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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Spent the whole Saturday at Kota Keluarga in San Juan, Batangas with my cousins for some summer sun at the beach. Got a henna tattoo on my right ankle, ate lunch while I waited for the henna to dry and then headed to the beach!


It was only my second time to snorkel so my cousin's family friend whom they call Lolo Tisoy taught me some basics of snorkeling. I was having a hard time shifting directions while wearing fins so I swallowed salt water twice while I struggled with my snorkel. I probably need a lot of getting used to swimming with fins... I manage to float just wearing fins (no lifevest) but I just can't do a good turn while wearing them. I was first "trained" at the shallow part of the water and then our party of 5 (my cousins have started scuba diving a few months ago...) headed to the deeper part of the beach. I ditched the fins coz it would only make my life difficult. Just wore a lifevest instead. I think we were snorkling for a good 30 minutes or probably more... I dunno what the salt water fishes are called but anyway, they were like black angel fishes, some black & white striped cichlid-looking fishes, some yellow fishes... Nothing as breathtaking as the underwater life I saw at Mantigue Island (Camiguin) though...




After taking a bath in the late afternoon, my cousin and I trekked towards the stony right side of the cove. Did some picture-taking over there...



More photos at my multiply...


Abbie said...

Snorkeling! Wow! Fun, fun, fun! :)

Anilao's underwater haven is still one of the best in my book! Wish I could go and get those effing expensive diving lessons....SOON! :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yup! so fun! but camiguin was still more awesome... i don't think carry ko magscuba dive.... i feel freaked out when i see nothing but deep navy blue water! and i still can't maneuver well when i'm wearing those damn fins :p

my cousins have taken diving lessons and have started with their diving hobby.... pretty expensive hobby! magshoshopping spree na lang ako sa clothes & shoes (and even jewelry!) for that amount! :p