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Friday, November 30, 2007


So Trillanes tried to do an Oakwood 2 again. My officemate (Bianx) and I have just finished a presentation at UP Film Institute when we were told by the faculty that Trillanes has just walked into Manila Pen. Whaaaat the....?!? Trillanes again?!? That was around 11ish am.

We had dessert at Chocolate Kiss in Roces Ave. which was near ABS CBN coz we were supposed to get an MMFF movie artwork from Star Cinema around 1:30pm. I then received texts from my mom, my dad and my boss. My dad's office had already let them go home so I was pretty worried that the situation was getting worse in Makati. My mom told me what has been happening in Manila Pen. My boss told us to be careful since we were out of the office. Still, there was no official announcement that work has been suspended.

So anyway, Bianx and I headed back to Makati where our office were. Traffic was horrible in EDSA due to the non-stop rains and due to the Trillanes chaos. We left QC around 1:30pm and by the time we reached Makati, it was nearing the 3:00pm ultimatum for Trillanes to surrender. It was raining, we sooo needed to pee and there we were at the EDSA-Ayala intersection. I was talking to my boss over the phone when I saw -- not one -- but two (gaaaah!!!!) freaking tanks roll right in front of us. There was also a military jeepful of armed forces that drove by, heading to Manila Pen. I have never seen a tank THAT close so I started to feel really nervous --most especially when I saw the guy atop the tank preparing to aim the huge gun! A totally nerve-racking sight! :-\

Traffic was so clogged at that area so we decided to turn to McKinley and go inside the Fort. It was an extremely tense atmosphere along the Marine Corps Headquarters. We saw armed men on standby along the perimeter fence of the HQ. And then I got totally scared when I saw this bad-ass HUGE tank double the size of what passed by our car back in Ayala! Very scary!

We managed to get back safely to our office in Pasong Tamo around 4pm. My problem then was how to get home (our office announced suspension of work around 3:30pm). My usual shuttle terminal was the one behind Intercon/beside the MRT SM station. I was afraid to go there coz it was quite near to the Pen. Anyway, I had to finish a fascia and billboard artwork that was supposed to be picked up by our supplier over this weekend so I didn't head home immediately. Traffic was horrible at SLEX anyway and I was told by our GM that I could call for a cab service if I couldn't find a way home. I have even told Bianx go ahead and go home without me coz I told her I'll just call up an AVIS cab. However, when I called AVIS, I was told that they stopped operations in Makati (oh no!) and so they refused to pick me up:( Gaaaahd. Good thing Bianx called me up a few minutes afterwards and told me she's been hearing the gunshots on her way to the office of her husband at RCBC. She then offered to come back for me in the office. Traffic was hell so they only managed to get to the office around 6pm.

Rode with them up to Alabang... Traffic was extra-horrible at SLEX and we got to Alabang around 8:30pm. My dad (who was already home after a 3-hour drive fr Makati to San Pedro) offered to fetch me at Petron near Festival/ATC. We got home around 10pm.

Such a tiring day it was. With the 12mn-5am curfew imposed last night, I wonder whatever happened to the people who went to Akon's concert? Hmm. A Konvict night it was indeed.


tin said...

wow! just.. wow!