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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yes, another post about RockStar Supernova. What's great about it? Well for one, have you seen how cool their website is? It's a pain in the ass to download for dial-up modems like mine but once it's cached, you won't have any problems anymore.

Second, it's in watching this (and Rock Star INXS) that I get to know good rock songs for download. Like for RockStar INXS, that's only where I discovered The Killers' Mr. Brightside and Foo Fighters' Everlong. For RockStar Supernova, so far, I discovered K's Choice's I'm Not An Addict, Dramarama's Anything, Anything, Black Crowe's She Talks to Angels and Failure's Smoking Umbrella. But you know what I find extremely strange though? I wonder why I've never seen any Pearl Jam song up there on the song selections. I mean, Nirvana is virtually a staple since RockStar INXS... Stone Temple Pilots has seen Plush and Interstate Love Song on each season. So how come the third of the 90s grunge triumvirate was not in RockStar INXS and has not been in RockStar Supernova so far? Eddie Vedder must be wondering too. I mean, how come Live's I Alone has been in both seasons? Isn't Jeremy, Alive or Daughter not memorable enough? Hmm.

And the memorable quotes just keep getting better every week. Here's some of 'em {though not all verbatim}:

Gilby: Did it freak you out being the first to perform tonight?
Storm: I like being first. And I get a clean mike!

Gilby: (to Chris after singing a "reinvented" grossly out of tune Roxanne by Sting) It's cool to take a tune and rock out, man - but that just sucked.

Jill: (after being chided for doing an impersonation of Courtney Love) This was my interpretation. I don’t know what she’s done. I don’t care what she’s done.
Dave: Well if you look at the [Hole] album, she's wearing a white dress,
holding some flowers... [which is exactly what Jill did]

Gilby: Do you even own one of our records?
Zayra: Baby, I was wearing diapers when that came out!

House band guy: (to Zayra during song arrangement/band practice) Hmm. Seems like you're looking for some sort of orchestra sound...
Zayra: Yes, that's it.
House band guy: (deadpans *lol*) Uhh... well... we're not an orchestra.

Gilby: (to Jenny) To me this was a step in the wrong direction. To me that was a little on the "Lilith Fair" side, we want "Ozzfest"!

Tommy: (to Dana) I felt like I was watching a Celine Dion extravaganza.

Tommy: (to Ryan) Obviously you can sing. But I was wondering if you have duct tape stuck to the bottom of your shoes.

Jenny: (after being booted out) I'd describe it as the best slap in the face I've ever got in my life.

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Zayra, the intergalactic queen of the catwalk - photo from

Dave: (to Zayra who was wearing a metallic blue and silver catsuit) You look like you're ready for interplanetary travel, honey.

Tommy: (to Magni) Why would you strap yourself to a microphone and that guitar when you're singing a song about heroes?
Magni: Well, I didn't think wearing Spandex [referring to Zayra] would be suitable for the song.

Dave: (to Dana) You are finally looking damaged enough to be a rock singer. There is nothing worse than a grounded, centered, well-adjusted rock singer.

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lukas, my favorite arrogant rocker - photo fr

Dave: (to Lukas) You really come off kinda arrogant [dramatic pause]... and that is absolutely awesome, dude!

Gilby: (to Jill) The only thing that really bothered me was the humping... Women in music today have sex, like that’s the only thing they can use. You have more than sex. I think it’s cheap, and it’s weak.

Jill: (in defense to her errmm brainless humping of Gilby from his behind) I think Gilby’s used to having Axl Rose up there, and it’s a totally different dynamic with a woman on the stage.
Gilby: (retorts to Jill) I played with Heart, two women, and Ann Wilson never had to stoop so low as to hump me to get her emotions out!

Dave: (to Zayra) You know, the past couple weeks has been kinda fun and interesting watching you do your thing. Uh, I don’t know if it’s right for Supernova and my recommendation to you is to get started on a solo career, like, right now.

Dave: (to Patrice) I’m just not seeing anything different and frankly, I’m getting a little bored. You got a 13-week audition here, all right? Change it up from week to week, otherwise, you are wasting this opportunity.
Patrice: (trying to be a smart-ass biatch) Do you do a lot of different things on stage when you perform, Dave?
Dave: Uh, yeah, but see, the difference is that I HAVE a job and I’m NOT auditioning.

Image Hosted by tommy lee, the hatchet man steps up his antics with the cool hood befitting his role - photo from

So far, the quotable gems of wisdom come from Gilby Clarke and Dave Navarro. Dave is probably PMS-ing over his break-up with Carmen Elektra. Hmm, I wonder if something is going on between Brooke Burke and Dave. Anyway, Tommy is just being funny with being the hatchet man and his sleazy comments. Jason's constipated/displeased looks over horrible rocker performances is a joy to watch as well. His expressive eyebrows and Lyle Lovett-ish wrinkly face says it all.

Last tip, for those who love the show, if you're looking for performance downloads, go here. I got my RockStar Supernova mp3s from there. It's a cool site.