches, baby spinach w/ smoked bacon vinaigrette, pesto roasted chicken breast provencal, lemon balm panna cota, red wine & various cheese, wild mushroom risotto, pan-seared salmon fillet, torched citrus tart w/ strawberries, french crostini salad, pepper-seared tuna fillet and vanilla creme brulee). *BURP* Almost every meal time, he'd come to our table and ask us how our meal was. He's the type of chef who would notice that all of us did not finish our risottos, however, we ate all the wild mushrooms. Very keen attention to details! He must have wondered what was wrong with his risotto that's why he went to our table :P

The Powerpuff Girls of Entertainment Imaging: Vic, Bianx, Jane and I

Clockwise: the whirlpool, the cheerfully-colored flowers, the semi-rainy morning view of Taal, the cute purple flower & leaf coffee cup & saucer


ivahlicious said...

i like the coffee cup and saucer! sooo cute!!!