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Sunday, August 20, 2006


We were pretty excited to take out Chloe, our beloved family shih tzu, on her very first trip outside the house. Come Saturday morning, we brought her to the baywalk beside Mall of Asia. Some people bring their dogs there. I've seen people walking their shih tzus, chow-chows, pitbulls and boxers. We were there around 6:30AM. It was actually drizzling when we got there so we had to wait a while inside the car until it stopped raining. The morning turned out to be very windy and so it reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day :-) Anyway, we were able to stay long since the sun wasn't exactly shining that morning. Chloe happily ran about... following my mom, dad, nephew and househelp... chasing children and joggers clad in bright-colored shoes. I maxed out my 128MB SD card and drained my battery as I snapped away with my digicam. Chloe pretty much charmed every stranger except for this one jogger guy who wasn't too happy when Chloe clung onto his attractive red sneakers. Oh well, I guess not everyone's a "dog person"!

my dad & my nephew dean @ the breakwater

chloe all "happy, happy, joy, joy"

i demanded that i should also have a picture w/ chloe! Here's me and my mom with her.

chloe's such a joy to photograph!

this one's my fave among her photos with strangers.
the baby was delighted to meet our dear chloe :)

chloe and her fans

yup. mahangin sa labas ;p

by 8:30a.m. chloe was so thirsty after all that running!

took this right before my digicam conked out.
chloe was all prim & proper while we waited outside chowking blue wave for our breakfast.


ivahlicious said...

she is soooo adorable! she should meet my malti-poo chinggay. they're both kikay! haha!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yup, she's just oozing with cuteness so even if she's too yappy we just can't find the heart to spank her ;)

ate Chinkee said...

inggit ako :(

Miss you all... sama ako when I return to the Philippines and pag punta uli kayo ha...

mitzi said...

ang CUTE!!! musta na? sorry if di ko na kyo na-update.. im ok.. im still breathing =P thanks sa prayers.. love yah!!!

charo said...

ang cute ni chloe! para syang toy! sama natin sya sa tagaytay! hehehe!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

SIS: yeah, i told nga mom & dad na you'd like na we'd go there again w/ you when you get home :)

MITZI: good to know you're doing fine now! :)

CHARO: wahaha, isama sa tagaytay?!?! hala, mahirap gumala na kasama sya! kelangan ng special attention eh ;-)