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Monday, February 04, 2008


I went on VL today to take care of my long-delayed driver's license. I only had a student permit and I needed to get a non-professional driver's license before it expires this May. To avoid the hassle and ensure that I won't have to do the practical test, I coursed my application thru A1 for a rip-off fee of Php1,300 (accdg. to the LTO info board, non-prof license is just around Php300+).

The first step at the LTO was the medical exam where, surprisingly, I was declared having a 20/20 perfect vision. Duh, I wear eyeglasses in the office and the girl even asked me if I wore one. But yes, I did manage to read the smallest number posted about two armlengths away from me. Next was the drug test. Before going to the LTO, I actually drank a 500ml bottle of water already. However, a pee-machine that I usually was, I had a hard time "conjuring" a pee session that MUST fill up the lab bottle (I'm guessing it was around 60-80ml). Weird! And so, I bought another bottle from the canteen (rip-off price of P20 for 500ml of just purified water) and downed it as I stood by the aircon to make me feel cold (thus: pee). Took me about 30 minutes more to psych myself up and finally deliver a successfully filled up pee bottle. It was sooo NOT me to not feel like peeing! I am THE Pee Queen! I think I was too pressured & stressed about it that it dried up my bladder! haha!

Anyway, it was such a tiring day at the LTO! We were there around 11am and we left around 5pm! Oh by the way, I got 37/40 on the driver's license exam :-)


tin said...

yay! pwede ka na magdala ng fortuner! hhehe!

charo said...

yeah you are the pee queen since highschool! hahaha! tara na byahe tyo!=D

Abbie said...

Yeah, no use of the driver's license if you don't drive! Haha!

I also had a hard time peeing when I took that exam. If you've seen the CRs at the Binan LTO then you'll know why. HAHA!