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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So it's the 2nd week of Rock Star Supernova. As always, Dave Navarro is endearing. Tommy Lee's personality is entertaining. Gilby Clarke is brutally honest. Jason Newsted's facial expressions give a clue to what he's thinking. I haven't picked a favorite yet but here are my first (and second) impressions:

CHRIS - He's way too cocky. And to think he royally sucked re-arranging Sting's Roxanne last week! He was singing Roxanne off-key! His 'look' reminds me of Red Hot Chili Pepper's Anthony Kiedis.

DANA - She looks like a young Drew Barrymore. She's too young and I'm afraid she'll get sexually harassed by the 3 aging rockstars if she ends up being their vocalist.

DILANA - She rocks. But she scares me sometimes. She sounds like a scary gravel-voiced witch sometimes... but she rocks! I can see her fronting Supernova. She's bad-ass enough to rock with those bad-ass guys. She was asked to do Week 1's encore of her Lithium number.

JENNY - She looks like Daryl Hannah. I don't remember her performances. Poof.

JILL - She's so vertically-challenged that she's like a Dolly Parton mini-me. But she did a good screaming number this week with Hole's Violet. Still not a rockstar to me though.

JOSH - He reminds me of John Leguizamo. He's got a nice voice but he's better off joining American Idol. He's trying to inject blues to hard rock--which, by the way, won't work if your band members are from Metallica, Guns n' Roses and Motley Crue.

LUKAS - Another strong contender, I think. I can see him being the Supernova vocalist (based on the 2 weeks performances). He looks the part too. Nose ring, spiked hair and shaved eyebrow and all. His eyeliners make him look like Greenday's Billie Joe. After seeing that first week confrontation, he's potentially the guy who will ruffle the other rockers feathers.

MAGNI - Ah, Magni from Reyjavik, Iceland! He reminds me of the Vertical Horizon bald dude. Haven't been wowed by his performances though.

MATT - Aww. Poor, poor Matt. The very first one booted out. He sang Yellow by Coldplay on the opening night and then some Duran Duran song in a lame attempt to save himself from the Bottoom Three doom. His style is more of something like a Brit pop-rock thing. His goo-goo puppydog eyes remind me of Paul McCartney.

PATRICE - I don't know why but her singing with a guitar tonight reminded me of Josie and the Pussycats. Must be her brown-blond hair.

PHIL - He's a geek. He fails miserably in trying to pass himself off as a bad-ass rockstar (which I think is what Supernova's about). He's more of the spineless whiny swooshy emo rockstar.

RYAN - David Blaine, is that you? No memorable performance so far.

STORM - Did you see how she fixed her hair in tonight's performance? Baby Spice, is that you? Sometimes, she looks like Ginger Spice. Tell me what you want, what you really really want.

TOBY - Toby from Down Under. Hmm. Blue-eyed macho dude. Can't remember anything else.

ZAYRA - What the hell was she thinking when she chose Evanescence's Bring Me to Life?! She doesn't even have a rocker voice at all. I know she's pretty and tall but she just doesn't cut it. She should be sashaying down the catwalk instead of trying hard to win a contest wherein she doesn't even have a clue what GNR, Motley Crue & Metallica's music were.


moonchild said...

Ah I have expected...^_^

I like Dilana and she's my favorite at the moment, but yes, she's a bit scary.

Chris is "poof" so we don't have to worry about him anymore, but yes I agree about what u said.

Storm - baby/ginger spice? hehehe...nice one...I didn't think of that one...

Zayra - I don't think she can sing at all. Period.

I guess you've covered everything about everyone so there. *applauds* hehehe...great commentary as usual, te aileen... ^_^