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Saturday, January 10, 2004


Hmmm. Watched the AKAfellas last night @ Dish. My friends and officemates think I'm crazy. *teehee* So what? Who cares? Big deal! I luvvvv the AKAfellas so don't think I'm crazy when you ask what's my G and I say I'm watching them AGAIN. I am a freakin groupie and I ain't got no shame about it! *woohoo*

They make me happy. They really do. I mean, I am not as messed up as I was before. If I were to acknowledge them for anything, I'd say they made a difference in my life by bringing back the sunshine in it. Yeah. Their gigs are such a joy to watch (",). I get entertained, I laugh, and I forget I have these stupid love problems I keep ranting about in this blog. It's so nice, right? They have no idea how they (and their music) touch the lives of so many people in so many different ways.

Well yeah I have crushes among them, but hey, it's just a lil crush ya know. Like a lil something to smile about. That's all. And to think I am *ackkk* older than them. *teehee*

Awww. They're my sugar rush. Yey! I have enough to last til the next gig.

And gee, I always miss Robi talaga. As in! He's just sooo uber-lambing! I was waiting for him outside Dish coz I really wanted to greet him. Kahiya lang earlier, inside I saw him but he was sitting with his beautiful GF... it's gonna be rude naman if I intrude in their personal space... so I just waited and hung around outside. And so finally I saw him walking out and I was like: "Robiiiiiiii!!!!" with matching wide smile and open arms. And he went like: "heyyyyyyy!!!" with matching smile and open arms din. So like I beso'ed him as alwayz and kala ko beso lang our greeting eh he said "hug, hug!". Edi hug naman ako dba. *nyahaha* It's like we sooo missed each other and haven't seen each other for a long time that's why a hug was in order. So cute. *teehee* As I said before, he reminds me of a snuggly-wuggly, warm, fuzzy, huggable teddy bear. It's sooo him. Super lambing forever talaga. Wala lang. There. Sugar rush #1.

Sugar rush #2: I thought I'd never get to greet Reubs coz I didn't see him outside. It turned out he was hanging around inside Dish na pala after the show. So from the rest room, I passed by him and I greeted him with a beso-cum-hug. Haha. He was busy sitting with the chicks. Haha, it's sooo him! He was cute like a little kid when he excitedly said "Didja see my new hair?" while pointing out his anime-inspired mohawk whatchamacallit hair style... all gelled up and gathered to a spike in the middle. He reminds me of the dragonballz. *teehee* Man, he's like startin' to be kinda buff now. I see a better abs and biceps in the making. *wooohoo* Yey!

Sugar rush#3: DJ Myke's funny antics on stage! The cockroach thing. And the kuto thing. Winner as always.*grins* He is just a natural comic, I swear! DJ Myke + Robi=LOL all the time.

See, now these are why I always wanna see them... They keep me off being depressed. Man, I'd hate to be the sad bitchy drama queen all the time. *teehee*

Wo-oo-ooh, nanananana, can't you see I'm happy now. (",)