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Saturday, March 11, 2006


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Backtracking a bit... my family went to Enchanted Kingdom last March 5 (Sunday) to use the free day passes we got from watching Exodus (the MMFF movie last Dec). The day turned out to be cloudy, shady and a bit drizzly so in a way, it was quite a treat to go around the park (as opposed to being drenched in sweat while falling in line amidst the scorching hot weather). The downside though for me, since the sky was not azure, was that it didn't serve as a great photo backdrop. I am fond of photographing structures and what-have-you's against a clear blue sky or puffy cumulus clouds/dainty feathery cirrus clouds so I was a bit disappointed regarding that part of my EK experience. Nevertheless, I had fun taking pictures since it was my first time to use my spankin' new kick-ass dual lens cam. I love the barrel effect when I'm using the ultra-wide lens. Twas expecially nice to see that barrel effect on the photos I took of the Grand Carousel (my super favorite subject!!!). And another thing... I was a bit disappointed though about Anchors Away being closed for maintenance :( I wanted to relive that experience of having my insides feel like tossed/flipped pizza dough!

Anyway, photos speak louder than words so...

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WHEEL OF FATE: Our first ride for the day. I totally love that pic I took of mom & dad:) Thanks to my sis for taking our picture from her perspective ;) Man, it was windy up there! I would have loved it better though if we rode it at night time... the view from the top would have looked more breathtaking by then.

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THE GRAND CAROUSEL: The centerpiece of the park. I love riding the carousel ( I rode it twice!). As our househelp said, one does feel very very pretty when riding the carousel. It must be the lights ;)

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SPACE SHUTTLE: Eversince I was a kid, I was scared of riding park rides that would obviously make me nauseous. Even the 'Big Bang sa Alabang' kind of roller coaster & ferris wheel normally rendered me queasy. But I thought, hey, I MUST know how those freaking double loops actually feel and experience that ride at least once in my life. So I urged my sister to take the ride with me (Our very fragile-looking househelp also joined us). My sis also hasn't ever tried that ride so we finally queued -- all the while psyching ourselves up that we could do it and that it was no biggie. Well... I only have two words for that 50-sec. ride: 'f*cking awesome!!!' I was screaming my head off the entire time ;D

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BOULDERVILLE: My nephew wanted to play in Boulderville and he was quite in the mood to pose everywhere I asked him to. And umm, well, I couldn't resist the pink Flinstonish train cart ;)

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RIOGRANDE RAPIDS: Wet, wet, wet. Some of us had to buy some clothes in the shop... good thing I brought an extra shirt. Our pants were so freakin' wet that we even decided to ride the Flying Fiesta in our lame attempt to dry our clothes.

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A final snapshot to cap off the EK experience :)


sybs said...

aaawww.. i like this entry.. the pics, the story, everything.. brings back good old philippine memories.. and summer memories at that.. tamang-tama.. hehehehehe..

waaaaaahhh.. gusto ko tuloy sumakay ng rio grande tapos flying fiesta.. woohoo.. tama ka, papakabasa ka sa tubig tapos patuyo ka sa swing.. hehehehehe.. pati yung windy wheel of fate.. kitang kita sa pics.. teehee!

P.S. Can i just say: I so love that "i rock manila" shirt.. shyet.. I'll steal that.. hehehehehehe.. :)

ivahlicious said...

kainggit!!! it's been ages since i've been to EK... i think i should go there soon...

and yeah, your I ROCK MANILA shirt is awesome... where'd you get that??!?

moonchild said...

I dunno if u know this asian drama, but those carousel pics make me think of Stairway to Heaven (Haha. The theme song is playing in my head.) I love the one with the blurry lights. ^_^

Oh yeah, I salute you for braving the space shuttle. I think I should also try it the next time I go there. *shudders* Hehe.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

sybs & ivah: yup, it's fun to go to EK especially if you need that jolt of adrenaline rush :)

i love, love, love that shirt! the word "rock" is outlined by some silver sequins... so there -- a statement shirt & sequined shirt in one! = my fave kind of shirt!:) i was just passing by BAYO one time and the instant i saw the shirt on display, i did some impulse buying ;-)

yuki: yup, i am vaguely familiar of that koreanovela you're talking about coz i remember the carousel on that one ;-)

the "blurry lights" carousel shot is also my fave :)

space shuttle *again* is effing awesome. better than my "anchors away" experience! :)