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Monday, October 17, 2005


It's funny how we use the word "funny" when it's not meant to mean a "ha-ha" kind of funny.

Like when something smells bad, we say: "Hmm. That smells funny."
When somebody acts weird around us, we say: "Why are you acting funny around me?"
When we find something strange, we say: "Hmm. Funny, I didn't leave that door open when I left this morning."
And do you remember the lyrics of that 80s song "Love Makes No Promises"?

"Funny how the summer turns to fall
But now I feel the winter's chill
Funny how the beauty of it all
Has slipped away and fell away and died away..."

I think I have the wrong lyrics, but anyway, it went something like that.

So there. Those examples are not funny ha-ha, right?

POP QUIZ. So tell me how you read between these lines below:

1. "Ah ok. Kala ko parang nagkalimutan na eh. Funny, i had this impression that we're not in speaking terms. Hmm. "

That sounded like:

a) it was burning with sarcasm. he/she is definitely pissed off.
b) the person was in a joking mood and was expressing how funny ha-ha his/her impression was.
c) the person was sending out mixed signals... i'm not sure if he/she was angry or was just joking.

2." Ah geez! U must either be feigning ur being dense or ur memory lapse. Either way I know you're smart enough to know exactly what i mean. Or then again maybe you're just being your usual arrogant inconsiderate insensitive selfish flaky a-h*le self. Oh well. You'll get what you deserve."

That was:

a) just plain bitchy. nothing justifies such crass words.
b) a bitch with a cause. there must be a valid reason why such disparaging words were said.
c) very well-said. not bitchy at all.

3. Assume that it was me who said #1 and #2. Knowing me personally (yes, you, my dear gal pals in the real world) or virtually (yes, you blogmates and lurkers who only "know" me from my blog posts), would you say that I was a baaad, baaad person for saying those things?

a) yes [explain why and give me a sermon]
b) no [explain why and sumipsip sa akin. haha :P ]
c) it depends [sige, explain why para clear kung bakit gray area]

This should be pretty interesting! Please, please comment friends and uhh, the rest of the people out there ;) I'd sooo love to hear your thoughts about this. Especially the unbiased opinions of those who do not know the whole story behind this. But still, syempre, my dear Forces friends, be totally honest. Pagalitan nyo ako if needed ;)

Gooo. Comments! Comments!


brown eyes said...

sa 1st: letter C
hindi din ata sya sure kng ano feelings nya. may uncertainty.

2nd: letter B
could have valid reasons pero mejo sharp ang pagkasabi.not necessarily bitchy.

3rd: letter C
for me, kc hindi nmn tayo gaano ka-close, i wouldn't take it personally. mafi-feel ko naman kung nagtataray ka (bitchy). pero we all have our moments of bitchiness. baka naman wala ka talaga sa mood or you really had a hard day na you snap at people easily. but it doesn't mean your bad. expression is healthy. ok lang yan. tapos if you feel mali ka, apologize. if you think na hindi ka mali, don't say anything. if you said that to a friend, she'll understand and know that'll pass din. ΓΌ

Claire said...

#1 is burning with sarcasm. hehehe #2 was very well-said, not bitchy at all. hahaha...I mean you wouldn't say such mean words to someone who's been nice to you won't you? #3 No...if you were talking to an Ex who's been an a*sh*le, its just fair. mwahahahaha

Abbie eXcites said...

1. c - very uncertain. you're right..."funny" has a certain subliminal meaning which is not exactly funny. it appears that you're supressing some kind of bad emotion/s in the statement. or you're TRYING your very best to be polite. righty?

2. a - hahaha! BUT it depends also if the statement is spoken or written/sent through text. sometimes kasi the tone will speak for the emotions behind sentences - you can say such crass words yet deliver it in a lambing manner, diba? that's entirely different, diba? but if the statement is in black & white then it's truly biatchy one. but knowing you and your high tolerance level, i believe that there must be a very good and legitimate excuse for saying such.

3. You're generally not a biatch. We are both the same - we are only bitches when provoked! :)Yes, sometimes you may use sarcastic phrases but I believe that those were not really meant. Pero I know for a fact that you will never deliberately step on another person without a purpose. :) So, what's the deal here? Spill! So I can be your back-up. Haha!

Aga said...

{i'm copy-pasting my college friend aga's email to me in response to my blog post ~ aileen}

My answers...
1. A ---- eventhough I don't know what situation these lines were said, I still think the "person" who said this was definitely pissed off... I'll say the same things if I'm pissed off... do i know the person who said this??? **wink**

2. B ---- definitely bitching with a cause ... and really pissed off... again, do i know who this person who said this??? **wink**
3. B ---- I don't assume or pressume, but I know it's you... hahahhaa... but no, I don't think you're a bad person, definitely you're just hurting... really hurting inside and just pretended to be strong, unaffected though it showed when you said the "lines." What do you want? Let me know if you need me, let's kick ass!! Who do we kick? hahahaha


arlene said...

1.C. looks to me that the person's not sure of where they were exactly. kumbaga, the person is dropping hints or parang nangangapa just to make sure. looks to me na the mixed signals were in a way "sadya"

2.b the person got pissed because of the mixed signals of number 1. =)

3. b) i'd say the same things if really get pissed. if i were in that situation, the only time i'd really feel bad in when i found out that the person i told that stuff to was sensitive and that the words I said got to him/her.

uh.... bangag ako... baka incohesive at incoherent and comments ko, baka nga wrong grammar pa eh. hahhaahhha. =)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

naaaks! thanks for the interesting comments you guys! ;-) it's fascinating how there are different perspectives here! :)

basta, i'm just a biatch when provoked! hehe. it's even written on my profile description there on the upper right part of this webpage. yun lang ;)