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Sunday, March 19, 2006


"We're giving it up and just a little more
This heartfelt leap I surrender
With arms raised tonight..."
{{ first of summer }}

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Tin and I went to San Mig pub in ATC last night to catch an Urbandub gig. The gig was one of those "sulit" ones coz Up dharma Down was in the band line-up for the night. Plus, Paramita and Bitter Pill also played. The bands started playing around 10:30pm and were done by 2AM.

First up was Bitter Pill. Their music is something like Pedicab's. The guitarist is the same kulit dude from Sandwich. I remember hearing him one time over NU107, with Quark Henares... saying "fluxkhaki" all over the place. Til now, I have no idea wtf "fluxkhaki" means... They have a female bassist. [Side note: hmm, what's with females playing bass guitar in rock bands? think: Smashing Pumpkins, Sandwich/Imago, Urbandub...] Anyway, they were pretty entertaining--looking quasi-wasted and having a good time playing their music. (hey, you can spot the the Bitter Pill vocalist on Urbandub's "First of Summer" video--he appeared as the dj in the dance club. He's kinda cute.)

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Paramita also played. Noticeable crowd feedback when they sang "Hiling". I've respect for Ria coz it is quite a feat playing the drums and singing at the same time.

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It was my first time to watch Up dharma Down and wow, I must say, they are good! I love their sound -- perfect for chilling out. It sends you tripping out or something like that.

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mtv get spotted: miro of stonefree out on a date ;-)

Lastly, the most anticipated act of the night-- Cebu's best rock bet: Urbandub. I just loooove going to Urbandub gigs... I love the energy and euphoria created by the interaction between U'dub and the dubistas. Their gigs always kick major ass! Astig, lupet, grabeh! There. All the rock superlatives I can think of ;p My favorite moments are when everyone sings in unison with Gabby, fists up in the air during the loudest/most intense part of their songs, and seeing John Brown's high jumps while playing guitar.

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the quick john brown jumped over the lazy dog...

After the show, I went to the stage along with a handful of other fans while the guys were packing up their stuff. Had my Embrace cd inlay signed. Couldn't find Gabby so Tin and I went out to the side of the pub to look for him. Had a little chat with a friendly John Brown [guitars] (you rock! you rock!). Funny how he was conscious about his unkempt hair and even apologized about it. Jan-Jan [drums] was a bit quiet but gladly obliged with the photo op. Niles [vocals] of Angulo was nice enough to take our pic with Jan-Jan. Thanks Niles :) Had a short chat with Niles coz, apparently, he read that post of mine about Niko [Angulo's cute drummer] looking like Adam Sandler ;P And he was amused that I recognized him being in the band. hehe. {I saw them play twice already... both in U'dub gigs}. Lalay [bass] was no longer in sight so we didn't have a pic w/ her. Finally found Gabby [vocals] done with the other fans so we managed to squeeze in a photo op before leaving San Mig.

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Anyway.... wow. That was one helluva gig. I'm in awe of the U'dub guys. They rock! They rock!It was my 4th time to see the guys but last night was my first time to do typical fan stuff w/ them like having my cd inlay signed and having my pic taken with them. They are surprisingly approachable. And with a lot of cd-signing experience, I must say they have earned brownie points in my book for personalizing their autographs. For me, it really means that they value their supporters if they at least care to ask the fan's name and write it down on whatever they're signing. Good job, guys! Cebu will be proud of their home boys ;-)


ivahlicious said...

I was there... but really wasn't. I mean, I was in TGIF having very late dinner with friends. We didn't understand why there were too many people outside San Mig until the waiter told us there's some bands playing. Then my friend & I checked it out to see who were there playing... I wanted to go in but my friends kept telling me "no, it's high school punkista crowd daw, and there's too many kids"

Hahaha. That actually made me feel old.

Niles said...

It was a pleasure finally meeting you. Thanks for "friending" me in Friendster. Haha. I'm really bad with names AND faces so come up to me ulit next time when we bump into each other. Hehe. And yeah, I'm still not used to getting recognized. =)

Oh, and just to clarify some things:
1. The Bitter Pill vocalist is Mong Alcaraz, who also plays lead guitars for Sandwich, SVC, and Chicosci... and he really does DJ work over at Manila DJ Club (where the First of Summer video was shot). Drummer Mikey is from guitarist/vocals for Ciudad. And bassist Isa is from Teardrop.

2. With regards to Fluxxkake... well... hehehe... it's an inside term sa band scene. That's all I can say or else I'd be shot.

3. Lalay wasn't really out of sight. She was just changing in the restroom. Awww.

Lastly, if you come to 6Under this Sat for our gig with Dub, I'll introduce you to Adam Sandler. =D

tin said...

astig!! i wanna see the punk geek again!? ay.. pa-cute! hhahahaha! ulit ulit! i wanna see urbandub play again. hehehehe!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

IVAH: haha. yeah. the crowd was predominantly college/high school kids. but who cares, i wasn't gonna miss that kick-ass band line-up! ;-)

NILES: oh so that's mong alcaraz! i've heard his name before... it sounds very familiar. wow. sun valley crew? as in the same hiphop group waaaay back in the uhmmm 90's (i think)?!?

wow, i didn't realize that both mong & diego are in sandwich!

i looked up the name of the kulit guitarist... it's diego castillo pala... i remember seeing his pics on francis brew's blog... and i remember his kulit voice over NU saying "fluxxkake" (oh so that's how it's spelled huh). dang. it'll forever be a mystery?! tsk. tsk.

dang. i don't think i can come to 6underground this sat. :( well i hope your offer doesn't have an expiry! ;-) haha!

TIN: you said the punk geek's a fan so i guess we're bound to see him in one of the u'dub gigs ;-) dammit. sana naman hindi puro KIDS next time! hehe ;p