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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Last Nov. 24-26, my highchool friends and I took our first out-of-town vacation (yes, we've never had a trip out of town, save for Tagaytay -- which doesn't count coz it's just nearby...) at the city of pines, Baguio City.

We travelled via the trusty Victory Liner bus and stayed at the Prince Plaza Hotel along Legarda St. We rummaged through the ukay-ukays, posed at The Mansion, Wright Park and Mines View, did a little grocery shopping at SM Baguio, I bought export-quality mufflers for me and my mom (the ones I got were overruns for Nine West), we met an interesting cab driver named Denver A. Colorado, bought choco flakes, strawberries, etc. in the local market, got scared with the urban legend while driving along the very dark Loakan road, ate in Volante's at Session Road and Dencio's at Camp John Hay, had a night-out at Nevada Square and I got kinda drunk after drinking mindoro sling, white russian and strong ice consecutively.

They discovered how OC I was with my packing and my expense accounting, hah! We had this funny title roles we designated to each other: I was The OC Accountant (kept tabs of the group expenses down to the very last cent), Tin was The Gatekeeper (responsible for the hotel keys all the time), Abbie was The Competitive Navigator (ayaw magpatalo ng Canon digicam nya from my Kodak digicam and says everything is walking distance when it's actually a cab ride away), Charo was The Tourist (her last trip to Baguio was when she was in high school so we indulged her with going to the popular tourist spots) and Jako was The Scapegoat (we blamed him for the flooded bathroom).

You can check out our incriminating photos on my multiply (and also Abbie's).

Oh and before I forget, some obligatory rolling of credits: Thanks to our dear friends Mitzi and Ivy who generously wired moolah for our happiness and comfort :) To Abbie's friends Bruce for arranging the hotel booking & discount for us and entertaining us at his resto/bar (see the biggest serving of iced tea that I've ever had in the pictures) and John for driving us to SM, giving us samples of his banana chips and all that crazy talk.