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Sunday, February 24, 2008


foggy tagaytay highlands

Me and my officemates held our annual planning session at Tagaytay Highlands wherein we were cooped up at the Texas room of Highlander Steakhouse the entire day of Feb 21 and the morning of Feb 22. It was cold weather to begin with in Tagaytay and way up at Highlands, it was super super windy, foggy and cold. I remembered Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day! Sulit the jacket and the muffler I was wearing but I did wish I wore rubber shoes with warm socks instead of sandals. I was like "oh gee, watch my toe nails turn pale purple in the cold!"...

We had a hearty lunch of a 10 oz. rib eye steak which is so so huge that I only managed to eat 3/4 of it and I lessened my intake of baked potato and veggie sidings to accommodate more steak since it's such a waste not to finish the juicy yummy steak.

After the day's meeting, we proceeded to The Boutique Bed and Breakfast near Day's Inn. The four of us split into two rooms: I Escape and I Dream. It is more oriented towards couples hieing off to Tagaytay for a getaway -- this we realized after having a long laugh over discovering that our room's had umm sexy CRs. Our room, I Dream (its immaculate white bed pictured below), had a completely see-through glass panel beside the shower wherein one can be seen in all his/her bathing glory from the private terrace and also by the rest of the Taal people down below. I called it "The Pornstar CR"! The other room, I Escape, had a see through glass panel with a view of the garden and also a glass door for the CR such that one can see you doing number one or two on the toilet seat! Not a comforting thought! And so they had the glass door covered with a piece of cloth. Actually, I Dream's CR had a piece of cloth as well which you can hang like a curtain on hooks installed on the glass panel's frame.

our pornstar toilet & bath :)

The hotel's room rate includes a complimentary 10-min. cold stone facial massage, choice of bath soap, shampoo & conditioner (I loved the Lavender scents we chose!) and room scent, and hot chocolate & churros served before you go to sleep. The hotel had an in-house Hawaiian restaurant. We just had salad & spicy chicken wings for dinner since we were still full from the steak we had during lunch. I had swedish massage in our room using a Jasmine Rose scented oil. It was a little bit hard to fall asleep though coz it was very windy outside and I could hear the terrace glass door vibrating and whathaveyous banging around due to the strong winds.

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