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Sunday, June 25, 2006


* updated!

I went on a {vanity} panic last week. As usual, I was looking at my face on my little purple mirror by my office desk (my former guy officemate used to ask me: "Must you have a mirror on your desk?" Oh yes I MUST. I am a mirror-glancer, if you know what I mean. ) ... and good gahd, I could not deny seeing fine lines on my eye area! *gasp* I am getting old. I immediately texted my mom and my friends and asked them what eye cream they are using. Surprisingly, my friends are not even moisturizing! Anyway, after choosing among Clinique's All About Eyes, Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream, Squibb Vitamin E cream and Pond's Early Defense system, I decided to grab a jar of Squibb Vit. E cream from Mercury Drug. It's cheaper than the rest and I was not in the mood to splurge on something like eye cream (coz I'm planning to buy another Naturalizer shoes... I'm just waiting to find a nice style on their racks). {I couldn't resist. I went to Rustan's last week to get a jar of Clinique's All About Eyes.} I am intrigued though by the Ponds product coz the commercial precisely addresses my concerns. I haven't read any reviews about it though so I wonder if it's any good...

Anyway, I think the panic about seeing fine lines on my eye area was compounded by the fact that I just discovered a partially white strand of hair as I was combing my hair at the office rest room that same morning. Basically it was just about 2 inches of white from the roots while the rest of the strand was my usual black hair. Strange. It was the first time I ever saw white hair on my head. Well at least it was not an ENTIRELY white strand of hair. It was probably some sort of freak of nature. Whatever.

Oh hey. I finally did some actual exercise yesterday! I'm so proud of myself! I got my butt off the bed at 5:15 AM and joined my mom & dad for their usual 5:45AM walk at that open road area in Southwoods where lots of people usually walk/jog/bike/play badminton. We walked for about an hour and then went home. Got on my Ab-Lounge which hasn't been used for months. Did about 60 sit-ups on it. Woopdeedoo. I finally exercised!

I plan to go back to my derma soon. My face looks like sh*t with all those little annoying zits. Probably due to late nights watching Seinfeld at 11PM.

I plan to get a foot spa/pedicure again from our friendy neighborhood salon. done!

I plan to get a hair cut again just to avoid those annoying split-ends. done!

I plan to get a stone massage or some kick-ass massage from the spa one of these days. Heck, I may even redeem such reward from my Citibank Rewards. I think I have earned more than enough points for a spa thingie.

Oh, I just bough this nice pair of jeans from Goldcrest last Friday. It fits sooo nicely! It's low-rise but they cut the back waist/butt area a bit higher than the front so that you won't get a ridiculous butt cleavage exposure when you sit down. Bad trip though coz I had to pay for it in cash... which sets me back to almost being broke and un"liquid" this week. Oh but payday's coming soon anyway... Hurray for moolah!

So there. 'Had to post something terribly mundane to shake off the sad vibe my previous post created.

Oh by the way, I am reading Jane Austen's Persuasion. I am just on page 5 and it's actually boring me to death. If it weren't for the Lake House mention, I would have put it down by page 2. Oh well. I'll read some more soon. It may redeem itself after all.


Siaz said...

Hey, I'm a mirror-glancer too =P You know what's the hottest pair of jeans? True Religion =P I wanna get one but I cant afford it =P

I borrowed Jane Austen's Persuasion because I got curious on what you said on your previous post. =P I havn't started reading it yet coz I just got Angels and Demons =P

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hi mitzi! you're a mirror-glancer too?! great! kala ko abnormal na ako! hehe :p

yeah true religion jeans look nice pero grabeh, ang OA ng price ha! last time i checked in greenbelt, a pair costs around P11,000+. Even Seven jeans which I heard good reviews about are obscenely expensive! Around P10K din!

Siaz said...

I've got Seven jeans and I love it!!! Butt-hugging jeans talga. I think it's cheaper if you buy it here.. Do you want me to get you one? =P You should check out Citizens of Humanity too... ok din..

ivahlicious said...

ate aileen, i swear by philosophy's eye believe & hope in a tube eye & lip cream. they're about 1500++ each but they are totally so worth it. when i don't have money & i run out, i make do with bodyshop's =)

anyway, i'm salaminkera too! i guess, we're just too vain. haha. but we can't be faulted, ganon talga ang mga dyosa... haha..

i bought earl & cult jeans when they went on sale in rustan's. i'm saving up for a true religion pair, i've tried one on & it was soooo comfy, felt like second skin & i couldn't take it off without feeling sad... hahaha...

but i'm saving up for the car so i'm kind of in a buying spree hiatus.


Abbie eXcites said...

Hey, can you believe that VAIN as I am, I am not a mirror-glancer. BUT I take camera shots of myself to check how I look (no kidding).

Tama yan, splurge of vanity and pampering para wala ka ng panggastos sa food and even coffee. That's the ultimate diet trick! When hunger strikes, think about the fab stuff you bought! :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

heya ivah! i actually bought na clinique's all about eyes the other day. it seems worth the big bucks ;-)

abbie: wow, ibang level ang vanity mo, grabeh!

oh and yeah, ultimate diet trick nga!