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Friday, February 29, 2008


DAVID ARCHULETA - this adorable kid is my #1 bet for this season. He does sound too nasal at times but nevertheless, he definitely has the talent & charisma to make it to the final 3. He seems very humble and he's totally adorable when he chuckles over compliments thrown at him. Sooo cute. As Paula said, you just want to squish him and dangle him from your rear view mirror (or something to that effect.)

DANNY NORIEGA - he (she?) is a good performer... not a super good singer but I love watching him (her?) He is as entertaining as Christian Siriano of Project Runway... I like his snappy/sassy exchanges with Simon. Double snaps! Saw his early teenage photos shown during his profile? He makes a pretty girl. I envy his nicely shaped eyebrows! So chic!

JASON CASTRO - quite a cool dude with dreadlocks :) His guitar playing makes him an interesting performer. I actually liked his modern rendition of the Beegees song.

DAVID COOK - Ahh, the rockin' self-proclaimed word nerd. Geek is the new chic. I like his rocker voice. He pulls off the rocker appeal better as compared to (now eliminated) Robbie Carrico.

LUKE MENARD - Orlando Bloom, is that you? He is good looking but I smell a hint of gay. Especially after I saw him dance at the background while someone else was performing on stage. Got a Kenny Loggins voice but his theatrical performance sometimes doesn't do it for me.

DAVID HERNANDEZ - Ahh, if there were nude photos of Antonella Barba last season... well this season's hot gossip is that he is gay and he used to work in a gay night club. He can sing well but I don't exactly like his performances so far.

JASON YEAGER - He's been eliminated and it's okay with me. I am quite annoyed at how he sings and smiles at the same time. I can't stand it. He can sing but his constant smiling while singing really peeves me.

MICHAEL JOHNS - Nothing really memorable. I think he's kinda good looking. I don't remember any of his performances at all.

CHIKEZIE EZE - I actually liked him during his audition. He's got the soul/r&b voice going. I love saying his name chikezie eze... easy breezy.

I am not as enthusiastic in watching the girls' performances though so I have no female favorites really. Well RAMIELE MALUBAY is a Filipina, so GOOO PINOY!!! She reminds me of Lilo (Disney's Lilo & Stitch). Her first performance of You Don't Have to Say You Love me is such a trademark Pinoy videoke number.

I don't really care much as to which of the girls leave but please, I just wish AMANDA OVERMYER gets eliminated next week. I just simply can't stand watching her. Literally. I switch channels. It's probably the big Cruella De Vil - Simba hybrid hair that puts me off. And probably because she also reminds me of Dilana of RockStar Supernova. It's like she's in the wrong reality show. Oh well.


tin said...

david's my bet too!! astig!! i was amazed when they showed that video when he was singing in public and kelly was there. astig!!

u've seen malubay in tights, right? (2nd performance) laki ng hita. hehe. i think that's where her voice comes from. hehe. pero she's my bet sa girls! astig!

Abbie said...

Hey, Aileen! Nice analyst! :) David Hernandez? GAY!? NO Way!!! I heart him. I love the brooding looks. Baliktad tayo di ko masyado love mga boys, girl powah naman ako! :)

Hey, Tin! Ayan may pictures ang post ni Aileen. Siguro naman the next time na mag-text ako who got will remember! haha!

Here's my fearless forecast for Top 12:

1. David A.
2. David H.
3. Michael
4. Danny
5. David C.
6. Jason

1. Ramiele
2. Carly
3. Asia'h
4. Brooke
5. Syesha
6. Kady


~*lilacstardust*~ said...

tin- hehe, o nga! and her pants were too big the last time... so unflattering for her petite frame.

abbie - i like brooke... i like her performances so far =) carly reminds me of the evanescence vocalist...

lainee said...

Hey there! Bloghopped by :)

I'm hoping David A. wins this season. Your feelings towards Amanda are quite the same as my feelings towards Carly. I dunno.. maybe it's that tattoo? I feel bad about feeling like that haha.. but can't help it. She does have a great voice though.

There are a lot of memorable stuff about Michael Johns now. He probably just needed time.

But I'll always be rooting for David Cook. A nerdy rocker musician. How can a girl not swoon over that?

I do wish Josiah Leming made it to the top 12 too, though...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hi lainee! thanks for dropping by =) i am beginning to get irritated with carly's performances lately... she should tone down her big scary eyeliner'd eyes :p i'm getting tired of her usual Heart kind of performances.

Michael Johns has a good voice but i still think he is missing that oomph/x-factor... i can't put my finger on it but something's still lacking with the dude.

David Cook rocks but he does SEEM (i dunno if he REALLY is) arrogant.

I miss Josiah :( David Archuleta loses his mojos sometimes :(