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Sunday, August 06, 2006


'Just watched a bad copy of The Break-Up on DVD. Anyway, it was marketed as a romantic comedy but dear me, I cried during the last few scenes... like when Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) went home crying after Gary (Vince Vaughn) stood her up in the Old 97's concert... when Gary's bartender friend was making "sermon" to him... when Gary made dinner for Brooke then Brooke arrives home with that cute guy from Charmed (Paige's police guy/husband in the TV series) and the closing scene wherein they bumped into each other on the streets.

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As usual, I am a sucker for mushy script.

This was what Gary's bartender friend tells him after the scene wherein Brooke cries coz he stood her up in the concert:

"Everybody thinks that you're their friend. But the fact of the matter is,
there's not one person that I know that you trust enough to let close to you so
that they could hurt you. And her problem is that you, you really like her. I
mean she is the one girl you really liked and no matter what she did or how hard
she tried, you were never gonna let your guard down. That poor girl never stood
a chance. "

And of course, the big "I'm sorry" speech of Gary when he tried to surprise Brooke by preparing dinner for her:

GARY: Brooke, this whole thing has been really tough on me and I've tried to act
like it hasn't been that tough on me... But the first Sunday after me and you
broke up, it all kinda really hit me and I think it partially hit me coz Sunday
was sort of always the day that we would do stuff together. But I didn't have
any idea you still cared so much and you know, when I saw you crying the other
night, that was honestly the worst moment of my life...

... Look, I know that I've caused you a lot of pain. And the funny thing is all I really wanna do is make you happy. I just want to make you smile. I've had a lot of time to
think about some of the things that went on. And I know that I don't always do
the right thing or always say the right thing but I'm willing to try to do things differently. I'd be happy to go to the dance class... I would, honestly. I would like to go do that. Or go travel. I would even be willing to go to the ballet but I would much rather do the dance class or take a trip somewhere... but I realize that's not the point. I realized that the point isn't that at all because it's not really about doing things that you love to do always but it is about doing things with the person that you love. And... I love you.

{Brooke is lost for words}

GARY: Give me a second here... I missed you so much. I promise you Brooke, I will do whatever it is that I have to do to never hurt you again. I love you. I'm sorry... That's it. That's all I want to say so you can go ahead now with anything you're feeling to say.

BROOKE: I don't know what to say...

GARY: Say whatever you feel inside...

BROOKE: I don't feel the same way... I don't... I just... I don't know. Oh god... I just... I think, I don't know or I don't think I have anything left... to give. I'm sorry.

GARY: I was hoping for... It doesn't matter.


*sniff, sniff*

It's too late baby now, It's too late... though we really did try to make it...


ivahlicious said...

awwww... so sad, the dialogue...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yeah, i was crying while i was watching that scene...

Abbie eXcites said...

Hey! I bought the DVD a month ago but I did not watch (bad copy and we might watch it in the big screen anyway) but I did after your post. Well, it was so, so. Not so good but an ouch definitely! :)

I admire Brooke though...knows when to say its definitely finito! :)