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Monday, June 12, 2006

~* IL MARE *~

"We're tormented because love goes on, not because it goes away." ~ Il Mare

Okay, I don't really watch Korean movies but this one I really sought out coz I heard it's the movie which "The Lake House" {Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves} was based on. The Lake House will be opening in theaters this week so it was ideal that I see "Il Mare" first before seeing the Hollywood flick. I love the cinematography of Il Mare. The shots of the beach house against the purple/deep blue/orange dusk sky is just breathtaking. I liked the movie. I hope the Hollywood remake will be just as nice...


ivahlicious said...

can't wait to watch this movie too. i like their sub-title (yun ba tawag don?) sa posters... "how can you hold on to someone you've never met?" battle cry ng mga hopeless romantics... how do we hold on to our soulmates, when we haven't met them yet? hahaha!

adi said...

count me in. a recent bad date pointed this small fact to me (that it was based on some Korean film). we made plans to see it (this was weeks ago).

sadly though, we had a falling out (work being a killer and she having a bf. yes, a BF. sigh.).

anyways, it's opening today. but i'll be seeing it Friday pa. or Saturday.

i hope it's not one of those silly movies where you wish you weren't alone slash lonely slash single. some movies push you over the edge eh.

anyways, OMG the small monologue on your blog.

thank you. can i come back again..?

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

IVAH: just saw the lake house. i still like il mare better. nevertheless, keanu's still cute. i'm a bit bothered by his bad skin though. he's getting old na :(

ERIK: hello there newbie!:) thanks for swinging by. and oooh, i loved reading your ermm little monologue over there. interesting! (*gasp* you dated someone who had a bf?!) monologues are welcome here! i love getting comments like yours :) by golly, you can definitely come back again!

in my case, fortunately, the lake house did not switch on my pseudo-suicidal mood. well, a bit sad and forlorn but not weepy ;) you know what movie pushes me to the edge everytime i watch it? the notebook!

ivahlicious said...

i haven't watched il mare, so i guess i won't have anything to compare to (except moments of love, bwahahaha!)...

anyway, erik, don't feel bad. i'm watching this movie alone too. made plans with someone to catch it, but he got out of that and other plans by breaking up with me. oh well.

let's just pray i don't bawl myself over the entire time. or else. haha.

well, thankfully, i've always had a thing for keanu. bad skin or not.