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Friday, November 30, 2007


I was in Subic for almost a week -- from Tues Nov 20 up to Sun Nov 25 for the 20th Phil. Advertising Congress (PAC). My officemate Vic and I had to be there as an advance party to ensure smooth ingress and make some last minute arrangements at Yacht Club for our industry lunch come Saturday. We also had to deal with some inefficiencies and non-coordination amongst the PAC committees *rolls eyes*. Last week was super exhausting to the nth power!

As luck would have it, Murphy's Law was upon us as we had to make last-minute changes in our booth location due to some misinterpretation of the PAC-issued booth measurement. I almost cried with all that mistake about our booth size! I had visions of Donald Trump saying "You're fired!". Thank God, there were some more empty unsold booth spaces wherein we were able to transfer. To top it off, we were pressed to conduct our judging for our technical excellence award for cinematography (Kenny Rogers "Nourish" TVC won. Coincidentally, Victor Basa -- my fave PBB housemate -- was in the TVC) the day before Vic & I were Subic-bound.

The newly-built convention center wherein the PAC was held was huge and nice but parking was horrible! By the 3rd day, all I could text to Abbie (who was on her way to Subic for PAC) was "I hate this Ad Congress!" The horrible parking plan for the venue was so unfriendly for us who had no drivers to drop us off right at the entrance. We had to walk one freaking block away from where we parked... depending on the weather, it was either a horrible walk in the muddy grass while it was raining or an equally horrible walk amidst the hot sun and dusty street. I didn't even get to use my heeled sandals which I packed! I wore my trusty Nike old skool sneakers all week. The only time I wore heels was during the Araw Awards night.

Didn't really enjoy much of what PAC offered for this year. Totally a big hassle. I wish they'd bring the PAC back to Cebu!

Anyway, here are some snaps:

our nice booth which overcame murphy's law :p

our oh-so-elusive bus that our aussies failed to see...
so they kidded us & told us it might have been just a figment of our imagination.

at the Phil Star booth... right before heading to our Yacht Club luncheon

gasp! we almost thought Akon would be attending the Araw Awards! :p

now this is the problem when i'm the only one being masipag with taking pictures...
i don't get to be IN the frame :-(

waiting for the awards to start...


Abbie said...

I am not yet done with my AdCon post. Too many pictures!

I also have a pose like yours at the Philstar booth. :)

So, who's JOBA there? The girl in white? HAH!

tin said...

oist! i thought u were preggy on that livin like a rockstar pose! no, seriously!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

tin: waaaah :( am i THAT fat na?! huhu. it's probably coz the shirt's kinda balloony style then fit sa hips. or then again, maybe i'm THAT fat na nga! haha!

tin said...

its the shirt.... side view tapos stripes tapos balloony tapos you you gained weight pa.. ay. oopps. hahaa! :D