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Friday, April 06, 2007


Like in the past years, the family headed to Camayan Beach in Subic to kick off the long holy week vacation. There weren't much people in the beach so it was great to unwind. The water was cool at 8am so there were some annoying tiny jelly fish stings here and there. I've never been stung in our past visits to this beach so it was quite an annoyingly new experience>:( Most of the time we stayed near the shore where the water was warmer (hence, no jelly fish!). It was lovely sitting on the cushy sand, feeling the wet sand on my feet and the lapping saltwater on my skin :-)

What I always loved about this beach was that one could always get a glimpse of varied kinds of salt water fishes even in waist-deep water. Near the shore, one would find a school of super tiny gray fishes. Farther from the shore and near the rocky part, one would find black and white striped cichlids and these silver split-tailed fishes with a hint of blue on the head. My dad and I held pieces of bread with our fingertips underwater and in seconds, the fishes swam near us and took nibbles of the bread. One time I got startled and shrieked when the silver fish took a quick nibble of the bread AND my finger. Not painful at all but it was just really surprising to feel a one-second fish nibble! I was about to go back to the shore when the morsels of bread were almost finished by the cichlids but then this totally unique fish came swimming by to eat the bread remnants. It was totally breath-taking: a lone fish, colored blue-green on the head til the mid part, graduating into a bright green near its bright yellow split-tail. It was about the size of my hand. It was sooo beautiful! I wish I've taken a picture of it but I couldn't since a) I don't have an underwater camera and b) my digicam is tucked inside my bag on the table at the shore. The fish would have been gone by the time I got back with my digicam.

We ate our lunch by the shore and come 12noon, we heard this shrill whistle-like sound coming from the forest right beside the shoreline. At first we just saw about two monkeys descending from the trees and onto the beach cottages. In less than a minute, we saw probably about ten monkeys hanging around for their lunch break. Some went near the hotel (I saw one toting what looked like a plastic bottle of sunblock or shampoo!) while the others went near the cottages where we were, rummaging through the garbage can. One was sipping a discarded zesto-ish kind of juice foil pack (the one with a built-in straw) and another one was trying to open an empty 1.5 liter Mirinda.

And now, for the NatGeo moments...

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the mirinda-loving monkey

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