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Saturday, January 17, 2004


Woohoo. Went to DISH and watched the AKAfellas again (this time with my college friends... last week was with high school friends...). I swear, all my newbie friends are pretty much impressed by their performance. Very good, very good! My quasi-fanaticism is justified! Haha. I remember my Rockwell Ryan dayz... I went to every gig they had while he and Dain were here in the country. 'Such fun watching the talented musicians I luuuuuuurve.

So I came prepared last night armed with 128MB worth of MMCs and two Li-Ion batts coz I intended to take more of vids rather than pics. It's a LOT more fun to watch em again and again and again on Quicktime (*yey*). The vids I took last week kinda sucked coz the sound system was bad and I was right smack at the blasting speakers. Now the ones I took last night were way better, except for some occasional hand of an oblivious diner and a waitress passing by who's, uhh, oh well, doing her job (fine, fine!) violating a few seconds of my video screen.

Okaaay. So I really have to buy more PC memory. There's only 2 gigs left of my hard disk.*ackkkk* 'Gotta back-up and burn stuff so I can free up some space. My mpegs and movs are eating up my space. Note to self: Buy like 40 GIGS of new memory. Save up, save up! Ahhh. The DVD drive's another story... But I digress...

So ok... thanks to Rose & Rick who patiently waited for me til I finished with my hugs (and picture-taking!) with Robi & Reubs and til I finished chatting up the AKAkadas. I was like down to 2 pictures worth of remaining space on my digital cam at the end of the gig... so who better to spend them with?.... BUT OF COURSE! So I asked Teena to take my pics with Reubs & Robi. *yey*

Hmmm... So this is how I look like when I am ACTUALLY happy! When I saw my pics, I was like, ewww yuck! Wipe that stupid grin off your face honey! *teehee* So these are actually what's known as grinning from ear to ear. *wahahah*

Image model Reuben talaga oh...*sigh*

*Awww...* Robi the huggy-wuggy fuzzy snuggly teddy bear that he is!

You got me lifted, shifted, higher than a ceiling
And ooh wee it's the ultimate feeling
You got me lifted feeling so gifted
Sugar how ya get so fly?
Sugar sugar how ya get so fly?
Sugar sugar how ya get so fly?

~ Sugar, Sugar by Baby Bash featuring Frankie J