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Friday, May 13, 2005



Two weeks ago, we had a camera test in one of the cam rental houses in Pasig. We had to test run our department's new 16mm Bolex camera which was to be rented out to student filmmakers this year. Director Robert Quebral (if I remember right, he did one of Parokya ni Edgar vids years ago...) was kind enough to facilitate the orientation and cam test. And since they needed a "model" to do the clapping in order to test the cam's speed (overcranking and undercranking), I gamely clapped in consistent speed for maybe like three or four different takes. Well at least technically I can now say that I had my film debut on 16mm! Haha! Hmm, it IS hot under those strong lights!


I have officially gained weight and I now consider myself fat. In the past years I've always been 95ish lbs. Now I am 105 lbs. And good gaaahd, my waist line is now 27 when it used to be 25. My officemates are happy though to see me gain weight as compared to skinny me when I entered Kodak 4 years ago. I have been constantly buying new office tops and pants coz *horror of horrors* I now have marshmallowy love handles and I don't fit in most of my pants anymore :( ! I have had incidents of my pants' butt part bursting at its seams and a zipper giving up on me. It's getting to be so expensive building up my wardrobe again:( I'm now more of a "medium" than "small" on shirts and pants. The up-side is that I have miraculously gotten better curves on my hips, no more skinny legs and arms and i'm filling up my bras much better now! ;) The down-side is that I fear that one day my tummy will be bulging more than my boobs! That would be very, very sad. Is there such a thing that could be done to lessen tummy bulge without exercising or dieting, AND without ever decreasing my boobies' size? Hmmm. I'd rather starve myself than exercise. That's how lazy and exercise-abhorrent I am.


It is so bleepin' hot these days!!! As in!!! The super duper hottest that I felt was last Saturday. Perspiration was literally gushing on my forehead even when I was just lying down on my bed! Grabeeeeeeh. Made me wish I was at the office's aircon haven.

In addition to the fact that I have gained weight, I have also been shopping for short-sleeved polo shirts for work because it's still hot pa rin inside the office despite the aircon. If only one could go to work in a bikini... hmmm. I am so tempted to cut my hair reaaaally short (think Demi Moore in Ghost) but I know a short hairdo would look disastrous on me.


I sooooo love HALE (of Broken Sonnet fame). I sooo love their debut album. I bought it as soon as I found out that they had a second single out (The Day You Said Goodnight). An unreleased single that I also love is track 9 "Underneath the Waves". The melody reminds me of Incubus' Wish You Were Here. They are reaaaally good. Not to sound judgemental or anything, but I really like Pinoy bands who sound American. I mean, they sing/pronounce the lyrics in an American English kind of way and the melody of their songs don't sound like your typical Pinoy rock. Their album inlay has nice photos and lyrics printed on these opaque white sheets. Nicely done. Love 'em love 'em. I hope I can see one of their gigs soon. Is the vocalist cute? He seems cute on the Broken Sonnet vid. (A bit off-tangent: Is Spongecola's vocalist cute? He also seems cute on the KLSP vid.)


charo said...

aileen! luv ko dn Hale! i saw them at myx live 2 wks ako sa vocalist! hehe! he's definitely cute ;) in one of their songs, he moved/swayed like brandon boyd. ganda ng The Day You Said Goodnight no? *sigh*

ivahlicious said...

Champ (vocalist for Hale) is my boss' friend... really cool guy. haven't met him in person but definitely will someday soon! =) i love their music too... and the song The Day You Said Goodnight... hmmm... gonna be a popular theme song for pseudo-lovers... hehehe...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

CHARO: dang! i missed that myx live thing :( hey we should try to catch their gigs one of these days...

IVAH: cge, kwento ka ha when u get to meet him ;-)