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Thursday, October 06, 2005


F*%#!!! Damn it, even the annoying [ro]bots are here na! Grrr. What used to be 'bots that were confined to YM chat rooms are now invading the very vogue blog community. Blogging must be the "IT" thing now. This part of the net used to be so quiet. Now the freakin' annoying bots are all over Blogger! The world is changing. There is a major unignorable population residing in the net... and the savvy marketers are wise to jump into it. I am a marketing person but damn that sneaky way of marketing one's site thru *royally* annoying bots! Bots belong to that list of cyber-culprits together with spam mail.

The bot-made comments started just this week. It came in trickles at first so I was just like "Hmm. Is my blog *this* hot?! Nah. I don't think so! But hmm." Haha. Anyway, you'd start getting suspicious if you start seeing everyone promoting their own freakin' site... At first it was a cold sores site so I was like "hmm. okaaay. gee. what a site." and then here comes d*ck-enlargement sites so I was like "WTF?!" It reminded me of bots pretending to be sexy at YM chatrooms so it dawned on me that these are most probably bots. Then there came ringtone sites. Online dating. E-books. Free music downloads. I dunno if it just happens if one's comment generator is Blogger's or if it also happens with Halo Scan users and the likes. Nevertheless, I don't want the hassle of setting up a new comment thingiemajig so I'm sticking with Blogger's comment feature and just decided to activate the word verification feature.

Sheesh. So that's why Blogger has this word verification feature now. *sigh* Sorry my dear friends (esp. those who usually comment and not merely lurk here) I had to turn on the word verification thing so that's about 3 more seconds of keyboard action for you. I hope you guys won't get tamad to comment because of that. Keep the interesting/thought-provoking/wonderful comments coming, okay? ;-) I am happy to see your comments!

Damn these bots. Such annoyance.



brown eyes said...

kaasar noh?
btw, i LOVE your new template :)

yuki said... that's what they're called pala...kaasar nga yun...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

FAY: yeah, kaasar talaga! hehe :P thanks for lovin' my new template :)

YUKI: yep, natutunan ko lang yung term na yan sa mga ka-chat ko before sa YM chatrooms ;)