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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Did you know that it's wrong to say "I have colds?" The correct way is to say "I have a cold." Something like that. I heard it on the Morning Rush's Top 10 Common Grammar Mistakes (or something to that effect...). It's coz "cold" is actually an acronym which means "chronic obstructive lung disease". It puzzles me though why it is still referred to as "colds" when speaking in general terms (think: "for colds, fever and flu"... Nobody sez fevers, flus, diarrheas, coughs in those damn medicine commercials...). Sometimes I read articles that say "cold" while others say "colds". Anyway, I vaguely remember reading about this common grammatical error from the same book which taught me that it is wrong to say: (1) "with regards to" (the correct phrase is: "with regard to"; (2) "staff" when you just mean one person (say "staff member" instead); (3) "handcarry" (coz strictly speaking, there's really no such word); and (4) "request for" as a verb (drop the "for" because "request" already means "to ask for"). Ahhh. Geez. You don't learn those kind of things in kindergarten. And hello, it is bobo to say "no parking on both sides". Mag-isip naman kayo! Hellllerrr?!

So anyway, I have a freakin' bad case of cold. Yesterday my nose was so runny-- I consumed like half the roll of the tissue paper in the office. I was almost tempted to plug my nose with tissue coz it dripped like every 5 seconds. The medicine that our company nurse gave me was making me drowsy. I was still in blow-ur-nose-every-5-seconds hell today. My eyes were watery. I felt feverish. I looked like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. I sounded ngo-ngo. The cold air in the office was making it sorta "painful" to breathe through my nose. I felt a bit chilly. My only consolation is that my nasty sore throat was gone. It would be totally hellish if I had both killer sore throat and a killer cold. Well my Betadine gargle bottle is half-empty now so I guess that's why I don't have a sore throat anymore. *Now suddenly I just thought: who the freak cares about the half-empty Betadine gargle bottle sitting beside my restroom's sink?!?! Let me move on to another topic...*

So Rio Diaz died. Christopher Reeves just died. Two less good souls living in our world. I just saw a part of the coverage of the mass/service for Rio Diaz. Gary V sang The Warrior is a Child. A Josh Groban song was playing in the background while Rio's montage was showing. It got me into thinking about the "soundtrack" of my burial. Anyway, I have two songs in mind so far: I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan and It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by BoyzII Men. Nah. I'm not being morbid. I just wanna make sure I have a freakin' good drama queen-type soundtrack for my burial. I would not want people with bad taste in music to choose some random, hackneyed burial song for my last shebang on planet earth. So my dear friends, if I die, make sure that these songs will be played. Or else I'll make kalabit to you when you sleep at night. HAH!:P

Oh, and one more thing... If I get buried in a casket, I want it to be either white or a tinge of lavender with silver metal accents. Oh and please curl my lashes and don't dare put some whorish shade of red lipstick on me! Something like the shade of Body Shop's Strawberry Born Lippy would be nice. I do not want my lips to be matte. I want it glossy. Use powder blue, lavender or light pink for my eyeshadow. No dark-colored eyeshadow please! And don't forget the natural-looking pink blush. Please make sure that the make-up artist does not make my cheeks look stupidly clownish with a blob of red blush. Make me look like Sleeping Beauty for Pete's sake (who's Pete anywaaaay?)! Otherwise, if they cremate me, my ashes would be happy to be stored in a pinkish marble jar with silver inscriptions.

I have yet to decide what catchy cool quote to put on my tombstone or jar. This requires a considerably lengthy deliberation so I'll leave it up in the air for now.

In the meantime, let me go back to blowing my nose... *sniff*sniff*


icewulf said...

**a comment from another rusher-blogger with chronic obstructive lung disease**

so ngow are you ngow? as for me im sngill a bit sick, ngose is runnging, but headache ings ngone.

*blows nose*

talk about plannging angead! i've thought amout prepping up for my day ongf rengoning too before...
ended up making fun out of it.

*sniff sniff*

oh ngwell, nget well ngoon! :D

brown eyes said...

or you can say "i have a cold". and i do! my nose is like a flowing river and my head is throbbing... hope you get well soon...

brown eyes said...

ehehehe mali pa talaga comment ko. sorry, sakit talaga ng ulo ko.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

haha! thanks rey and fay! (hmm, it rhymes! weeeird!) rey, naloka ako reading your ngo-ngoish message :P fay, pagaling ka... ang labooo mo mag-comment! kulang lang sa tulog yan! :P