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Monday, November 28, 2005


... Somebody you used to love is getting married.

Men -- no matter how unprepared (emotionally) or unstable (financially) they are-- will get married if he really *really* wanted to. Given the fact that the bride-to-be is NOT pregnant is what will floor you. I mean, you know how most young people these days get hitched just because the guy knocked up his girl... And so you go: "Wow. She's not pregnant?!? *big eyes* And they're really getting married?!? *big eyes* Wow." And she's not even dying with only six months to live? Wow. Gee, you finally get hit with the nagging realization which you have denied over and over again: Wow. He was just not that into you huh.

It doesn't matter if you are thinner, prettier, smarter, nicer or whatever {insert your desired point of comparison here}, he is marrying her. Not you. That's the difference between you and the gal. She got the ring and the promise of forever while you, you get a lousy smiley face on your celfone's saved messages.

I almost choked on my california maki when I heard the news.


Okay. I'm fine. Promise.

Honestly speaking, I would have been more devastated if I heard that this other guy was the one who was getting hitched.

Maybe it's because Mr. Groom-to-be and I are cool now. We've resolved our hang-ups. He's apologized a million times. I've forgiven him sincerely. We're cool. I'm happy for him. On second thought... well not really happy... just hmm... I'm glad things worked out for him. Him and his insecurities/intimidations are probably out the window.

So my next thought was... so, do I start shopping for a wide-brimmed black hat with black lace over it, wide shades and conservative black dress? Somebody said I might be overdressed for the occasion. Yes, still with black hat and shades -- but with jeans on. Suddenly, I got visions of me in an all-black nondescript outfit, sitting inconspicuously at the back pew of the church. Do I already start practicing my best dramatic "itigil ang kasal!" rendition? Haha. NOT. Although it would have been a great drama queen milestone. Just like in the movies. LOL.

Funny though how someone who's happily attached dishes out these prophetic-sounding advices and comforting words in an attempt to cheer you up due to the fact that you are depressed precisely because "you and him" didn't work out. You know, like when someone says to you: "Don't worry. It will come./ You don't have to look for him. He will come." and other comforting words that sound like bullcrap until it actually comes true in an extremely distant future (or probably in another parallel universe where everyone's wearing rose-colored glasses).

So in short: Don't give me that kind of bullsh*t unsolicited advice. I have heard that and read about it a million times. Yes, yes, yes. Fine. I get it -- fate, God's will and all that "perfect timing" crap we use as an excuse to console our lonely selves. I was not born yesterday.

Ain't that perfect timing or what?

Merry Christmas to me.


I am jumping up and down with glee now.


ivahlicious said...

have you ever imagined, even for a millisecond, what would you be feeling if it were you he is gonna marry? would that have made any difference anyway?

Siaz said...

Hey, nice to hear you're BACK!!!! OMG.. is he really gettin married? Haaay, speechless ako =P But atleast, everything's cool between the two of you.

Let's sked a YM confy? It's been a while...

Ingatz.. mwah =)

tin said...

i told u... u're NOT alone. hehehe...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

IVAH: wow. what a question! hmm. i think i did imagine for a millisecond back in 2003. and back in 2003, everything was peachy. hmm. when i think with my mind (and not the heart), yep, it makes a hell lot of a diff!

MITZI: oh yes. napa-OMG talaga ako sa news :p
yeah, tagal na nating di nagcoconfy! one of these days... ;-)

TIN: ang saya saya sa boat natin. same friggin boat. dang!