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Monday, December 11, 2006

~* NOW PLAYING: LAST REQUEST by Paolo Nutini *~

I just saw his video yesterday for the first time and I loved the song already. The catchy vid with a tragic story line [credit: video link from his official site], the good looking singer and the Brit-sounding ballad caught my attention. His name is Paolo Nutini, he's Scottish and he's just 19. He doesn't sound nineteen at all. He sounds much older actually. Kinda reminds me of James Blunt and Damien Rice. I love those two artists' sappy ballads (think: You're Beautiful/Goodbye My Lover ~ James Blunt; The Blower's Daughter/Cannonball ~ Damien Rice). And so I'm digging Paolo Nutini's Last Request. My only complaint is that he has little imagination on this song's lyrics. It would have been nice if he thought up other phrases instead of settling with repetitive verses (which are admittedly perfect to inflict LSS upon unwitting listeners! hah!). I predict this single will catch on over the radio airwaves as soon as MTV plays the video to the hilt. And I can almost hear it being played in one of the Grey's Anatomy episodes {another current obsession of mine: downloading GA ep soundtracks!}...

Album: These Streets

slow down, lie down,
remember it's just you and me.
don't sell out, bow out
remember how this used to be.

i just want you closer,
is that alright?
baby let's get closer tonight

grant my last request,
and just let me hold you.
don't shrug your shoulders,
lay down beside me.
sure i can accept that we're going nowhere,
but one last time let's go there,

lay down beside me

oh, i've found, that i'm bound
to wander down that one way road.
and i realize all about your lies
but i'm no wiser than the fool that i was before.

oh, baby, baby, baby,
tell me how can, how can this be wrong?