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Friday, May 27, 2005


'Decided to brave the Midnight Madness crowd at Glorietta Ayala Center tonight. By 9pm, my feet were killing me. Was about to make a last round to scout for jeans when I was crossing the Activity Center on my way to People Are People and saw that Sponge Cola was playing for that Netopia thingiemajig. I stopped on my tracks and decided to weave through the thick Sponge Cola crowd. I haven't *ever* seen Yael Yuzon (and the rest of Sponge Cola) up close and I was extremely curious if he was really cute. Well, he is -- in a ruggedly handsome kind of way. Grunge-y kind of cute. And he sooo reminds me of Jason Wade (Lifehouse vocalist) with the way he looks and the way he sings. I was also wondering how Sponge Cola's music sounded beyond the pop KLSP and cult fave Crazy For You remake. I like it! I like Jeepney! I'm sold. I'll be getting their album one of these days.

yael yuzon (sponge cola) // jason wade (lifehouse)
P.S. got yael's photo fr. arlene's blog and yael's friendster

After the gig, I stood nearby and watched all the teenage girls flock over Yael. A handful were asking for autographs and photo-ops with the rest of the band but long after the others are done with the fans, Yael is still going, going, going... like an Energizer battery signing albums, smiling here, posing there, chatting with the fans... I think he pretty much intended to accommodate each and every one of the girls (If he always does this, then I commend him. Artists should always make time for fans.) So seeing that he was not in a hurry (about 20 mins. has probably passed), I decided to come over where Yael was when there were only about a handful of girls left. I waited until almost everyone was done and asked Yael for a pic when he was about to leave. I asked a trembling teenage girl to take our pic (as in I can see her hands trembling as she tried so hard to steady her grip on my celfone and take a decent pic:p ) Hence, the blurry pic... I just resized it so the blur wouldn't be too obvious... The gal probably melted on her knees right after. I, on the other hand, felt like a giddy teenage girl on my way home. Good gahhhd, I am twenty seven and I am getting giddy over a bente uno! Tsk, tsk.

with yael in all my sabog midnight madness glory


tin said...

ano ba ?!!? uso yan!! bente UNO!!! hehehehe!!!

ivahlicious said...

OMG. he is cute... i like his brand of cuteness... something i could definitely imagine growing on me. and wow, he even fits my ex-requirement... 20-22 years old! LOL. he's now my official band-junkie-mode crush, along with champ of hale!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

TIN: B.I.!!! :P

IVAH: we have the same taste! ;)

ivahlicious said...

i am so not surprised!!!

great minds think alike! =)

p.s. i will definitely get a spongecola cd. i already got me my hale!!! which will be signed by champy! (yuck, corny TOE -terms of endearment)

Anonymous said...

ur cool just 2 post this pic well i also want 2 see him in person but that's not gonna happen anyway, ad mu namam me c friendster mo ....