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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Argh. I just had another "5 People You Meet in FX Hell" kind of experience on my way home from work. It just so happened that I chose NOT to plug in my iPod for a change. I was blissfully enjoying the silence when this lesbian's celfone beside me cranked up that "Don't give up on us baby..." song. Ugh. *rolls eyes* Really now. Do I really have to listen to that sappy crap of a song?!?! I thought it was his/her ringtone and he/she just didn't want to take the call. But unfortunately, it was not. The whole freakin' song played! Gaaaah. I was sighing and tsk'ing heavily but he/she was too... umm, how do I say this... uncultured? etiquette challenged?... to care about my obvious irritation.

I kinda angrily opened my bag to retrieve my sanity-saving iPod and kinda SHOWED her how to use the damn freaking earphones while mumbling "friggin' earphones!" under my breath. I was contemplating whether or not to let my anger explode an tell her:

a) Excuse me, do you mind?!?
b) Don't you have earphones?!?
c) Don't all mp3-enabled celfones come with its freaking earphones?!?
d) Do you want me to lend you MY earphones?!?

I swear, I had to muster all my energy for anger management. I managed to stay like a silent volcano waiting to explode. I imagined swatting him/her with a gazillion earphones.

Annoyance. Hayyyy.

Oh and I still heard strains of "Got to Believe in Magic" invading my Texas, Coheed & Cambria et al.

Triple ugh.


ivah said...

would it have made any difference if the song was something you liked too? :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hehe, yup! if she was playing something i liked, then i wouldn't be all biatchy about it hehe :p

moonchild said...

senti songs! haha! i don't like 'em either. maybe that person was only being mayabang? ah well. ^^v