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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally! I got my new laptop! =) Got it last Sunday fresh from the States. I super super owe a lot to my sis who had such a hard time getting it for me in NY. And thanks too to my cousin Maricar for handcarrying it for me when she got back from her sembreak vacation in the States=)

After 2 different Toshiba models, I finally decided on getting this one. It's such a steal for its price! I couldn't believe the big disparity of laptop prices there in the US vs. here in the Philippines--the difference is so insane! I was lucky that the exchange rate had been in the Php44-ish range when my sister got it in Oct so I bought it at such a great price.

The last time I checked back in Sept., there were still no 2GB RAM-Core2Duo Toshibas around here. And the most insane thing is, the 1GB model here was already selling at around Php70K+! Indeed, if you really have the chance, it's better to buy a laptop in the States than locally.

I would have gotten the dream Macbook but (a) my budget's limited! and (b) it's hard to get umm "inexpensive" software for Mac OS! ;p Upon Mitzi's and our office IT guys' recommendation, I chose to get a Toshiba laptop. Mine is the Toshiba Satellite A205-S7464. It runs on Vista Home Premium, Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM, with 200GB hard disk, with built-in webcam, wi-fi capable, HD DVD-ROM/DVD SuperMulti. No built-in bluetooth though but that's alright coz I already have a bluetooth dongle.

It's such a pain in the ass though to migrate all my 15.1 GB worth of mp3s plus my 4GB photos and all other docs :( Since I could not find a portable hard disk to borrow (wala si Tin dito eh!) Abbie suggested that I use my humble iPod nano to migrate my files (still not done! a few more file transfers to go...). Did not have to pay our IT dude to migrate stuff for me! I already installed iTunes and the Kodak EasyShare software... next up would be to install my Adobe Photoshop CS2... So much stuff to do... Anyway, after I copy all my files from my PC, I'll hand it down to my nephew =) And I'll be freeing a big space in my room when my PC's gone=)

Meanwhile, the new Windows Vista would take a lot of getting used to! Argh, that paranoid pop-up thing just reminds me of that funny Mac ad on so true! haha!

my Toshiba ROCKS!!! yey! =)


Abbie said...

Congratulations!!! :) Woohoo!

While you are at it...try migrating to Mozilla Firefox. Your site looks different (something in the title) in Firefox but loading is so much better!

Have you tried connecting via wireless router? How was it?

May survey ako: where do you use your laptop? In your bed? Me, yes. That's why I get a lot of backaches!

Siaz said...

Yey! I just checked the specs. Good choice girl! You can also try to backup your files on DVD-RWs instead of migrating everything.

I use my laptop everywhere... on the couch while watching TV, on the bed, on the dining table, sometimes its even in the kitchen for recipe. I dont even use desktop anymore. Thank God for wifi.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ABBIE: firefox is almost the same as vista's tabs lang so tamad na ko to download it hehe. we don't have wireless router at home, as in super long cables pa rin for our smart bro ;-) yup, used my laptop on my bed kaya YES, arghh to backaches! =( i saw some sort of semi-hard foamy thingie at digital walker na patungan ng laptop which also helps in cooling & ventilation... forgot how much though. but as soon as my pc's gone in my room, i'll use the table again ;-)

MITZI: yeah thanks to yours/darwin's advice ha, super question ako when i was looking around eh dba ;-)

tin said...

ey! ganda! like ko rin yan toshiba! as in! hehe.

ay, u still need the hard disk? hehe. lapit na ko umuwi. :)

where do i use my laptop? everywhere. bed, couch, table, kitchen! super skype kme ni mama kse nagluto ako. hehe. she's teaching me how to. kikita nya yung ginagawa ko. hehe. galeng. hehe. la lng. share ko lang.

Darwin said... year do you like Vista??

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hi darwin! i'm actually happy with my vista... it hasn't crashed or anything :p the only slight annoyance is that security pop-up window when a program does something to my laptop (install, update, etc). other than that, i'm happy ;-)