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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Our team went to Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort (Cebu) last March 2 & 3 for our annual planning session.


Took the 7:30AM flight to Cebu. Arrived at Shangri-La Mactan around 9:30AM.
Had our team's planning session at the hotel's business center from 10:00AM til 6:00PM. Had a very filling lunch at Tides around 12:30PM. Went to Palermo Restaurant at Plantation Bay around 8:30PM for a good Italian dinner.

picture-taking after our lunch break. we're all in green! :)

at shangri-la's lobby while waiting for our ride to Plantation Bay


Woke up before 6AM to prepare for the beach. Went to the beach with Bianx & Vic around 6:30AM. Bianx and I fed the schools of little fishes at the beach with bread from the hotel's coffee shop. We saw small black triangle-shaped fishes, long silver fishes with a single black-violet horizontal stripe, black & white striped fishes (which looked like cichlids). After that, we had a picture-taking galore at the beach and the rest of the resort's grounds which we explored. And then, we went swimming at the infinity pool overlooking the beach.

early-morning fish-feeding at shangri-la's beach

there were tiny crabs on the beach water side of that big rock!

more pictures at the beach...

channeling the jasmine trias in us...

taking a dip at the infinity pool

a collage of the beautiful resort

Went to Ayala Center around 11AM to buy accessories at the mall bazaar. Ate lunch at Oh George. Went to Sawadee Spa around 1:30pm. Had a 1-hr. aromatic salt scrub and a 1.5-hr healing stone massage. The stone massage is a must-try! Sooooo relaxing! I like the feeling of the hot stones placed on strategic parts of the body. And then sometimes the masseuse would use the hot stone for a firm massage. I actually dozed off for a few minutes while having the massage. We left Sawadee around 4PM and went back to Shangri-La Mactan to get our luggage that we left with the concierge. Left for the airport around 5:30PM. Caught the 7:30PM flight back to Manila. Twas our first time to ride a domestic flight with video screens showing our plane's actual movements--from its taxi'ing at the runway and the take-off, and then our slow descent and landing. There was probably a camera at the cockpit area. Hmmm, reality TV?


sybs said...

how coe you always get to go to the nicest places?!?! ha?!?! why.. *turns green with envy*.. wahahahahha.. but seriously now, i miss you so much, ate aileen.. waaaaah!!! as usual, i know you had a blast there.. sama mo ako minsan..*wink*

ivahlicious said...

going back home from bora, we also had the delight to watch the entire trip (mostly clouds)from the in-flight vid. cool.

cebu's so pretty no? i soooo miss it!

tin said...

ahhh.. yun pala yon... u had this "i'm out, will be back on monday!" msg eh... isip pa ko kung nasan ka!? hhehe.. cebu pala! astig yung resort!

brown eyes said...

wow. summer na summer ka na!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

SYBS: cge, sama kita sa cebu pero sama mo muna ako sa canada ;P

IVAH: ooh, i would have appreciated the in-flight vid more if we traveled during day time... i loooove clouds :)

TIN: ahaha, napaisip ka ba?:D hay sana in the future makapagsummer escapade tayo sa cebu!

FAY: yes! feel na feel ko na ang summer :)