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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Ahhh. At long last, our househelp finally found time to clean my room! Good gawd, after ten years (okay, exaggeratin' here. maybe like 3 mos.?)!!! I'm asthmatic so I have a convenient excuse as to why I can't bust my ass off cleaning my own room. I used to vacuum it myself but with so many DVDs to watch, so many time to waste online, so much snuggly sleep to catch, well, I'm just too lazy to sweat it out.

I was like walking amongst dustballs and the parquet was starting to look like a sandy beach... I just ignored 'em to death, picked up and threw a coupla dustballs along the way. I didn't wanna command her to clean up my room coz I know with her slowpokeness (*eek* is there such a word? oh well, who cares...) she just has enough time for the daily doodads like washing dishes, cooking, laundry, ironing and stuff.

Oooh. Now my parquet is shiny! Kewlness.

Okay this is starting to be boring...

SHAPE-SHIFT: Highlight of the Day: *woopie* I got a "LIFE WITHOUT ME" DVD today! I was surprised to see that somebody thought of pirating that artfilm of Scott Speedman. Well I guess thanks to the unexpected success of Underworld, Scott Speedman stuff is finally comin' out on el cheapo DVDs. Heck, even that old Dark Blue movie of his is sooo out there at Makati Cinema Square!

I wish that there'd be a demand for Gael Garcia Bernal stuff so that the DVD pirates will start putting out all those other artfilms and stuff that he came out in. Dang, dang, dang! I still can't get hold of that oh-so-ever-elusive El Crimen del Padre Amaro DVD... it's still out of stock.... and I swear, I can just smirk at the ignorance of some salesladies who don't have a clue when I ask if they have Padre Amaro. They give me a momentary blank stare and just say they don't have it simply because they just don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Ahhh, regrets, regrets!!! I should've bought it when I saw it months ago! I wanna have my own copy of the DVD even though I've seen it already. That artfilm made me cry. It was so well-made, such a thought-provoking plot -- I think it got Best Foreign Film from the Academy. But of course, I think it's also majorly because he's hot. *teehee*

I just wanna get hold of as much Gael stuff as I can. I started to appreciate artfilms because of him. Plus, I only have the patience to read the subtitles and go through 2 to 3 hours of artsy fartsy direction and cinematography if he's on screen 90% of the time. I swear, he is such an intense actor. And did I already mention that he is hot, hot, hot?! One day, I hope he'll get an Oscar like that Pianist dude did. I wonder if he's still with Natalie Portman... lucky lucky gal.

*'just thought of Gael in Y Tu Mama Tambien* Oooh. Splendid. Yuuummeeeh.*wink*wink*