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Friday, April 20, 2007

~* DEAR LIE *~

Dear Lie,
You suck. You said you could fix anything. Instead I'm f***d. You made things even worse for me... Guess I'm not smart. I let you unnerve me. I let you control me. Afraid the truth would hurt me when it's YOU that hurts me more.

A picture of you reminds me how the days have gone so empty. Why do you have to leave me without saying that you love me? I’m saying I love you again, are you listening? Open your eyes once again, look at me crying.

Waited by the phone all day thinking that you’d call but you never did. So tell me it’s not over now, will you? So I won’t be hangin’ around and you won’t see me crying.

SO WHAT'S THE POINT IN ALL OF THIS WHEN YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE? The days have passed, the weather's changed. Should I be sorry? Could I be sorry?

I did it all -- all for you -- hoping you would see. Your eyes are dull, your hands are clenched. Are we ready? But you, you think about yourself, only but yourself -- but what about: Un-lonely nights, romantic moments, the love, THE LOVE, what about them? Throw it all away.

You know me well. You know it's wrong. Then what is it you feel? You hide behind those perfect smiles. It won't fool me coz you already did.

Someday you’re gonna realize. One day you’ll see this through my eyes. By then I won’t even be there. I’ll be happy somewhere even if I cared.

Someday someone’s gonna love me the way I wanted you to need me.