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Thursday, May 22, 2008



gang sign for the cookies!

I was so ecstatic when I heard the news via text messages and phone calls! My bet, the rocker hottie David Cook is THE American Idol of Season 7! I just watched the re-run of the finale over at Star World and I swear I cried as I felt Cookie's emotional man-sob (don't you just want to hug him when he cries like that? awwww...) as his name was announced as THE winner of the season. He cried in all his guyliner glory. He soooo deserves it as he is a true artist who never compromised his individuality with his song choices and such. And since I have heard his pre-Idol album Analog Heart already, I could definitely say that he's got an awesome talent.

don't you just wanna hug cookie? awww...

i would have rooted for Archuleta if he wasn't facing off against Cook...
Little David's a good kid -- if only his father Jeff didn't get such bad press...

After Simon Cowell's declaration of a knockout last night, I was prepared for the worst -- David Archuleta winning and all. Not that I don't want Archu to win per se... the charming kid's got awesome power ballad talent and his brilliant voice also makes him deserving of the spot. If it were a Syesha-Archuleta finale, I would have rooted for Archuleta. But hey, the Cookie's got my heart (and the rest of the poopoo gang's hearts as well! *gang sign*). He had me at "Hello" ;-) I have played his versions of Hello, Billie Jean, Always Be My Baby, Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, etc. so many times that the people in the office must be so tired of hearing my iTunes on Idol Cookie mode these past few weeks :p

I'm so glad that Cook did not "suffer" the same fate of Chris Daughtry in AI. But hey, isn't it a bit weird that in the mini-montage in the Boxing match episode featured Daughtry instead of Taylor Hicks?! Just goes to prove that indeed Daughtry has enjoyed more success than his fellow Idolmates McPhee and Hicks.

Anyway, about tonights finale... I loved the Brian Adams number, Jason Castro's Hallelujah (whoa, for a while there I was scared he would miss the same final note he messed up the last time!), Mike Myers and Jimmy Kimmel segments... and the ZZ Top-Cook number if only to see Cookie do that leg dance thing again. The OneRepublic-Archuleta number of "Apologize" would have been nice if only OneRepublic didn't crack on his vocals. I say, Little David sang Apologize better than the original artist! :p

the best AI season I've ever watched! :-)
My season faves are: Cook, Castro and Archuleta.

I'll sleep happily tonight. All that "DAVID COOK FTMFW!" has finally materialized! =) Congratulations Team Cookies!

photos grabbed from yahoo news.