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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Commuting is a b*tch. I've been working late this week coz of our upcoming cinematography workshop. It's been total madness at work for me for the past 3 weeks-- 2 events down and 1 big bang to go. So anyway, I was ready to leave the office yesterday around 7pm but the rain was pouring so hard that I didn't want to leave the office and spoil my blue suede ruffled high-heeled sandals. But it was already 8pm and the rain just kept on. It wasn't raining as hard but since it has been raining for more than an hour, Pasong Tamo was flooded. There was no way out -- turning right would mean over-the-sidewalk deep flood in Don Bosco/Walter Mart while turning left would also mean the same flood level in Mantrade. Totally b*tching. Anyway, since my officemate (I hitched in her car for a ride to Ayala Center) could neither pass left or right, she decided to go back to our office. I, on the other hand, decided that I really really wanted to go home so I gambled on ruining my dainty sandals. So I basically waded my way through Mantrade and bravely walked among the masa crowd towards the MRT station. I had my jeans folded up mid-calf so I looked pretty fashionably stupid but I did not care anymore coz I was very tired and very hungry. I just wanted to go home. Period.

So anyway, at the MRT station, I faced another b*tching line to the MRT pass counter. I think I got there around 8:15pm. I queued in the "exact change" line even if I didn't have the exact change (the good MRT ticket guy gave me a frown and a heavy sigh but still gave me my change. yipee.) Fortunately, the MRT train I rode in wasn't sardines-packed. I got to SM Ayala, went down to the terminal on the parking lot across Hotel Intercon. I stood on my wet high-heeled sandals and waited in another horrible line from 8:40 to 9:30pm. Since I bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol at the Mercury Drug at the MRT Station, I tried in vain to clean my very kadiri flood-soaked feet while standing on line. After ten years, I was finally in a cozy FX on my way home. Makati was basically one big parking lot so it took us 30 minutes from Pasay Road to the Skyway ramp near Don Bosco. Don Bosco area was still flooded. There was average traffic from the Skyway to South-what's-so-Super-about-it Hi-way.

I got home around 10:45pm. What was absolutely wicked was that it was so dry in San Pedro. Didn't rain at all. Gee, I just waded through Makati waterworld and I was surprised to arrive in a dry and toasty San Pedro, Laguna. Oh well.

I had my feet soaked in a big bowl of warm water and bath salts coz they were so so cold. I ate my dinner around 10:50pm while my feet were soaked in heavenly warm fuzzy water.

Commuting is such a b*tch but I survived it. Good thing I decided against wearing my Naturalizers when I was dressing up yesterday morning. Or else, I would have really really went home crying over my dead shoes.


Abbie eXcites said...

Gosh, what a nightmare! Had plenty of those when Honda was still in Makati. I was in ver hot, very sunny Naga when I got your text.