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Saturday, January 07, 2006


As usual, our team attended the MMFF awards night yesterday at Aliw Theater. I brought along Rose (my college friend) too since we had extra invites. Too lazy to make kwento so I'm just gonna say quick thoughts here:

Had to walk the friggin' red carpet. Had to spend some time there coz right in
front of us were Bong Revilla & the rest of his family. Sat like in row
4 or something so we had a pretty good view of the presenters' podium.
Pres. Arroyo attended the event for the first time. Mumbled "Do we really
have to stand?"
when her arrival was being announced (My lap was full
with my bulky digicam, evening bag and camera case so it was such a hassle to
stand up).
The ceremony started around 8:30pm and ended around 1am. Had to
wait for the friggin' winners list because I had to layout our
congratulatory print ad which comes out on Monday. While waiting, Rose & I
feasted on different cakes in the dessert buffet at the dinner party after
the show. Finally got the winners list and was able to leave Aliw
Theater by 2AM. Got home around 3AM. Had to go to work 10AM
this morning coz today was the deadline of submission of the print ad

Here are the pictures to tell the rest of the story:

the gold invite that the ushers didn't even bother to check.
i swear, you could've just brought a gold envelope and you'd easily get in

the hosts (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE): paolo bediones, pops fernandez and ai-ai de las alas. ai-ai's spiels were very funny and her crazy costumes were amusing. the little mermaid complete with actual bubbles atop her head takes the cake.

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i was surprised to see the akafellas (sans robi) there.
i'm so out of touch with the MB that i didn't know that they were scheduled to perform there!

the handsome & beautiful presenters (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE) {by row}: some gal & dennis trillo (cutie!), mark herras, this girl from mulawin the movie, and that has-been-and-now-trying-again biboy dude; some guy i've never seen before, john pratts & james blanco (hottie!); alessandra de rossi & cogie domingo (cutie!); marvin agustin, angel locsin & that son of bong revilla who got rosanna roces' daughter pregnant; ruffa mae quinto & ara mina boobs galore

Image Hosted by
bianx's 5 minutes (or more) of fame with mark anthony fernandez & assunta de rossi when she was presenting "best cinematography" which we sponsored. unfortunately, HD-shot exodus won. dang. so when bianx went back to her seat, i asked: "were you able to at least get mark's number?"

Image Hosted by
lyle sacris (cinematographer for exodus) looks really creepy.
i vaguely remember him from winning best music video or something (under the credit of furball) in nu107 rock award/mtv awards some years ago...

the entertainment numbers (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE): christian bautista, bianca king, iya villana, yasmin kurdi & her huge thighs; nyoy volante & barbie almalbis who performed with pido; zsa zsa padilla & her elegant aquamarine gown

the winners (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE): marvin agustin - best actor for "kutob"; bong revilla's "exodus" - 2nd best picture & winner of various tech. awards; zsa zsa padilla - best actress for "ako legal wife"; stars of the night: richard gutierrez (yes, kahit saang angle, he does have a handsome face) and iya villana (her gown looked fabulous on her)


sybs said...

oh wow ate aileen!! I knew you'd have an entry for this.. expected na. salamat ah, at least naupdate ako sa philippine showbiz..:p ngayon ko lang nakita ang mga mukhang yan (we dont have TFC here) after such a long time. They did say, though, that this year's movie entries were crappy huh?! And zsa-zsa, winning an award?? did she really deserve it?? was just wondering, you know.. hehehehe..

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

i haven't watched "ako legal wife" so i'm not so sure if ok talaga yung pagka-win ni zsa zsa. well as they say, mahirap din magpatawa ;)

moonchild said...

wow sosyal, red carpet. ^_^ maybe u shouldn't have stood up when the pres. arrived. she wouldn't have seen u anyway, right? hehe..joke...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yuki: hehe, you are soooo right! care ba nya kung tumayo ako dba? hehe! kakahiya lang coz i'd look like some non-respecting biatch coz ako lang ang nakaupo pag ganun! :P